Meet Petite Qēt! Starter kits for Skincare, Hair, and Body.

Looking for that unique and mindful gift, or a starter kit to take with you?

Meet Petite Qēt!



If you're new to Qēt, or you're already on your clean journey with us and want to try something new...

... well, hello! 👋 This is a great time for you to discover and experience our treatments during our kit sale.

It's Personal ~

Skincare IS very personal. To some, especially those of us with skin upset or sensitivities, skincare is more than personal... it can be everything. Trying different products over and over and expecting good results can be frustrating to say the least.

In this casual and personal video, I share some of my story and photos of my struggles and why Qēt was born in the first place. When we have skin struggles, reactions, or see aging skin faster than we want to admit, all we want is to be able to reach for something that is effective, simple, safe, and is enjoyable to use. We want to feel confident about what we're using, and we want it to work. Right? Right. 👍

Less IS More ~Behind the scenes at Qēt, we're savvy and conscious about every drop that we formulate and share with you. We avoid adding fillers and thickeners just to make it appear that there is more to it, when in fact, you would have to use more of an artificially thickened formula to get any benefit. It's why we formulate serums and concentrated treatments ~ zero water, zero additives ~ all the love. 😘

We're also aware that our skin changes often, and we ALL like to be smart about our purchases. There's nothing worse than having old skincare in the drawer that we no longer need, want, or enjoy. It's a waste of space, time, and money.

It's time to be smart about our decision...about how they affect us and everything around us.

Read on to get some tips, the kit sale details for you, and we have SOME REALLY EXCITING NEWS that we just found out about within the last few days.

Come along ~ let's go!

Below: Our most popular full-facial kit, the Getting Started Facial Kit


Meet Petite Qēt ~

Since day one, nearly eight years ago, we've been offering our starter kits... and they're an ongoing hit! 

We now have eleven (11) in total to choose from. Each has a variety for you to discover and experience in a smaller amount than our full sized treatments, and they're usually a two week experience.

We have them available in our different Skin Suites for various complexions and skin wishes, as well as for our face, body, and hair treatments. 

Keep in mind that because we use no fillers, artificial additives, or anything synthetic or included just 'for fluff,' everything is fresh, concentrated, and a little goes a very long way.

~  ~  ~  ~  ~

Stumped with Holiday shopping?

What in the world do we give that person that we care about who has everything?

How about the gift of health?

Once we have it, we really want to keep it.

No returns made. Re-gifting is acceptable and encouraged.

Below: Award winners (masks, eye serum, acne treatment), our Treat & Enhance Facial Suite


Starter Kits ~ Not just for Starting Anymore

Within every starter kit there is a new beginning. Take a quick journey with me.   

Every day more guys and gals are taking better care of themselves. Many are working at home, juggling the work/life balance, and throwing in some play time with rambunctious family or furry friends. 

This time has been a BIG TIME for reflecting and making important decisions now more than ever before. 

For many, these important decisions include health. 

The clean and safe beauty movement is rising higher and faster than ever before. New brands are popping up all over the place ~ big box stores and retailers are jumping on the bandwagon, It's REALLY important that we stay on top of reading ingredient lists and doing research before we dive into a bottle of something new. 

When that first Qēt Botanicals care package arrives at your front door, or you've picked up your Qēt from one of our Skin Studios ~ the moment you open it up, it's ready and waiting for you. And it's different.

The ingredients aren't stale. The formulas weren't mixed months, or even years ago in a faraway location. The treatments are not filled with synthetics and fillers so much that the real ingredients aren't even recognizable.

🧡 Your Qēt is fresh. It's been created, crafted, curated, and cared for by us to share with you. The package is opened, the caps are removed, and the natural aromas are taken in ~ it's a wonderful experience from start to finish. The touch, the texture, and the confidence that you're about to experience real ingredients in their real format, right out of the bottle, is exciting!

It's a start, and it's a smart start. Our kits are a healthy introduction to the clean and authentic ways that we can care for ourselves. It's your time to decide what makes the most sense for you. We know that the decisions are ultimately up to you, and we're always here to help and guide you along on your clean journey. 

This is just the beginning.

Below: An enriching assorting of our body serums and tea bath for shower or soaking. Body Softening Suite Kit


"Everything I've tried and used has been amazing!

I love this brand, my skin loves it, and I'm so happy that I found you. I look forward to my Qēt time everyday!" ~ Sandi


It's Never Too Late to Start
Just start. The worst thing is just not starting at all. 

Allergies, hormonal swings, mystery rashes, aging skin, sensitive skin, adult acne, cystic acne, dull and bumpy skin. It's out there. It's common. And if it's you, you're not alone.

Our skin regenerates itself every 28 to 30 days. When we make that decision to surround ourselves with cleaner, safer, and healthier ways to care for ourselves, that's the best time to do it.

It's when we DECIDE to do it, and it's when we put it into action ~ that's when the benefits start.

We mention often the 90/10, or even the 80/20 rule. If we can keep 80-90% of our everyday work, exercise, sleep, eating, and self-care practices healthy, then that smaller percentage of 10-20% will be overridden with good things. Many times that smaller percentage even decreases more!

Any new habit takes about 21 days of reinforcement and routine to actually become a habit. Little by little, we chisel away at it, and before we know it, we're already making those healthy choices a habit without thinking twice about it. Fantastic!

Don't know where to start? We're here with any questions that come up, and we're happy to help you along on the clean journey that we're all on. 

