I knew early on, even in the first development phase of the Qēt products, that as my skin started to even-out, soften, and become more radiant and healthy, I would not be able to go back to using stale, mass-produced products containing harmful, artificial and synthetic ingredients. Our focus is on healing and revealing healthy skin, not covering it up. We're so happy to be able to share Qēt with friends. Here is what some of them have to say. - Lisa Brill

For more insight on the beginning and the inspiration, peek at this blog. 


"Here I am loving my morning with your amazing Honey Cream Mask! I am so very pleased with all of your incredible products. Most of all your attention to detail on how to use, when to use, and what might be suitable for any skin type,  Ordering, packaging, and the ease of receiving products ordered. Five plus stars for your one of a kind, most caring, customer service and products. Thank You for being who you are!"
- Kathleen
"I love the Natural Sea Spray for my hair.  I used to use hair spray to keep my hair fluffed up throughout the day.  That is not necessary anymore, because I now use the sea spray to keep it fluffed up and looking fresh. What is really nice is that my head and hair are not getting chemicals put into it. I even love the smell of it and how it feels on my hair.  I love your products. Qet Botanicals is my go-to company for natural hair, face, and body products. Thank you for all you do!"
- Wendy
" I absolutely love Qet I met Lisa in San Clemente, CA while I was praying for a face wash that was real and made with no chemicals. I saw Lisa’s sign outside and walked in my prayers have been answered seriously for real. Now I’m obsessed and can’t get enough. Love the Qet products and what Lisa stands for! Thank you Lisa!"
- Bridget
" I started using the skincare suites after my mom had told me about the company prior to her trip out to California earlier this year. I was hesitant, as I have always had sensitive skin, rosacea, and am prone to breakouts. Trying new skincare would always leave my skin feeling dry and lacking or would cause breakouts. Long story short, this skincare line has absolutely changed my skincare game! I get compliments constantly about how wonderful my skin is, and how clear and clean it looks, and I have absolutely loved all the products I have used. My skin still breaks out (as a college student I am always stressed), but it is nowhere near as bad as it used to be and I truly think it is because of these products!"
- Olympia 
"I recently purchased a few of your products (deodorant, pomade and dry shampoo.) These were my first purchases from your company and I have been very happy with them all! In my package you included a little bottle of Spot Serum treatment. I’ve had a little rash on my face all summer and have sadly not been able to get the inflammation down. I decided to try the spot treatment and was amazed the very next morning! After just a few days of using your product the red, irritated area around my mouth is GONE.  It feels like magic! I cannot thank you enough for giving me this trial product, and for making such an amazing product.  With a tween and a teen, I am sure I will be purchasing more of this bottled magic :) . Well done and thank you!!!!
- Jaclyn

"I discovered some truly beautiful cleansers whilst judging the clean beauty awards this year. One of them was the gorgeous Hydrating Cleansing Oil with Lavender. Not only does it smell amazing, it also removes my makeup really well."

- Lu

"I'm obsessed with Qet skincare products, they have totally changed my skin. Love!!!!"

- Kristen

"First off, Lisa the owner is so caring and I completely love her products. They have been life changing for me! I never knew that natural products could help with my wrinkles so much! Also, since using these products My adult acne has cleared up. I’m so grateful to Qet for the amazing attention to detail on everything they do and I completely trust their ingredients and recommend them to my friends! So grateful for what you do! Lisa the owner has such a big heart and made sure health care workers got a chance to try her products, especially since they had to wear masks all day , she knew they needed good things for their skin. She even uses one of my favorite brands Coyuchi that’s all organic ...in the wash cloths she has in her kits."

- Renee

"They are awesome! People are so nice in store and products have totally balanced my skin making it feel softer and less oily. My skin is super sensitive and so far none of the products have had any negative reactions which is also so great!

- Rachael

"I’m obsessed with my Qet products, including this rosehip serum (Purely Rosehip Serum Boost). It keeps my skin soft and luxurious, and I always get compliments on my skin. Bonus: I don’t wear make-up anymore! No need thanks to Qet."

- Libby

"I really love Qet products. I use the hair serum (Natural Shine Serum), Qet hair spray (Natural Sea Spray) and Qet hair paste (Nutri-Pomade & Mask). All really good products!!!

- Kathy

"I found that creams were no longer absorbing, so I switched to this body oil, and I love it! So much so, that I just bought 6 bottles to give to all of my girlfriends. Now I'm sharing my find with all of you. Try it, you won't be disappointed." 

- Patty

"Until you actually try the product you have no idea how bad your skin looked before you started using the product. I have tried everything because I don't have a thyroid and this woman took her time to analyze my skin and recommend what she knew would work. I was skeptical but after a week my scars disappeared, my lines disappeared, especially the big frown line LOL. Within two weeks my skin went from making me look almost 70 to making me look like 40. This lady has put a pep in my step. I will never use any other product." 

- Cindy

"As a longtime devotee of high quality clean beauty skincare, I'm thrilled to introduce a new outstanding brand called Qēt Botanicals. This exceptional company takes clean beauty and purity to a whole other level. They are award winning, EWG Verified, non toxic, vegan, cruelty free, handmade, and 100% natural. I've been using a variety of their exquisite products for the past few weeks and I'm loving them all. And I also love that the company is created and owned by a woman as I love supporting women owned businesses."

- Angela Paul 

"Last week I contacted Lisa the owner of Qet to request assistance with my reward points. She responded within hours and stated she remembered me and my “bird”from the Cross Plains store even though she had not seen me in 4-5 years in person. I was super impressed with her customer service! Imagine my surprise when I popped into the Cross Plains store to pick up some things today …and there was Lisa in person! Super exciting! I was able to tell Lisa that I continue to use Qet products every day, especially the Forest Fresh Deodorant, Restoring Day Serum, and the Lavender Powder Dry Shampoo. I also shared that my girlfriend literally stole my Ultra Garden Body Serum off my nightstand because she loved it so much! I love everything about Qet products! Every time I use them I feel like am indulging in wonderful and natural self care that makes me feel good and look good! Thank you Lisa and the whole Qet team for your amazing products!"

- Amy C. 

"I’m in love with this beautiful smelling Botanical Body Powder. It works very well with the underarms and also helped my daughters underarms with the rash she had and kept her from smelling until she could apply deodorant again. I apply it everywhere, keeps me dry under the bra area and between thighs. I feel like I could go on and on with this amazing body powder!!"

- Shari O. 

"They are extremely knowledgeable, helpful and exceptionality kind. I love going there every time I am in town."

- Sheila

"Hello! I am a new customer, have struggles with adult acne and rashes for a long, long time. I received several samples when I ordered your dry shampoo, and the night serum was a saving grace for me! So much so that I ordered the Restoring Getting Started Facial Kit and have loved it so much. I plant to buy the full restoring sizes soon. I really LOVE your products so far, though am always hesitant to purchase new items without sampling first because my skin is so sensitive. Thank you!"

- Sara  

"I just wanted to reach out to Lisa and thank her for a wonderful visit today with my friend Cindy. We had a great, educational visit to the (CA) store and connected on so many levels. I'm looking forward to sampling all the goodies I purchased and hope to connect again soon. In my work (Clinical Thermographer) I work mostly see women who at all age levels struggle on some level of skin care challenges. I hope to share Qet products and introduce them to a wonderful company that offers many solutions to an array of skin care conditions, be it anti-aging, or any other concern. This is a  personal testimonial...I have used 1 little sample for the past 3 weeks, and I love the outcome. Thank you Lisa! Hope to see you again soon!"

- Lesli

"Thank you so much. I visited your boutique in the summer and you were so kind - gave me a sample of the face oil. I love it! I live in Paris and have access to many French beauty products -but your skin care is by far the best … and I tried them all! Many thanks." 

- Leticia 

"Loving the deodorant so much. It’s a great trial right now because everyone has masks on so no one could smell me if I did smell. :) I have seven right now, two and a half of which are partially used. I like to have one in my purse and one at school and one at home and then a few backups. I love it. I can’t believe how well it works and how much healthier my armpits feel. And I love that if I have extra I just rub it into my arms or something because it doesn’t feel like disgusting weird repellent. But you know me, when I love something, I overstock."

~ Emily (school teacher)

"I really love the hair serum! It doesn't irritate my scalp, it doesn't irritate my skin when my hair touches my face and the smell doesn't give me a headache or give me an allergic reaction. Also, it doesn't weigh my hair down or make my hair look greasy! It took me up until now to find a hair product as such; after years of searching and trying different things. I hope this company goes on forever and I hope that this product is never discontinued! I'm glad I found Qēt botanicals and I hope a store eventually opens up in Canada without changing the formulas!"       

