~ Helping our Skin Behind the Mask ~

How to help our skin that is reacting to stress,

and a common question we're getting...


"How can I help my sensitive skin

under my mask?" 

🎥  A Q&A Video Sit-Down

from Me to You 💗 

Qet Botanicals Founder Lisa Brill Behind the Mask

We might be smiling under our masks when we're offering a helping hand, but our skin might be frowning when the mask comes off. 

As a whole, all of us are making a healthy difference in large and small ways! We're wearing our masks, wearing gloves when necessary, practicing physical distancing, staying safe, and we're staying home. We can do this! We'll be around the corner soon. 

For those in the health care industry, after the day is done, the shift is over, and the mask comes off, there can be a physical change in the surface of the skin. Anything from acne flare-ups, a Rosacea outbreak, a spot of eczema, or even bruising.  

We're thinking about all of you who are wearing your masks every day, ALL day. Thank you for being there, thank you for risking your own health, and your family's health, and thank you for caring like you do!!! 👨‍⚕️👩‍⚕️🏥😷

Whether we're at home, or in a hospital or clinic, all of us globally are feeling the changes and stress of the current pandemic. It will come to an end, and in the meantime, let's not fight it. Let's adjust and become more focused to stay fit, creative, positive, healthy, and then stronger because of it. 👊 

The Images Say It out Loud  

Men and women in the medical field are speaking out and sharing their skin irritation and sensitivities on social media. 

Skin is very reactive to stress on the inside, as well as constant pressure and rubbing on the outside. Just like a blister on a heel, or chafing from a running bra or clothes, when the skin is constantly being rubbed in the same spot, it can become bruised, sensitive, scraped, and uncomfortable. It's temporary, but it can be painful and make us feel self-conscious.

These are images from a recent article. Here is the link via Yahoo news about this timely side effect that medical professionals and others are feeling and seeing. 

Qet Botanicals: Medical Mask Mayem and Natural Solutions

Qet Botanicals: Medical Mask Mayem and Natural Solutions


Qet Botanicals: Medical Mask Mayem and Natural Solutions

Her Words

This is an email we received. It's touched us, it's touched me, and we want to share it with you. 

Qet Botanicals Q&A Regarding Sensitive Skin from Wearing a Protective Face Mask (PPE)

Thank you, Maria, and ALL of you who are on the front lines caring for those in need of medical assistance day-in and day-out. 

It's no secret that stress and skin upset go hand-in-hand. Rosacea, eczema, many other skin reactions can often be a systemic reaction to increased stress inside the body. I experienced these things heavily on and off for years. The good news is, these conditions can often be managed in healthy, natural ways.  

On the outside, when we add synthetics, fragrances that are artificially manufactured, parabens, phalates, and even fillers and thickeners, our sensitive skin might cry out for even more help. It's time to stop the madness ~ no more synthetics or harmful ingredients! 

We're an oily bunch here at Qēt! I mean this in the very best way. 😊We formulate and fulfill all of our own proprietary treatments without even one drop of anything synthetic, toxic, harsh, artificially fragranced, or hormone disrupting.

We use oils to calm, hydrate, clean, and yes... we even use oils to help calm inflammation, acne, Rosacea, and skin upset.

Oils... can you believe it? Yes, believe it. 

Not all oils are good for every skin condition, but the right oil and combination of plant actives can positively benefit every skin condition. 

Qet Botanicals All Natural and Organic Ingredients Skin Body and Hair Care

Let's Sit Together for a Spell ~ 


Our skin, body, and hair formulas in Qēt Botanicals were not developed because of good skin; they were an answer to my personal skin and health struggles. It was the answer to the need for better, fresher, and cleaner ingredients that we feel confident in using. 


The last thing we want to worry about now are our ingredients in those care products that we reach for on a daily basis. 


💗 This pandemic is a first for all of us; this video answer is a first for us, too. We know that skincare is personal and intimate; this is a Q&A personal video from me to you.


It answers a common question we’re getting about how our skin is reacting negatively to wearing our face masks, stress, and this season of change that we’re in.

How can we help our skin, our health, and our mindset?

Have a seat with me and take a listen.




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Our Favorite and Most Popular Treatments for Helping our Skin (Under and Outside of Wearing a Mask), our Hands, and our Wellbeing 


This month our new Features page on our website highlights some of our natural products that we're reaching for right now to help us in these unusual circumstances. 


From our faces, to our hands, and even our body ~ our new Features page includes 12 treatments that we're reaching for to help combat a multitude of sensitivities that many of us are facing. 

We're Offering a Special Savings During this Time

In this crazy season that we're in, we wanted to offer you extra savings. We're an indie brand, and we love that we can share our treatments directly to you. This helps keeps our prices down, our products fresher, and everyone happier. 😊

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We're a small, but mighty, (!) independent company. And... we want to make sure that when this season passes, our Skin Studios can continue to remain open, our online store continues to flourish, and our Qēt family remains together. 

Together. People helping people. 

Something We're Cheering About

In the middle of all of this, we happen to be celebrating our seven year brandiversary!  

Peek at this blog to see the details, what we're passionate about, and a bit about this healthy journey that we've been on with you since April 1st of 2013. 

Qet Botanicals Natural Beauty Brand Celebrates Seven Years

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In return, an additional 10% of the proceeds during this sale

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Our Skin Studios will remain closed until further notice. Our shipping to your doorstep will happily continue as usual.  

While doing so, we want to make sure our terrific teams in our California and Wisconsin Skin Studios are cared for, too. 

We're all about healing and revealing healthy skin,

rather than having to cover it up ~ when the masks come off. 

Keep your skin healthy, protected and clean...

over and under those masks. 


Natural, 100% cruelty-free, void of synthetics and toxins,

and handmade with love.

Lots and lots of it. 💗

Insecurity is Loud. Confidence is Quiet. 
Yes, we’re finding our way through this journey! Whether we're on the front line making it happen, or we're at home quietly doing our part, we're making it. 
This is a moment in time where we may be separated from many, but it feels like we're in alignment more with each other than before. 
Lines are being blurred, and people are reaching out and sharing ways to cheer, help, and heal... and sometimes in really hilarious ways! 😜
Everyone is working together ~ we're so grateful for this. 
Choices of Happiness 
It’s a choice to choose happiness in every moment. It's not about ditching responsibility, it's about remaining positive.
It’s a win, it’s discipline, it’s about a reaction, it's the energy we put out there, it’s about a quick exchange and a moment to connect.
Point your compass in a good direction every day. It’s a choice ~ it can be a battle, but the victory is worth the work.
Keep fighting the good fight ~ we’re all in this together. 

Take good care. Take those moments. Stay safe. It's how we stay rejuvenated so we can keep chugging along to help a nearby friend who needs it. 

With air hugs and healthy wishes. 

Thanks for being here ~ mmmmmwah!  😘

~ Lisa 

Qet Botanicals Founder Lisa Brill Thank You for Your Continue Support ~ Onward we Go :)

~  fresh  ~  authentic  ~  sumptuous  ~

~  non-toxic, organic ingredients, proven, and high-performing ~

~  effective, award-winning botanical treatments made without compromises ~



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