Below: A sampling of our natural aromatherapy and natural perfume. Botanical Nectar Suite Sample Kit


Get your Skin Ready for the Win!

Four Fabulous Fall Skincare Tips for November 


It's official, November has rolled in. Our favorite soups and sweaters are at the front of the line. Winter is coming our way ~ let's embrace the season and stay on top of our personal care needs. 

Getting our skin ready for the change in seasons, the change in our hormones, and even the change in our sleep and eating patterns is an every day good habit to have. Trying to play catch-up after ignoring our skin can mean overdoing it for some, or just not doing it at all. 

Here are five quick ways to stay on top of our skin's needs ~




Yes, you can take our word for it. You can take theirs, too.

The Honor System

Fact: The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) hasn't regulated the honesty and accuracy of cosmetic or skincare labels since 1938. This means that we have to trust any given brand that it's being honest with their ingredients and the order that they are listed in.

As an independent brand, we're directly tied to everything we do. Happily! It's important to us to not only incorporate the highest quality ingredients in our treatments that we can get our hands on, but to be honest and ethical in our practices behind the scenes, with our formulas, and on the label is paramount.

This is exactly why we're a part of several programs that we believe it.

Qēt Botanicals a part of the EWG Verified program, and we're committed to keeping our ingredients not only safe and transparent, but also in the proper percentages. As an EWG Verified brand, EWG scrutinizes all of our ingredients for toxins, allergens, carcinogens, and review percentages of ingredients to ensure their safety, as well as our manufacturing practices. EWG is becoming more and more recognized as being at the forefront of clean care products. Kourtney Kardashian is an advocate of their efforts, and their board includes Michelle Pfeiffer as well as various health experts in the health and wellness industry.

Having the wide variety of our face, body and hair treatments in this program is important to us. I have personally been following their Skin Deep database since its inception since 2004. When it was time for us to share Qēt with you, we knew we not only wanted it plant based, but also safe and meeting high standards in the industry. 



Exciting News ~ This Just In

We're thrilled and honored to announce that Qēt Botanicals has officially been approved for the Leaping Bunny Certification.

~  ~  ~


Leaping Bunny! 

Take our word for it, and take their's too. We've gone one step further... yes, we're entirely plant based, and yes, we're cruelty-free as well.

Being a Leaping Bunny certified brand means that we've complied with their requirements that all of our ingredients... every single drop... are not tested on animals. The Leaping Bunny logo is the only symbol that is readily recognized around the globe and promises that no animal testing was used to develop the product. 


Your November Special ~

Our kits are curated to address a variety of skin needs and wishes. Cruelty free, plant-based, natural and performing phytonutrients make the difference.  

It’s travel and trial-sized petite Qēt for at home and take-it-with-you natural care

Looking for that perfect gift? A stocking stuffer? Want to kick it up a notch or try something new in our brand that you haven't had the chance to?

Then this special is for you!

Here are the kits that are a part of this month's special:
Getting Started Facial Kit ~ All Three Skin Suites (Balancing, Hydrating and Restoring)
Treat & Enhance Skin Suite ~ All awarded products ~ masks, eyes serum, acne treatment.
Purely Suite Discovery Kit ~ Vitamin serum boosts, safe alternatives to Retinol. 
Hair Care Suite ~ Our four hair finishing treatments, all awarded. 
Hair Care Essential Set ~ Hair serum, pomade, and Italian wooden comb set. 
Body Softening Suite Kit ~ Three body oils to moisturize and one bath soak. 
Body Polishing Suite Kit ~ Four ways to cleanse, hydrate, and exfoliate all at once .
Botanical Nectar Scent Suite Sample Kit ~ Safe scents for natural aromatherapy and enjoyment. 
Suite Accessory Kit ~ Eco-friendly organic washcloth, mask brush, wooden bowl, and wooden scoop set, for the 'suite-est' spa experience at home. 

In November, use code PetiteQet to SAVE 10% on any and all of our face, body, and hair kits listed above.  

Free U.S. shipping withy any $35 purchase.

Free sample gift with purchase.  

We're happily busy kitting... no kidding. 😁


Being Thankful ~ Skin Gratitude and Its Benefits.

A BONUS Healthy Skin Tip

Can being positive, thankful, and showing our skin gratitude actually improve our skin?

What we do know is that with a positive mindset our happiness becomes easier and it can help our overall mental health.  

Here are words shared from Dr. Sweta Rai, a member of the British Association of Dermatologists.

“Gratitude for the things we have in our lives builds a positive mindset and contributes to our daily happiness. When we are happy and positive we deal with stress better and this tends to affect our mindset and skin. We know that stress contributes to worsening of several skin conditions such as acne, eczema and psoriasis, therefore I’m a big advocate of a positive attitude and stress-relieving therapies. Being grateful and documenting the things we are grateful for can definitely add to your happiness and thereby add radiance to your skin.”

We're big advocates of positive attitudes, too. It's the food we eat. It's the products we use. It's the way we think. It's all a part of the big picture. 

💮  💮 💮  

In this season of being thankful, remember to take those moments to look yourself in the mirror, and in the heart, and give yourself gratitude.  

Perfect imperfections.

We all have them.

They're exactly what make us glow.

To you... our Qēt family and friend, from me and our Qēt family and friends... thank you for being here. 💗

Happy Thankful Season,

~ Lisa


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