- Sophie

"I am very grateful that your company exists and has managed to persevere despite this past year's (and ongoing) challenges, and I appreciate your time, explanation, and business choices.  The world is a better place because of businesses like Qēt, and my skin is too! I originally found Qēt vanilla deodorant on Amazon when I was looking for a good organic product after breast cancer, and now also use your Restoring Day products regularly and dry shampoo as needed.  I am quite happy ordering directly from Qēt. ... People have been telling me lately that my skin glows, which I attribute to my Qēt morning routine! Thank you for taking the time to communicate with me, and for your generosity."

 - Emma

"Every single time we come in, the customer service is spot on, 10/10 and not just a kind experience, but also the knowledge and helpfulness is amazing!!!!"
- A
"If you noticed my hair's transformation from questionably too greasy to fresh... it was this stuff (Lavender Powder Dry Shampoo). Clean, perfect for blondes and lighter hair colors, and the oil absorption is unparalleled."
- Rachael
"We love Qēt here at the sugaring studio! Qēt's organic and high quality oils are magic for skin. It's making approaching 40 a little easier now that I've stopped aging. Thanks, Qēt
- Carly
"I've tried their entire suite of skincare for years and years. Probably 5 years. But wanted to share my order with you. Most excited to try the Purely Rosehip Serum Boost!  The Balancing Cleansing Oil is a game changer; it has been an absolute game changer. It cleared up my skin and keeps it hydrated! For fine lines and wrinkles, Qēt just came out with multiple serum boosts and I went with the Purely Rosehip Serum Boost. It's a more natural anti-aging serum! It takes maybe 5 minutes tops to give your skin the wonderful nutrients it needs with this routine! You guys know this girl doesn't have time for a long skincare routine. :) Not an affiliate! just really believe in their products and want to spread how amazing they are! It literally changed the health of my skin and is a woman owned small business. The Getting Started Facial Kit is the great place to start if you've never used oil serums or cleansing oils. They have a sample of each and a guide on how to get the most out of them. This is where I started until I found the products I loved the most (which was all of them!).  :)
- Kari 
"I am loving the Nutri-Pomade & Mask for hair. I finally learned that for me it does work best when I truly melt it between my fingers and palm before applying it to my hair or scalp. As I get older I find that my scalp gets very itchy at times, and this product really calms that, especially if I massage a little all over my scalp and let it rest a few minutes before washing my hair. Previously I did this with the Natural Shine Serum with good results, but for me this pomade is even better. They are both great for calming and taming mature hair. Thanks for these wonderful products."
- Ann

"Hi, ... I have just watched some of your videos. Also, I have tried some of your products. You sent me a free sample with my order awhile back; it was a mini probiotic spray and a tincture of lavender oil. It made a world of a difference in my inflamed face [Rosacea], and so many people told me how I looked so vibrant and better! The most important thing was that I truly felt better and my face didn't burn or feel itchy when using the products. That is why I am back to try more. I have never used any skin product before until this. Thank you for your help!"
- Brittany 
"Love you guys! My skin feels SO much better already." (after experiencing a Skin Suite for 7 days).
- Kimberlee

"The [Honey Cream Mask with Manuka] doesn’t smell particularly sweet, and it’s darker than I expected. But mixing it with a few drops of water creates an almost clear honey veil that spreads easily. It’s highly concentrated, and a little goes a long way. A steamy washcloth easily wipes away the product, and the mask leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft, smooth, and perfectly hydrated. I tend to use face masks sporadically. But Manuka honey masks are gentle enough for more frequent use, and this one in particular can be used daily. Because it leaves my skin so fresh, clean, and clear, I’m all for that."

- Jessica, for Healthline

"As a courtesy, I want to share with you my favorites for calming my Rosacea and nurturing my skin.  1.  Honey Cream Mask - So far I have used this product twice and both times, for the next few days, my skin is less red and doesn't flush as much.  Any acne is reduced also.  This is my very favorite because of the affects on my redness.  2.  Restoring Water - This product also helps calm my Rosacea and helps my skin feel hydrated any time of the day.  3.  Purely Cranberry - I love the feel and smell.  I also see mild improvements on evening out my skin tone and hydrating more than the day or night serums can do.4.  Eye Serum - Might even be my second fav.  It's so hydrating.  I see results instantly.  And the smell is divine.  Whenever I put the serum on my eye area, I find my husband and put it on his eye area!  He loves it! 5.  The Lavish Salve - Oh my goodness this is a terrific smelling product.  I put this on before bed 2 or 3 times a week and my skin feels hydrated and soft in the morning. Again, thank you!"
- Nicole
"I'm a huge Qēt fan. Thanks for making such great products that I feel safe using. Since I've been using Qēt, I've received so many compliments on my complexion. I'm always referring friends. :)"
- Libby 
"Thank you for your help.. I like that you make small batches and I trust your products' purity, which is very important to me. Two years ago I bought from a different company, which shipped from China and had an unintended chemical accidentally mixed in with an eye cream. Now I will only trust Qet and food-grade products. I understand how important it is that you have control of your ingredients. Thank you, so much."
- Jeane    

"Since 2017 I have been undergoing treatment for stage 2 metastatic breast cancer. I don’t tell a lot of people because their first reaction is, “I’m so sorry.”  When in reality it has been the best thing to ever happened to me. To me this is like a flat tire. Let’s change it and get back on the road! Now having said that, I don’t mind talking about it, I don’t care who knows just as long as they see the positive.: ) I had a mastectomy on the right side, went through chemo and then radiation. Radiation was a booger. I had 3 degree burns and blistered over and over again. This went on for 30 days straight. Afterwards my skin started dying and finally it ripped open and the expander that had been inserted started coming out. I had to go in for emergency surgery where they removed everything– muscle, skin, and tissue. They then had to pull my skin together and hope that it would live and repair itself. I finally got to the point where I could have another surgery for reconstruction. So the doctors took about a 12”x4” section out of my back and built me a breast. They then took most of my left breast. Leaving my skin stretched and very delicate. The doctor told me I needed to find a very intense moisturizer to keep my skin healthy. Yet he had no recommendation. That is where Qet comes in! I got the Getting Started Kit and used all of the oils on my chest. Whether it was eye serum or the body oil, I lathered up in it. My doctor has been so impressed with my skin. I told him about Qet and he said whatever I am doing, keep doing it. Every appointment he tells me to keep using that “stuff” I am using. I have to go in every 3 weeks now for treatment and add saline to my expander so on my next trip I am taking him the Getting Started Kit and all the literature. Of course now I use all the products for what they were intended for and really loving it. Thank you for creating such a clean, safe and quality product!"

