How it All Began ~ My Skincare Journey

The story needed to be told to our existing friends around our Cross Plains, WI Skin Studio, and to our new friends in and around our San Clemente, CA Skin Studio. Here is the article from the May San Clemente Lifestyle – Celebrating Women Issue.

“This is me (and the reason that Qet was born in the first place). I have very sensitive skin, am prone to breakouts, have Rosacea, thyroid issues, and my skin reacts to just about everything.

Qēt Botanicals Lisa Brill Skin Journey

I was ready to ditch the prescriptions and oral medications. In 2011, I purged every synthetic and harmful ingredient out of my bathroom. Then thought, now what?

Not finding anything that was pure, that worked, and was effective, I started to research and formulate in my kitchen. All I wanted to do was wash my face without it hurting, treat wrinkles, stop breakouts and feel good about what I was using.

Qēt Botanicals Lisa Brill Skin Journey

Purely out of desperation, I started to put things together to calm, hydrate and heal my skin. Almost immediately, I noticed a difference in my skin, my hair and how I felt. I had to share it!

Over two years later, we were ready. In 2013, Qēt Botanicals (pronounced “keet”) was born with nearly 50 products. In 2015, we opened our WI Skin Studio, and in 2017 came our second in San Clemente. We don’t formulate makeup; we develop plant-based, antioxidant-rich, nontoxic care products. We’ve received nine + national beauty awards to date!

Qēt Botanicals Lisa Brill Skin Journey

If you want more guidance for safe products, go to and click on the database titled “Skin Deep.” It’s what I started following in 2004. All of our products are ranked in their safest category, and we’re a part of their EWG Verified program. We're also an approved Leaping Bunny brand ~ completely plant based and cruelty free. 

We don’t want to compromise our health for beauty products. We don’t want to just cover up damaged skin. We want to heal and reveal beautiful skin. �� 

Qēt Botanicals Lisa Brill Skin Journey

What we use on the outside counts, but what’s on the inside also matters. Peek at our website,, and click on our blog “My Skincare Journey” for more of these details.

Cheers to clean beauty!

~ Lisa”


Article by Lisa Brill