Help for Stress & Our Skin ~ 

Caring for our sensitive skin under the masks.

Giving some love to our sanitized hands.

Easing our mind and body. 



🎥 It's a Q&A Video Sit-Down from Me to You 

How our skin reacts to stress, and a common question we're getting...

"How can I help my sensitive skin under my mask?" 

We might be smiling under the masks while we're greeting one another, but our skin might be frowning when the mask comes off.
Red skin, pumps, acne, breakouts ~ and that can happen on our faces. Then we look at our hands... all of those drying sanitizers and extra handwashing is taking its toll. Keeping the mind at ease... it can be another challenge. 
Now is not the time to worry about synthetic and harmful ingredients being introduced to our bodies. There are natural, safe, and organic ways to care for ourselves ... from head to toe. :) 
This email touched us, and we want to share it with you: 
"Hi there! I hope this message finds you all safe and healthy in these times! I am a nurse in a busy metropolitan hospital. I have super sensitive skin with eczema and Rosacea. I currently use your Restore line with amazing results in the past but with the increased use of PPE (personal protective equipment), Masks, googles, at ALL times, my skin has flared and is very unhappy. Do you recommend any of your other products to help remedy my unhappy skin. Yours Truly, Maria"
Thank you to ALL of you who are there on the front lines and wearing your protective gear day in and day out.

Here are our favorite and best ways that we address some of the skin concerns we're having. 

    • For hands, cheeks, necks, face, heels, and anywhere there is skin sensitivity: It's a one-and-done... Our Lavish Serum Salve is an award winner (twice) as best salve and eco-friendly multi-purpose product. Massage it gently on the areas where there is bruising or chafed skin, use it on the hands, the neck, and rub it into those tired, clean feet at the end of the day. It's also been helpful to apply a light layer on eczema. 
    • A quick, facial refresh and a pH adjustment: Botanical Toning Water. We have three formulas... Balancing Toning Water with Melissa, Cucumber & Rose Geranium for acne-prone, oily conditions; Hydrating Toning Water with Lavender & Rose for combination, normal and dry (our most popular toning water), and Restoring Toning Water with Immortelle, Calendula, & Lavender for dry, dehydrated, skin. Because of the Immortelle (helichrysum) and calendula, it tends to have a dry, herbaceous aroma. Misted on a cotton ball and swept over the face several times a day will help to clear away any condensation and bacteria that is on the surface. 
    • For Acne, Rosacea, skin upset: Spot Serum. Just a well-shaken drop applied after a day or night serum can help to calm inflammation, redness, and fight bacteria. Best if used on skin that is not an open wound or broken.
    • A thorough, gentle cleanse every night, without fail. This is where over-cleansing and overs-tripping can wreak extra HAVOC on the skin. Our cleansing oils don't upset the acid mantle, don't overly strip the skin, and won't harm the microbiome. Even if you have no makeup on, haven't been out, and feel like it's not necessary... it definitely is. A gentle massage with the cleanser, and a complete removal of it with a cotton ball or wet washcloth is all that is needed.
    • 30 seconds to tone and moisturize after cleansing. Our botanical toners aren't drying, they are antioxidants and can provide hydration to the skin. Used with 2-3 drops of our Day Serum or Night Serum mixed thoroughly and applied, the skin is both hydrated and moisturized... two different ways of treating the skin. It's a one-and-done, in just a mist and a few drops. 
    • Purifying and detoxifying mask: Our Honey Cream Mask with Active Manuka is another award winner and one to keep on hand. Feeding the skin with vitamins and nourishment once or twice a week is very helpful. This mask, although dark in color, once added with water to activate it and get it ready to apply, goes on clear and sweet. Just five to ten minutes is all that it takes... morning or night... once or twice a week. 
    • For the body: We have two body serums to be used in a tiny amount after a shower to lock in moisture without adding anything synthetic and all-day hydration. Our Lite Garden Serum for Body has been a favorite of those with eczema and psoriasis. Our Ultra Garden Serum for Body is a different formula, a bit richer, and is also an award winning body serum.
    • A handy little pocket-sized tube that does so much! Lip Balm with Green Tea & Vitamins. A helpful tube for not only those lips, but also for eczema spots on hands and joints. I keep an extra tube nearby to apply to those areas between my fingers where eczema might start, as well as near the elbows, or even behind the ear. 
    • Before bed tension relief and a light massage on achy muscles: Our Re-Leaf for tension relief is a botanical blend of known anti-inflammatory and stress relieving oils and actives. It not only feels wonderful on joints, hands, feet, knees, and tight shoulder areas, it smells fantastic and earthy, too. 
    • In the car, in a pocket, at home: our Re-Fresh no rinse hand-cleanser is softening, soothing, and offers healthy probiotics to keep hands healthy and not dried out. Different than a hand sanitizer, the botanicals are antibacterial and antimicrobial, and it does not contain any harsh alcohols, bleaches, or harmful chemicals. 
    • If you're new to our brand, our most popular way to start is with our Getting Started Facial Kit. It's a trial-sized complete spa-quality facial that's fresh and right at your fingertips. About a two week supply of five treatments, always cruelty free, plant-based, and oh-so-sumptuous.  

Here are the links to the Q&A video:




Choices of Happiness 
It’s a choice to choose happiness in every moment. It's not about accepting responsibility, it's about remaining positive. It’s a win, it’s discipline, it’s about a reaction, it's the energy we put out there, it’s about a quick exchange and a moment to connect.
Point your compass in a good direction every day. It’s a choice ~ it can be a battle, but the victory is worth the work.
Keep fighting the good fight ~ we’re all in this together. 

Take good care. Take those moments. Stay safe. It's how we stay rejuvenated so we can keep chugging along to help a nearby friend who needs it. 

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions at all.

We're here and we're happy to help you along on your clean journey.


With air hugs and healthy wishes. 

Thanks for being here!  😘


~ Lisa