- Shari   
"I love your products and so does my skin! Thank you for all your hard work!"
- Catherine
"I have super dry skin and wanted to see if this will help! Thank you - This is wonderful stuff! Just started using your products and LOVE them!"
- Christi
"Your products are amazing! I have had acne my entire life. I have been on every drug and used every lotion, gel, and ointment. I even took accutane at 29 yrs. old. I now am 46 yrs and have hormonal acne and eczema. And trying to find something natural that works has been so challenging! But much to my surprise, the balancing treatments have gotten rid of 98% of my acne in a week! I'm soooooo happy! My next purchase will be the restoring skin suite. Hopefully I can try and use them both and get to be acne and eczema free. Thank you so much!"
- Andrea
"I want to thank you for these wonderful products. I notice many improvements in my skin and love that I feel much more comfortable and confident going out of the house these days wearing very little makeup."
- Ann   
"I never imagined my oily, acne prone skin would do best with an oil based skincare line. Qēt Botanicals is the absolute best skincare I have ever used. EVER!! I discovered them while I was working for a quality nutritional supplement store, who sells it. Their beautiful packaging was aesthetically pleasing and I was curious about how all these oily little gems worked. So I gave it a whirl! I fell in love, I gifted the starter kits to everyone (still do!) and two years later am still loving it! My teenage (14 y/o) daughter lives with acne and  Qēt has been a game changer for her too! It took her a bit to believe that oil base skincare could help her. When she finally began she was pleased. As a young teen, consistency is a challenge, every time she falls off routine and gets back on she remembers how wonderful this line is. She’ll get there 🙃 ."
- Heather 
"The most luxurious skincare line ever! I can't wait to pamper myself every day!!  Qēt Botanicals changed my skin. Thank you for noticing (to my husband)!"
- Wendy
"Thank you for making the best Natural Sea Salt spray ever! Have a truly awesome week!"
- Kelly
"Just received my order yesterday and wanted to thank you for the lovely bonus gifts. What a treat! I have really been enjoying your products. I am a nurse, and my job requires long hours in N95 masks and face shields, which have caused some serious irritation to my skin. I always look forward to coming home and pampering my skin with your products. This is the second Getting Started Facial Kit I have purchased in the past month-accidentally ordered the Balancing one first, but need the more moisture, which is why I recently ordered the Restoring kit, and so excited to try it. I have started bringing the toning spray and serum along with me in my work bag, to give my skin a little moisture boost mid-day and I have already noticed a difference in the deep lines and irritation caused by the tight N95 masks. So far I love everything about your business and products. I am excited to try more and order gifts. Thank you again for the bonus gifts - it felt like a little early Valentines gift and really made my night after a long work day. Will be ordering again. Stay safe & blessed."
- Gina
"Love how helpful you are at always helping me choose the right products for my skin type. Love the products, love the store!"
- Catherine
"I suffer from really bad eczema on my face to the point I developed cellulitis around my eye this winter. My doctor at UW Wisconsin Hospital actually "prescribed Qēt" for me.... I just started using it. It has already cleared up my severe eczema, and I can't tell you how amazing that is."
- Danielle 
"I am BEYOND amazed with Qēt Botanicals and I am not easily impressed! I have never had acne until the mask mandate and wearing a mask 10 hours a day at work, and my acne became very severe, fast. My dermatologist was out of ideas and I was not going on Accutane. I saw this company from TikTok and figured I'd give it a try. Within a few days my skin has completely changed. I was so depressed and felt so bad about my skin until now. This is the most confident I've felt in months."
- Gracie
"I just wanted to let you guys know that I LOVE your deodorant. I love that it is clean and EWG Verified. I love that it works. Thanks for what you do!"
- Bailey
"Hello... I just tried a startup kit (Getting Started Facial Kit) and I AM IN LOVE!!! I have severe Rosacea and my skin looks amazing after one week! I can't wait to buy the full line. Thank you so much for creating this product and for changing my skin!!! Have a great day!"
- Amy
"I am LOVING my new Qēt skincare products! It's the first time in more than 10 years that my face has felt this good, and I can't believe the difference in my skin in less than 2 weeks! I can't describe what it feels like to finally find a product that not only calms my skin but starts to heal it. As a woman in my mid fifties, it has been very difficult to not be able to use many skin care products for all these years and to see my skin deteriorate and age quicker than it should. Now, as your Restoring line is so aptly described, I feel my skin can be restored once again. So that you for creating such beautiful products!"
- Brenda
"Thank you for the excellent communications, lovely packaging, samples, and most importantly my Lavish Serum Salve.  I use it every night.   Arrived today, and am very pleased."
- V. 
"I just got one of the [Getting Started Facial Kits] ... and I really loved it. I have crazy sensitive skin and had a hard time finding products. I ran out it [ Qēt] and in the time it took for my new order of Qēt to come I used some Cetaphil moisturizer and cleanser that I used to use all the time. My skin felt super gross and got really red again. I just want to make sure you know that I'm never going back to using anything else."
- Tori 
"I love this [Lavish Serum Salve]!! It saves my skin in the winter! And summer!"
- Erika
"Woman-owned company of natural products that ROCK. If you like Tata Harper, this is that, priced for those of us who cannot splurge without watching our purse. I'd say CHEAP but then you all would think they are not Neiman Marcus quality. The are. BUY THEM."
- Silia
"My skin is absolutely thriving with Qēt. So excited to try the [Fresh Body Oil] and body brush. After having my second baby, my body can use the TLC. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 
- Shannon 
"I get treated like family. It is so refreshing and precious. Thank you!" 
- Blanca
"We may be in quarantine, but my skin still needs the love and care as if it were any other day.  Qēt Botanicals is an all natural, cruelty free, fair trade, clean and whole skin care line that has changed how I think about products I put on myself.
Their story is really quite amazing and if you have a quick second (I know you do), check out their website on all the deets. I swear by this hydrating night serum. The salty ocean air and the sun tend to dry my face out (not to mention all the adult beverages we’ve been consuming lately). So I depend on this stuff to keep my skin feeling super amazing. Also, can we talk about this hand written note?! It’s the little things ya know?! Plus right now they are giving away a free sample and savings off your order for their 7th year in business."
- Tara
"Thank you so very much for your timely and thorough response.  I feel confident in placing my order any time of year and sure love your products. They have helped my skin immensely!"  
- Kim
"I am so impressed with your products, and I’m seeing nice results. These oils are helping my skin to rehydrate and appear more youthful. Plus, using your oils is for me a mind-body experience, the feel and the natural scents helping me calm and relax before bed. For my hair, I took your advice and did a quick pre-shower treatment, applying a little Natural Shine Serum to my scalp (doing a vigorous massage all over), then using a few drops throughout my hair. I got in the shower about 10 minutes later and washed my hair. It was amazing how much improvement there was in my hair after drying it. It had more shine, body, and manageability, but no oily or weighed-down feeling. Thanks for these safe, effective products - I am a believer!"
- Ann
"The Lavish Serum Salve from the Treat & Enhance Skin Suite has been amazing on my cracked knuckles! Also used on my sore nose from the N95 mask wearing!! Thank you again for all of the help, Lisa!!"
- Nicole

"Received my order today and am very impressed with your presentation and the personalized note card included with my order. Am happy to also have received [an] additional sample...very much appreciated and look forward to trying everything. I try to shop consciously and appreciate the EWG seal on your products, as well as the preparation and care taken in their production."    - Nancy

"I stopped in and bought a Getting Started Facial Kit yesterday. Can I just say wow?! I've used it for just 24 hours and noticed a big difference. My skin is softer and more radiant that it's been in a while. What a great product line. I'll definitely be back for more and look forward to trying a mask, too. What an amazing line. I love the natural ingredients, and the aromas, and sincerely can't wait to try more."
- Annie
"I love your products so much and I cannot live without them. I am learning so much right now about healing from the inside out, gut health, hormone health, gut-brain axis, and it has opened up my eyes to a whole new way of life and has changed my path as a health coach!"
- Jesi 
"I just finished my first Getting Started Facial Kit (hydrating) and I love it too!!!!! It truly made my skin soft, radiant and dewy."
- Kaitlin
"Good morning. It is always a pleasure working with Qet. I am always impressed with the products, the packages are a pleasure to open, and the customer service, on the few times I have interacted with them, has gone above and beyond to impress me. Thank you for being such a great company!"
- N.
"I found your company through EWG. I was looking to replace all of my beauty products and have been trying multiple companies, looking for something that would compare to the products that I was buying at Sephora... and I absolutely LOVE your products! I got your Treat & Enhance Facial Suite Kit with some free samples, and not a single one of them irritated my skin or made my eyes water, which is unheard of for me given that I've had plastic surgery on my eyes because of how much they used to water from my allergies. On top of that, all of them felt amazing on my skin. I used to shop at Sephora so much that most of the workers there new me by name, so trust me when I say that I know the difference between a great and mediocre product. Yours are truly heaven sent!"
- Katrina
"Hi there, just to say thank you so much... it's wonderful to have such great customer care and I look forward to receiving my Qēt."
"I just received my order. I am so impressed with your company. The order arrived in a timely manner, especially during this time of delayed shipping. It was beautifully packaged with careful attention even to the smallest detail. I loved that everything was wrapped in paper and tied with the cutest bows. Labeling is clean an attractive. Plus the bonus of [a] free sample. Your pricing is very reasonable and I plan to order again soon, based on all of the above. ... With that kind of attention to detail, I'm sure the same attention is given to making the product. Thank you."
- Carolyn
"I recently placed an order for Qēt and it arrived looking so beautifully with some extra treats ... love Qēt. Congratulations on all of your successes and here's to 7+ more years of your nourishing products. A big fan!" 
- Mary
"Hi! Just got my order today of Restoring Night Serum. I just love this product. Soaks into my skin and never leaves a "greasy" feeling. I also got a Body Brush which I am excited to start using. Thank you so much for EVERYTHING! You know I will be your customer and friend forever!"
- Sue 
"I met Lisa a couple years ago in San Clemente when I stopped in the store on a whim and was so thrilled to meet such a genuine, kind, and intelligent human being. Qēt is the best, hands down, and I am so grateful; the connection between Lisa and each product is very obvious. I have a unique relationship with my skin and kind of an intense personal story (I am a recovering skin picker of the highest order), but I mostly bring up to add to this preface of immense gratitude. The kindness that resonates throughout the shop and products is of equal significance to the products themselves. This world isn't exactly sympathetic to folks with severe skin troubles."
- Shannon
"This Qēt Botanicals Lavish Serum Salve is saving my life right now. I have about 10 different Qēt products and they are my all time FAVORITES. Truly saving my skin from getting dull during this quarantine. I highly recommend placing an order. Also loving this extra free time to do facials during this down time. Love..."
- Porcelain Black
"I’m in love with this product!! Whether you want to maintain the youth of your skin or replenish your skin and bring back a healthy glow this product is amazing. The owner and her staff give you a sense of real concern for whatever your skin needs. They are knowledgeable and educate clients about skincare that is appropriate to the clients age. Very generous with samples and trust me when you run out you will want to come back for the full size product. My skin has improved within a few weeks. Next time you visit downtown pay Qet a visit, and then decide if you’re worth it!"
- Sheila
"I am so grateful you created such a wonderful skincare line! Truly I recommend these to everyone I meet!"
- Madeleine Wisecup, The Wise Consumer  
"Ahhhhh - I should just give up drinking and come in here instead!" :) (she laughed and said with a happy sigh as she relaxed and inhaled the aromas of the products while in the Skin Studio...)." 
- Sandra
"I have suffered from Eczema most of my life. I have a friend in San Clemente and she sent me the Body Softening Suite. I had a huge outbreak about 2 years ago and this is the first time I have been completely clear. Right after I started using the serums my arms improved and I didn't have to wear long sleeves to my Pilates class." 
- Nancy

"My face was a real challenge for many years. ;( Now 3+ years using Qet and I still love everything about using these products! [Recommended by my Functional Medicine Practitioner and Chiropractor]. The feel, they're easy, safe, and my skin looks great! Still love getting my orders so thoughtfully packaged. Keep up the great work!"
- Sara
"Way to go Lisa and Sarah (and Qēt Team), you ladies are amazing! Love this product and will never go anywhere else for my skincare!"
- Amy
"Thank you Lisa, and keep inspiring! You have my favorite and most pure products I have ever used!"
- Lydia
"I love your products. I purchased the “sampler” mini pack (Getting Started Facial Kit). It lasted for 6 weeks and my skin never looked better."
- Jill

"I happened upon this little gem of a shop and I am so glad I did! I am very conscious about the products I use on my body and for my family and these products couldn't be more natural and safe. I am happy to support a small, local shop that makes their products in-house!"
- Melissa
"You're a company that has an excellent unboxing experience. Y'all really know how to show your appreciation! I'm so hooked on Qet. If I haven't already gushed enough about Qet, this natural skincare company is by far the best I've come across. With my sensitive skin and allergies, this has done wonders. They have great started kits and better yet, if you are in San Clemente, CA or Cross Plains, WI, stop by for an amazing experience."
- Darcie
"I have been using Qēt for over a year and am very pleased with the great results! I will continue to use them and recommend them to my friends and family."
- Janice
This product has changed by life. The whole Qēt botanicals line is absolutely amazing. I have just used the Ultra Garden Serum for Body and the Lavish Serum Salve for my tattoo, and it feels amazing. The Ultra Garden body serum is also awesome if you get sunburned really easily. Guys, this is pure gold."
- Donna
"Love all of your products and have only just begun! The skincare trial size (Getting Started Facial Kit) and Hair Care Suite (trial size) - loving everything! But the BIG find is the Natural Shine Serum for hair. I have fine, naturally curly hair that I keep short and dry straight. Any humidity at all has always resulted in frizzy, curly "poodle hair" with a mind of its own. I discovered your products when researching natural hair spray on the EWG website. I wash, dry, and then run fingers through my hair with the serum and don't even need hairspray! Thank you for your commitment to healthy, small batch careful caring products and service." 

"Your products are amazing! I've been raving about them to all my friends. After having a baby, my skin has been so sensitive - your products have worked wonders! Thank You!" 
- Ali

"I have loved and enjoyed your company and products since day 1, and I will always support that! Thank you so much for your generosity and dedication to clean healthy products."
- J. 

"I am completely in love with and thankful for not only Qēt's amazing skin and haircare products but also their commitment to organic, sustainable ingredients and packaging. I wandered into their San Clemente boutique 4 months postpartum. The products I'd been using for years - chemical-ridden and unhealthy - were no longer working for my sudden hormonal adult acne. Even though a change in routine felt a little bit daunting at the time, my skin was so bad, I was open to doing a complete 180 and going organic and natural. Lisa was beyond kind and understanding, walking me through all my options and consciously not overselling me on too many products, something I greatly appreciated. Her kindness and understanding meant so much to me, that while my initial purchase was of a travel/sample kit, I quickly returned to buy full-size versions. I've since tried additional products such as masks and haircare and also love them. Over the past 2 years, I've phased out my previously unhealthy skincare in favor of Qēt products. I know that deciding to change skincare can feel intimidating. I understand that cleansing oils and serums may seem like an unusual change for those who suffer from acne and were (incorrectly) told oil is not good for the skin. And I can imagine that those who aren't close to a Qēt boutique may hesitate to order products online. The leap of faith is completely worth it. Qēt's organic, natural ingredients, made with love and deep respect to the environment will transform your skin like they did mine."
- Nicole

"I recently was at a vendor show and got to meet the gal that runs the business! She is so sweet and so knowledgeable! I bought the small sample size face skin care kit and used it tonight for the first time! My face feels amazing!!!"
- Breonna 
"I have been needing to write to you to tell you how much of a blessing your products have been for me.  I have very very sensitive skin and diagnosed with Rosacea this past year. Your products have saved my skin. It has never felt or looked better. I will be turning 45 this year and my skin has not been this happy since I was in my 20s. I love love love everything about your products. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for you and your company."
- Maria 


"I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how much I love your Qēt products. I started using your products 3 years ago. My face was so dry and would break out in red blotches every time I used a new product. I have not had a problem with any of your skin care products. I started out with just the Restoring Cleansing Oil and Restoring Toning Water to see if I would have any negative reaction. Needless to say, I did not and continued to purchase so many other Qēt products. I vacation in San Clemente 3 times a year and EVERY time I'm there I always make sure to go to the Qēt store and stock up on all my products. I live in Omaha and our winters are so harsh on our skin......so drying. Your products are so hydrating. I am 70 years old and people always think I am in my mid 50's. Who wouldn't love that!! I attribute that to using Qēt all natural products. Thanks, Lisa. See you again in December."
- Jeanie 
"I have used the lavender and vanilla bean body scrub and it is AMAZING! Soothing scent and it leaves my skin super soft! Love that it's all natural! Great product can't wait to try more!" 
- Whitney 

"Lisa, I just want to thank you for your knowledge of and passion for what you do. One year ago, I stopped in Qēt San Clemente while in town from Texas. After spending time learning from you, I purchased the Getting Started Suite-Hydrating. Within one use, my skin immediately looked more radiant. Within a week, my stubborn autoimmune-related redness/bumps disappeared. And I haven’t used anything but Qēt since. My skin is incredible...balanced, healthy, and clear. I am regularly asked what magic I use, and I always credit Qēt and my initial visit to your skin studio. I also started my 14-year old daughter on her own Qēt regimen...and wow! No more acne, and all the peaches and cream goodness! Most importantly, I feel great knowing that she is using only the cleanest, safest, most nourishing products on her skin. Thank you for your generosity and most of all, for the amazing products that have saved our skin! We are thankful and devoted clients!"
- Ginny & Emma Claire

“I saw your products on the EWG website then ordered the Restoring Getting Started Facial Kit. I am amazed at the difference the oil cleanser makes over the "hydrating" cleansers I have always used. I only need a couple drop of the [day or night] serum and my skin feels wonderful. I am ordering the Balancing Getting Started Facial Kit for my daughter who struggles with acne. Thank you"
- Joanne

In addition to your excellent customer experience and service, your products so far have been amazing! I found your brand in the EWG site which promoted my purchase as I continue my journey to safer skin care. I am in early stages to see how it's changed my skin but so far I love them and how they aren't "heavy" like most other products. I have perfume sensitivities along with sensitive skin and your products smell and work great without any discomfort."
- Laura

"Someone stopped me today to ask what foundation I was wearing and compliment my skin. After having acne for more than half of my life, I shyly welcome any compliment. I told the person, though, that anything good about my skin has to do with skincare, and not the foundation I rarely cover it with. I found myself once again recommending a very special, local, female-owned-and-operated business on Del Mar in San Clemente, Qet Botanicals. Qet’s products and their owner’s help and guidance transformed my skin and convinced me to finally move to eco-friendly, organic, sustainable skincare. I even wrote a testimonial for their website so I could share my excitement over these amazing products. No ad here - just an excited girl who is happy to let her own skin show through with a smile." 
- N.

"Hi there. I just wanted to let you know that after tweaking and refining how to best use your pomade (Nutri-Pomade & Mask) on my fine, dry, curly hair, I LOVE this product! It’s as if it were made for my hair and how I want to wear it. Just a very little is all it takes to give me shiny, hydrated hair with body and tensile strength. And the great thing is that even though I flat iron it, the pomade amazingly helps me retain a lot of the texture and curl pattern I still want. I don’t want my hair to be bone straight—just a smoother, frizz-free look. I also love the fact that I don’t have to fret about the ingredients. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the care you put into your products and your emphasis on holistic, natural, healing ingredients. From the stellar customer service to the elegant packaging to the awesome ingredients, I feel nurtured mind, body, and spirit with Qēt. Thank you so much!"
- Michon

"The cleansing oil was so soothing in a time of distress, itch and pain. I would turn on my shower and steam my bathroom and sit in a hot bath... then use cleansing oil to clean my skin and rub in the oil with my skin damp and hot from the steam so it would go deep and penetrate... and it worked miracles. Love your oils!"
- Porcelain Black

"Hi there! I had the pleasure of dropping in to your boutique during my beach vacation and speaking with you about my troubled skin and accompanying health issues - Hashimoto's and food sensitivities. I have been using the Hydrating Skin Suite regimen daily and am so pleased with my skin! I just purchased the full sized regimen and more and just wanted you to know that I am in love with your products and am also so relieved to know that ingredients I'm putting on my skin are EWG certified!!! It was so wonderful chatting with you - even though it was brief, I feel like it was an important part of my healing journey, and I really respect and appreciate everything you are doing to get your wonderful products out into the world. I can't wait to try the rest of your products. Thanks again!!"
- Leslie

"I just wanted to thank you for your life changing Qet! I got the worst bug bites this past week... my legs were covered and I was in so much pain and discomfort. Nothing was working and then my dad recommended using the Botanical Body Powder, and I got immediate relief!!! It was amazing and I just thought you should know."
- Kelly

"I do oil cleansing with Qēt Botanicals and my skin is never dry anymore. I have acne prone skin and it'd feel dry from washing. Now it just feels balanced and quenched. :) and I almost never break out anymore, too!"
- Stephanie

“As a board certified Integrative Dermatologist, I see many patients who are looking for simple, clean, environmentally friendly, natural skin care products. Over the years, I have looked at many different product lines and truly feel that Qēt Botanicals offers the cleanest, most gentle skin care products I have ever seen. I don't often call out specific products, but I feel completely comfortable with anything made by Qēt and often direct people to consider adding Qēt products to their skin care regimens. [You can shop online, and] If you have the benefit of living in an area close to a retail store, going in to experience the products and to talk with the people that know the products inside and out is a special treat in itself!"
- Dr. Apple Bodemer | Board Certified Integrative Dermatologist

“Thank you so much!!! As someone who has also had skin troubles I've come to learn it's a very holistic approach. My skin seems to love your products and I look forward to sharing them with friends with similar struggles! Also, I always find your newsletters to be relevant and informative. Lisa sharing her own story is very inspiring to others."
- Crystal

"The Spot Serum is maaaagic! I just bought the full-size! Since turning 30 last year, my skin has been breaking out like crazy and this is the holy grail item I needed to round out my skincare routine."
- Kellie

 "Top of the line natural skincare. I am so lucky that they are so close because i see them making fresh product. LOVE all the products they have!!!!"
- Rachel

"I'm so happy to share that since starting the Hydrating Skin Suite in late December 2018, and eliminating synthetic products, a persistent eczema that had troubled me for years is gone. I noticed improvement at the very first day using Qēt, but thought it might be coincidence since the eczema would occasionally resolve suddenly before flaring up again - but the eczema never came back! So I stayed with Qēt. I never since have had a flare up or needed to treat with the steroidal gel I was prescribed to use when the eczema was particularly uncomfortable."
- Angela

“I am 80 years old and I WISH I would have known about this years ago! I LOVE it! My large pores and white bumps are gone!"
- Deborah

“Qēt really works! I started using Qēt for my overly sensitive skin and the results are above and beyond anything I ever expected! Absolutely the best products I have ever used."
- Dawn

“I still use and love your products! Thank you for all your work that's gone into creating safe skin care systems for us."
- Dr. Laura Konopacki

“Hi Friends! Got my order yesterday and tried out the Honey Cream Manuka mask this morning. Um. Love. My skin is so soft and dewy. Wish I would have had this when I was 30 - LOL. I'd love to be wrapped in a vat of it! Thanks again for the awesome products!"
- Shelly

"Love, love, love your products! My skin is no longer angry."
- Maria

“Everyone is always so pleasant and helpful. The store always looks amazing and clean. I always enjoy coming in and getting my skin care."
- Marihia

“I'm so glad I met you ladies yesterday! I got the starter kit [Getting Started Facial Kit] and tried it this morning. After just using the toner and day serum one time, my skin has never felt better. It feels like it just took a big drink of water! Thank you for making such amazing products. :)"
- CR

“I fell in love with the Hydra-Rose Eye Serum right away. Its texture is amazingly silky yet not sticky. The skin around my eyes feels soft and hydrated instantly. It is quite an extraordinary product. Thank you!"
- Blanca

“I just wanted to thank you for always sending my purchases wrapped up like a gift to myself and for the extra gift of a free sample, which is so generous in size and quality! I love your products and feel so good using them! I totally notice a change in my skin! Thank you again."
- Roz

“Thank you so much for these products! I was visiting San Clemente when I ran into your store and I absolutely loved your sample kit so I am purchasing the full size now! These are the first products that actually have begun to clear my skin and I couldn't be happier! I definitely want to try your face masks next!"
- Alyssa

"Wonderful, healthy products and very knowledgeable staff!"
- Susan

“Hello! [Photos Shared] One was taken before I did any nighttime treatment and my skin felt very gritty, oily, and tired. Once I cleansed with the Balancing Cleansing Oil and used the Balancing Night Serum, Hydra-Rose Eye Serum, and a couple drops of Spot Serum, it felt supple, clean, and renewed. Thank you so much for making these products! Since my 7-year old daughter has a life-threatening disease called Cystic Fibrosis, she requires constant medical treatments and constant vigilance against others in her life who are sick. Your products help me relax and do something for just me, so I can continue to joyfully care for her (and continue to teach her and her younger sister kindergarten and first grade!) since I am able to rejuvenate myself. I love that these products are organic, and that your company is good to the environment in every aspect, including even offsetting your carbon footprint through the website service and producing non-paper labels! You make a difference to me and in our world. I am grateful for Qēt!"
- Katrina

"Seriously the best facial products you can buy. Love their products and so many I haven't tried yet!!"
- Shara

“I don’t need makeup to feel fresh thanks to the best beauty trick of all: eating plants! Eating whole, plant-based foods is a sure-fire way to get radiant skin, bright eyes and glossy hair. But on top of that foundation, there are some products I do enjoy using. There are some products I do enjoy using. I love a good face serum, particularly the Balancing Serums by Qēt Botanicals. These serums are super-hydrating, filled with vitamins, and protect your complexion from the elements."
- Alicia Silverstone | Actress, NY Times Best-Selling Author, Green Beauty Advocate, and Mom

“Hi Lisa, When I walked into the skin studio in Cross Plains two years ago I was lost in a world of dead ends for my skin. Struggling with acne as a teen and then a woman in her late 30s facing acne again with redness, dryness from working at UW hospital all day and worrying about aging skin.... nothing worked! You helped direct me to the Hydrating Skin Suite and the roads to clear skin were opened before me. I’ve had to tweak things and mix and match depending on the time of year, but through it all you have helped provide guidance and I have faith in my Qēt! Thank you for creating amazing skin care that I cannot live without. I’ve since moved to Massachusetts and order online. No distance can keep me from amazing, healthy and glowing skin!!"
- Nicole

“Being surrounded by people who are health aware and educated has persuaded me to go all n-a-t-u-ral. When I found out that this meant going oil based when it comes to my skin, it TERRIFIED me. I have the typical t-zone, combination, oily-prone skin. I was certain that I would be overwhelmingly oily and would wake up with a massive breakout, but no this didn't happen. I WAS SHOCKED. I whip out the mag lamp every morning and my pores somehow seemed smaller (not one thing to extract), my skin softer, and super hydrated in a matter of one week. I AM A BELIEVER. It's great to find a product you feel good about putting on health-wise, while at the same time functioning and very effective. I can't wait to try these products on my clients; you will LOVE how it changes your skin."
- Tiona | Certified Esthetician, Massage Therapist


"This is my favorite skin care and more line! It has helped my skin tremendously!"
- Lydia


“Hello, Qēt! Shout out to you for making some of the best aroma combinations I've ever experienced! Your Ultra Garden Serum for Body is on my Top 3 favorites!! Loving your creations!!"
- Gayle

“Shared from The Healthy Place / Apple Wellness: Most people can relate to the struggle of facial skin issues, whether it's dryness, acne, rosacea, or just dull looking skin. When I began working at Apple Wellness (Qēt Botanicals retail partner) I was on two prescription skincare medications and couldn't miss a day without facing severe acne breakouts. I quit those medications cold turkey to try Qēt Botanicals products and, amazingly, I haven't looked back. Not only was the transition miraculously seamless, my skin is the brightest, softest, and most acne free it has been in 15 years! Watch her video at www.facebook.com/applewellness to hear her review, or here.
- Ashley | Wellness Consultant at The Healthy Place / Apple Wellness

“Qēt... Thank you! I have to say I am above and beyond impressed with you. I love getting your packages because they are so nice to open. The tissue so nicely wrapping the product held together by a Qēt sticker, the sample that I always get, and the hand written thank you. I actually had my boyfriend watch me open it once to show him how nice it was. You gave me tips on how to use less of your product! I have been using your tip the past few days, and it works great. For some reason, I always thought I needed to use more, way more product. When I wrote the note on the online order, I didn't even know if it was going to get read or if it was more of a note to be included with the shipment to the receiver. The very last thing I was expecting was a very pleasant note back from you. Anyways, super impressed with your product and customer support. I have been a customer for about three years and have no plans of changing anytime soon. Thanks for everything and have a wonderful day."
- Nicole

“They sent an email thanking me for my choosing Qēt Botanicals and informed me that my item had shipped. They had beautifully wrapped my package and included a handwritten thank you letter. I am so impressed by the wonderful customer service. Definitely, I recommend Qēt Botanicals to anyone looking for safe non-toxic hair and skin care products."
- Fawziah

“I purchased the eye makeup remover a few months ago. I love it so much! One tiny drop removes all my eye makeup...no crazy rubbing necessary!"
- Mary

“This anniversary gift from my loving husband calls for a favorite product spotlight! I fell in love with this night serum when I got it as a free sample with a purchase from Qēt. It's approved by the EWG (so no harmful or harsh ingredients) and soo good for your skin. Full of vitamin E and omegas 3, 6, and 9. It smells like roses and seriously produces a sigh of relaxation every time I use it. It only takes a few little drops so it lasts forever. It's a wonderful way to treat yourself, I can't rave about this product enough! Thanks @qetbotanicals for creating an amazing & good for you product!"
- Good Seeds Health Coach

“Your products are wonderful. I took the hair serum (Natural Shine Serum) to my hair designer this morning for the blow-drying (all her products are too toxic for me). She raved over the texture of my hair, and she loved the aroma."
- Jeane

“I love the product line. These products are the best I have ever used and I have tried so many. I'm so happy to finally have an entire line where I love all the products."
- Sherie

“When your daughter comes home from college and falls in love with your Qēt, you have to buy more right? My daughter says her skin has cleared up in just one day after using Qēt :) Best stress relief out there..."
- Pam

“The Vanilla Deodorant held strong while I was hiking and rock climbing yesterday (I was sweating quite a bit!!). I was very pleased with that because I have not found any natural deodorants that compare."
- Dr. Stephanie Bailey, N.M.D. | Sedona Wellness Retreat

“I've gone back and forth ... trying to figure out my adjusted [natural] hair routine with these products. I love how my hair feels but still hadn't quite finessed how the products worked best for me. Well, at the start of the week, for the first time, I tried the Nutri-Pomade & Mask on my hair WET before applying the Honey Cream Mask (for face - on my hair). Tried before on dry hair, on right before my shower, no dice! Swirled some locks around, then diffused dry. Holy difference! My curls are super happy, controlled yet bouncing around freely. I'll apply a drop or two of the Natural Shine Serum afterwards and maybe a smidgen more of the “Nutri-Pomade (if needed) but it totally rocks!!!! Also, taking out the products I've used in the past, I now get next-to-no headaches. Win! Please stay around forever!"
- Paige

“I get just a little bit breathless when a beauty product strikes me as extra special. Imagine my surprise when I found a line that was conceived of, created and produced right here in the middle of the US - in Cross Plains, Wisconsin - not Paris, London or Hong Kong. Imagine my delight to discover Qēt. The name made me do a double-take, but this name represents these products well; they're unique and hard to forget themselves. By far the best part is their ingredients. I was instantly attracted to powerhouse ingredients - these aren't run-of-the-mill, big batch ingredients! Whether you're in the Midwest, the East or anywhere else on the globe, I'd recommend that you give this line a look! I wouldn't be surprised if Qēt ends up in an apothecary in Paris, London, and Hong Kong very soon."
- Jolene Hart | Beauty Editor, Health Coach, Author of "Eat Pretty: Nutrition for Beaty, Inside & Out"

“Hair Necessity: This AMAZING hair treatment from Qēt! I've been using it for two weeks now and my curls are so hydrated and happy. According to Qēt, "This pomade boasts unrefined butters containing doses of Vitamins A, E, F, K, and iron, along with nutrients and rich fats to give your hair back its bounce and healthful sheen." And I can attest to that. I have a lot of very, very curly hair, and this always detangles and moisturizes."
- Rachel | the.lavender.leaf

“I am very impressed with both the company's service and the quality of their products! The Hydrating Toning Water came lovingly wrapped with a sample face oil. The toner smells divine! ... a wonderful mixture of rose and lavender with an incredible sweet note of honey! The sample smells like jasmine and left my skin incredibly soft to the touch. This was my first time trying Qēt, and I will definitely order again!"
- Liliana

“I have a friend at church that tells me every Sunday how good I look, thanks to you and your products. Lisa, my skin has never been so moisturized and not tight like it's going to crack open at any moment. I actually love washing my face, now it is so soft. You are an answer to my prayers I use the Spot Serum treatment on my cheeks and nose, it takes away the stinging. I love it. Thank you so much."
- Robin

“LOVE If you are looking for an incredible and effective 100% natural skincare range and more specifically a Spot Treatment then I highly recommend Qēt. Beautiful Lisa is the founder and creator of this stunning range after having experienced many of the skin and health issues that many of us have had to endure. She has an honest and refreshing outlook on ingredients, research, the ins and outs of what to avoid and what is safe, and from here has formulated a gorgeous range for us to enjoy. All ingredients are organic and sustainably wild harvested certified by Oregon Tilth Certified Organic (OTCO) and recognized by the National Organic Program for the USDA, fairtrade, gluten and GMO free, fit with the EWG Verified program and handmade in Wisconsin! They are free from parabens, fossil fuel derivatives, chemicals, synthetic fragrances, PEGS, sulfates and EDTA. This Spot Serum is a miracle worker! I don't suffer from blemishes often but recently had two nice whoppers present themselves and this gorgeous concoction dried them up overnight without drying my skin or leaving flakiness or irritation, just minimized blemishes!!!! This little bottle of liquid gold contains the goodness and contains sea buckthorn, tumeric, lavender, helichrysm, thyme, evening primrose and many more amazingly incredible ingredients. The combination is truly heaven to apply and effective beyond measure. It is designed for oily, active, combination or normal with active skin type, and I LOVE IT! More to come from me on Qēt Botanicals as I am blown away by its integrity, authenticity and effectiveness."
- Brig | Founder, CreateLoveHeal.com

“I researched eye make up removers on the EWG website because I was trying to find a product that removed eye make up without irritation. My eye lid was reconstructed after the removal of in situ melanoma. I share this because the eye lid is a fairly common site for melanoma in women. I cannot tell you how thankful I am to have found a product that works without irritation! I can't wait to try more Qēt products! The Qēt Eye Makeup Remover is the first product I found that did not irritate my reconstructed eye lid. It is amazing!"
- Sara

“I love the scents I purchased [Lavender Botanical Nectar, Jasmine Botanical Nectar, Rosewood Botanical Nectar]. They arrived today and I can't rave enough about them. I love quality products!"
- Jacqueline

The best, most natural, healthy, nurturing hair gel for your kids!!! It also doubles as a hair mask :)"
- Batool

“I have been using your skin products for a few days and already I am more than pleased. I try a lot of different things and am really impressed. The rosacea on my nose seems to be less red and my skin feels very soft. It makes me happy to know that there are no harmful ingredients, and I love the way they smell. I look forward to seeing what these products can do for me over time."
- Diana

Just finishing my starter kit and due for a new order! I discovered Qēt through the EWG database. Congratulations on the certification! I browsed your website and Facebook page, and I was instantly intrigued. I decided to order particularly after reading that you are located in my state, how could I not give a Wisconsin business a try?! I fell for the products in my Balancing starter set immediately. I have been using oil cleansers on my face for over a year now, and your oil cleanser is a luxurious! Beautiful and rich, it easily removes my makeup and leaves my skin clean and moisturized. I also especially enjoyed the powerful day and night serums. It is quite apparent that they were very thoughtfully crafted, and they are a pleasure to apply and wear. Impressively, my makeup looks perfectly dewy over the day serum, and it stays set throughout the day. I have also found great success with your shaving oil. I have sensitive skin, and shaving has always been a big source of agitation for my skin. A surprisingly small amount of your shaving oil perfectly protects my skin but also allows for a close shave. I use a little more afterward to seal in additional moisture, and I have yet to encounter any irritation. I look forward to continuing our relationship. Keep up the wonderful work!"
- Emily

“Last February I was volunteering at a fund raising event for Madison for Kids. I was perusing the auction items and I came upon a bountiful basket filled with Qēt products. I did not win the basket but I did look Qēt up. Imagine my surprise when I discovered I had been driving past Qēt every day on my way to teach Kindergarten in Cross Plains! My friend Terry brought me some salve and lip balm and I was converted! I only use Qēt skin care products and I often give Qēt products to my good friends for gifts as well. It makes my skin glow! And the fact that it is local and organic makes that much better! I am so excited that I discovered Qēt!”
- Amy

“I bought your lovely lavender dry shampoo and was given a sample of your wonderful hydrating night serum. I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! The smell is super nice, too. From your exceptional products (that I've tried so far!!) to the lovely handwritten thank you, you have made me a loyal customer already. Keep up the great work. I'd love to have a store of yours in Binghamton, NY! :)”
- Megan

“After nearly 20 years working in the fashion industry and dealing with the usual makeup brands, this is such a breath of fresh air. To connect with like-minded people and to be working towards something good - l finally feel like my job can actually bring something of value, and that l can help make a change. I've been living healthy for many years now - but it's only recently that l started reading ingredient lists. At about the same time as l started scanning for toxins, l found out my body was full of heavy metals as well. After years of detoxing, fasting and living on organic green juices, l was told my body was loaded with mercury, aluminium, cadmium and lead..... and have since come across many makeup artists with the same experience. So it's all become very real, and very personal. l am positively obsessed with the products. l use them daily and put them on my friends as much as l can, so THANK YOU!”
- Linda Öhrström | Beauty Editor, VOLT Magazine; Organic Beauty Editor, VOLT Café; Beauty Editor, Women's Health/SWE

“I haven't been using Qēt for very long but wanted to say how happy I am to find skin care with easy to pronounce and readily recognizable ingredients. It means a lot to me knowing what I'm putting on my body is actually good for me and not full of chemicals. I also want to mention the outstanding customer service. I originally contacted the folks at Qēt through the website and couldn't believe I received a response that same day. They were really friendly and knowledgeable. The recommendations provided were spot on. Thank you for creating such wonderful products.”
- Dyan

“I just started using your products about a week ago and I already can tell a difference. Love the fact that they are natural and EWG Verified. I was recently diagnosed with an auto-immune disease and realized the importance of finding skin care products that do not contain toxins. The products I was using had a warning that you should not use if pregnant which is a huge red flag. This led me to the EWG Skin deep website which is how I found out about Qēt Botanicals. So glad I was able to find such a great product line. Looking forward to expanding my Qēt inventory :) I’ll also be sharing with friends and family…. Thanks!”
- Shelley

“I love my Cleansing Oil with Rose! I have been using it every night before I go to bed, and I will definitely never go back! It makes my face feel so clean and so hydrated! That's important to me because I have always struggled with dry, peeling skin, especially in the winter. It's a perfect routine to relax before I go to bed and breathe in the beautiful smell of rose:)”
- Allie

“The Ultra Garden Serum is my absolute favorite part of my shower and daily routine. When I put it on I am instantly calmed and relaxed I love how it sinks into your skin and does not leave a greasy feel. Your products are like a little garden escape from my hectic life.”
- Wendy

“I love my Qēt. I met Qēt at the Women's Expo and have loved it since. My oily-acne-prone crazy skin has been tamed and in control. The Spot Serum is one of my favorites! Thanks, Qēt!”
- Kelly

“I LOVE the Honey Cream Mask! I think it tightened my pores! My skin feels and looks so much better.”
- Janice

“Qēt smells so good, whether I'm using the Ultra Garden Serum for Body, the Espresso Mint Body Polish (actually like all four offerings) or the Freshened Vanilla Dry Putty Deodorant, all the products leave my skin refreshed & feeling good. I have yet to try the scent series, which I'm sure are great & will be adding to my must haves soon. The restoring/hydrating products also work wonders on my complexion, & last but not least the eye make-up remover gently & effectively removes my mascara. Qēt, you are the best.”
- Mary

“Love everything about this product line!”
- Sandy

“I love the Qēt body polish. I first tried it on a whim because I was told it could reduce the small red bumps on the back of my upper arms that many people have. It had never occurred to me to try to get rid of them before, but they were virtually gone within just a few weeks of using the polish. But I discovered an unexpected benefit when I got a terrible rash on my arms after messing around in my garden one day. After a week or so of using a prescription steroid cream to treat it but still feeling itchy, red, and bumpy, I decided to use some of the body polish on the rash. The very next day the itching and swelling were already dramatically reduced, and the rash was practically gone after just a few more days of using the Qēt. Needless to say, I've been a loyal customer ever since!”
- Margaret

“The Dry Putty Deodorant is amazing. When I first tried it, I was skeptical but realized darn quick it is hands down the best I have used. No more store bought deodorant for me....these underarms demand Qēt!”
- Jen

“I have been using this product for 3+ years. It is Fantastic! I get excited every time new products are introduced. I will never use anything else!!!”
- Amy

“Just wanted to let you know that I love your Natural Sea Spray. It truly holds my waves but doesn't weigh my hair down!!! And all with no toxic chemicals! Thank you for a great product!"
- Kelly

“You guys are THE BEST!!! There is a major lack of the types of companies in this industry that actually take the time to add such an amazing amount of quality, friendly customer service, and personal touch that Qēt does! Thank you so much for making an impact!"
- Tiffany

“I was so happy with just how beautifully everything was packaged for my new Qēt deodorant. You can tell great pride goes into your products. Thank you for my free sample as well! My family of 7 is making the switch to healthier, cleaner products and I plan to be a repeat customer!"
- Ashley

“THIS product from Qēt Botanicals is the BEST and I'm so honoured to have tried it for the Earth Day Beauty Awards for Healing Spas & Lifestyles. CONGRATS on this win!"
- Cadi | Cadi Jordan, Jordan Consulting

“MUST SHARE! Looking for a botanical based skin care line that is not only organic and non-toxic but works too? Check out Qēt Botanicals. I’ve tried many skincare lines in search of the perfect solution for mature skin that doesn’t contain those yucky hormone disrupting chemicals but none have impressed me as much as Qēt Botanicals. Their products actually work, are EWG Certified and they feel and smell divine. And they’ve got some good choices for teens too like their Balancing oil and Spot Serum for stubborn breakouts. Love that they use organic ingredients whenever possible and they are handcrafted in small batches from scratch!"
- Jill | RN, Women’s Health Coach, Mom Ally

“I love Qēt Botanicals! They're always so knowledgeable and have great customer service. I've been using this (Honey Cream Mask with Active Manuka) for a few months now and I've noticed a difference in my skin."
- Marihia

“I just wanted to say thank you for getting my ordered product to me (the Hydrating Cleansing Oil with Lavender). There was a little snag with the delivery which absolutely WASN'T your fault but due to some poor organization by the Royal Mail. I really appreciate your perseverance in getting the oil to me. I'd just like to say that after a week of using it, I already feel amazing. The benefits are incredible. So thank you for making such a great product! I'll be ordering more soon."
- Martin

“I am happy to report I just ordered my full size Balancing Skin Suite! After I used Qēt for a while and then quit last year, and re-started this year, I'm not giving it up again - I feel like my skin even has more COLOR! It's amazing. So thankful for your product!!"
- McKenna

“Cheers! I get tons of compliments from the [100% natural] fragrance of Lavish Serum Salve, and it makes my skin feel wonderful!! Great work, Qēt!"
- Dawn

“Loved the newsletter this month - very helpful and informative! Thank you as always, for all your company does!!"
- Monica

“This mask [Honey Cream Mask with Active Manuka] keeps my very sensitive skin in great shape. I highly recommend it for women with eczema, psoriasis, or dry skin. Nontoxic, but effective."
- Virginia

“My skin is extremely sensitive, always has been. Contact dermatitis, eczema, dryness and flakiness, second degree sunburns, and some truly terrible, incessant acne that's left me with thousands of tiny scars over the past decade. It's been a lot of anxiety, stress, insecurity, and hassle over the years. I'm still learning to let some of it go. In the past two years, I've set my foot down when it comes to the quality of my diet, the products I use on my skin, hair, and clothes, adherence to my skincare routine, and the activities I use to fill my day. I'm not always as good as perhaps I should be, but the effort shows - I look better. More than that, I feel better, on several levels. Qēt has been a lifesaver in this. Never before have I found an entire line of products I wanted! Fresh and natural, powerfully effective, concentrated so that a little goes a long way, SO gentle, and did I mention how fantastic everything smells? Thank you so much for making these products available; they're worthy of all the love, care, and time that went into each. My favorite's probably your Honey Cream Mask, though - not only is it delicious (oops), but I see a difference every time I use it. This time, I'm trying your Spot Serum, so wish me luck!"
- Grace

“I just tried the perfume. You have a new fan."
- Carol Alt | International Supermodel, Actress, Entrepreneur, Raw-Food Enthusiast Author and Clean Beauty Advocate

“Once again thank you for personally responding to my email. If people only realized “you are what you eat” many diseases could be prevented through diet. Unfortunately, so many look for the quick fix of taking a pill which only masks the problem. I see my cancer diagnoses as a wakeup call and now live a cleaner life because of it. I signed up to receive your once a month emails. I also plan on ordering the hair care suite to try. I love what your company is all about. Keep up the good work!"
- Joan

“I'm so thankful for the little things in life, and Qēt is one of those things for sure! I look forward to spending a few minutes of "Qēt time" each day, it's like therapy. My daughter and I use "Qēt" as a verb, I'm going to go "Qēt" now ;)"
- Pammy

“Thank you again for your amazing products! Last night I got a little steam burn on my upper and lower eyelids when I opened the oven door. Not serious enough to warrant a trip to the ER but still uncomfortable. After a couple of hours of a cold wet wash cloth, I tried to figure out what to put on it. Didn't want chemicals near my eyes, but felt I needed something. Enter Lavish Serum Salve. Holla! Much improved this am - still a little tender, but manageable. Thanks again for these amazing products."
- Shelly

“Thank you! I am overall in love with your products!!! They are such a joy and pleasure to use. I have just changed my entire skin care regime to incorporate your products which has been a huge shift away from all the expensive chemicals I previously was using. The results have been amazing... far beyond what I expected! I totally didn't know what to expect from your fragrances but I am in LOVE with the jasmine and rosewood!!! Just divine!!"
- Lucy

“Your [hair] products have propelled my hair growth by 60% in one year. It's magical :) My family is like, "What in the world, your hair is crazy long and thick." One of my sisters who said this is actually a cosmetologist and salon owner! So that says a lot. She was wowed."
- Sami Sattva 

“Good golly, Miss Molly! This is the greatest thing to arrive in the desert since I don't know when! Living in a dry climate means that my skin tends to suffer and I constantly find myself seeking hydration! I've found a great way to attain the healthy, hydrated skin I've been wanting! This Body Softening Suite smells like a garden, is made from all natural ingredients, and gives my skin the moisture it craves!"
- Signe | Founder, Green Chic Life

"The ONLY exfoliant I use and recommend!!!!" [Hydrating Herbal Exfoliant with Tea & Lavender]"
- Dr. Apple Bodemer | Dermatologist — Integrative Medicine, Department of Dermatology, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health

“Thank you soooooooooooooooo much for your wonderful Natural Sea Spray!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! And I love knowing that it is safe with nothing bad in it!! You guys have a wonderful thing going and I'm so glad I found you! I will be ordering more! THANK YOU AGAIN FOR YOUR EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY PRODUCTS!! God bless your hearts."
- Tiffany

“I am looking forward using more of these products. I just started but I felt the difference already versus what I used before. Thank you for giving me hope with my skin."
- Blanca

“After trying Qēt Fresh Body Oil, I will never go back!!! It has totally changed the way my skin feels after shaving. I am getting a closer shave with no irritation - my skin is actually smooth and supple after shaving. I have also used it in a pinch outside of the shower, and I have the same effects. As a dermatologist, I see a lot of people who get shaving related folliculitis or red, bumpy, dry skin after shaving. This product minimizes or completely eliminates these problems. My patients that have tried this oil love it!"
- Dr. Apple Bodemer | Board Certified Integrative Dermatologist

“Never would I have thought my skincare routine could be so relaxing and feel like "Me Time" as opposed to feeling like completing a homework assignment! I've been very lucky to have good skin, but Qēt has changed the texture and clarity in a subtle and amazing way - and without any stickiness or residue. I absolutely love it - and that's from someone who was forced to change products for health reasons, and not because I was unhappy with my regimen. So thankful for life changes and happy discoveries - Qēt is my new guilty pleasure!"
- Caralyn

“I have never had such wonderful results, nor ones that worked so quickly. I love these products!"
- Sherie

“About nine years ago my skin started changing - getting more dry patches, then adult acne. I started using products from a dermatologist in CA via mail order. It worked on the acne but my skin began to get drier. At its worst I stopped using soap products but still could not get enough moisture in my skin, especially my forehead and ears that were now red and hurt. I heard about Qēt from my Doctor. I found your website and ordered the Restoring Suite travel size. Within two days my skin stopped hurting and the redness was reduced. Wow! I have been using Qēt now for three weeks and my skin is so much better, back to normal. I love how easy the routine is, I love the smells and, of course, I love how Qēt makes my skin feel and look. The only thing is that I wish I would have found you sooner!"
- Shar

“I love the reformulated dry putty deodorant--it doesn't separate and leak out of the jar and is even easier to apply (and travel with me). Thank you!"
- Kate

“I just got my first purchase in! I can't tell you how impressed I was with your packaging and attention to detail. From the sustainable packaging, free little gift and thank you note. It means a lot to me to support a small business that is looking to make the world and their life better. I love supporting women and their goals. I look forward to trying the products! Thanks again!"
- Kelly

“I love, Love, LOVE Qēt Botanical products! I’m in my 60’s and have used many skincare products in my life, but never any as effective or delightful as the Qēt products. Each time I cleanse my face and apply the various oils, it is a joyful experience of all of my senses teased into awareness. My skin has never looked this good, or felt this smooth—ever! Previous to using Qēt products, I had Blepharitis, a type of Rosacea of the eyelids. Once I started with Qēt, it quickly went away and hasn’t ever come back. I’ve been fortunate to be able to buy my products directly from Lisa and to get to know her, along with the company philosophy of being organic and sustainable. She is passionate, knowledgeable, creative and uplifting. Qēt Botanical products is a gift to yourself, and we all need to do that."
- Jeanette

“I have to say that I have never tried a skin care regimen like the Qēt (Getting Started Facial Kit) suite. It has only been less than a week since I've been using it but I like it very much already. I ordered the hair sample suite (Hair Care Suite) as well. I also really like your packaging of the products. So pretty and different! I'm looking forward to a long relationship with Qēt."
- Judith

“I have been so pleased with my Qēt purchases! My favorite is the Balancing Herbal Exfoliant with Tea & Thyme. I love how it makes my skin silky soft after use, and it smells wonderful to boot! I am someone who cares deeply about what I put on my body, in my body, and how I take care of our environment. Qēt products leave me in no doubt that I am taking the best care possible of me, but also for those who will be inheriting the Earth from me - my kids! Lisa Brill, the founder of Qēt, is so down to Earth and a lovely person! I feel really good about supporting a locally run, small family business with huge ideals and goals! I am a Mom with small children and I don't have a lot of time for "me". So, it was important to me that the skin care regimes would take only minutes, and Qēt fulfills that role! As Qēt has encouraged me to take better care of my skin, I feel more confident during the day, knowing that I am shielded by natural UV-A and UV-B protectants with the day serum. It is always feels like an indulgence when I use Qēt products, and can take as much time, or as little, as you need it to! Even if these comments will be just for your encouragement, please know that I have been really in love with your products and look forwards to seeing you again."
- Katrina

“Lisa has changed my life. She showed me how unnecessary a lot of those other products are, and more importantly, how many of them weren’t even that good for my skin! (Gasp!) The kicker? Lisa’s products are all natural, affordable, and made-to-order. My skin looks a LOT better, in less time, using less money! Talk about a win-win-win! And that’s not all… I saved the best for last: Qēt hair products are off the chain! I will never use anything else, ever again! My naturally curly hair has never looked better, whether I blow it out or go natural. Lisa Brill is one of the most knowledgeable and passionate women that I have ever spoken to about skincare. I am SO excited to meet her!"
- Sandy Joy Weston | Author, Motivational Speaker

“I've been using Qēt for about 2 months now... I LOVE the results and am happy I switched! I am glad everything is natural and the best for my skin. Thanks so very much!"
- Wendy

My skin feels and looks much better after using Qēt products. I can't say enough good things about them. Thank you!"
- Blanca

“A good friend of mine recommended Qēt a little over a year ago and I have loved it since I first tried it. I used to have breakouts on my forehead and chin while also having dry skin on my cheeks especially in the summer. Once my skin was used to the oils, it's been clear ever since. The smell of all of the products lift my mood each time I use them. I was worried that the price was too high but you only need such a small amount that its really not much different than the products I used to use. Plus, I use fewer things and it takes less time. I never would have guessed that using an oil on my face would clean it so well that my acne would clear up....but I love it!"
- Amy

“I needed to find something that can help give my hair a bit of shape after a quickie gym shower and that is easy to take along. The Qēt Natural Sea Spray is a recent discovery fits the bill perfectly. It gives my hair volume and definition, is light and smells absolutely delightful. I imagine it would be a dream for long haired girls who are looking for an all natural, unfussy and pretty smelling salt spray."
- The Hermes Hippie

Hey Lisa and Qēt Crew: I love everything you do for skin care and the knowledge you share with anyone who asks...and I ask a lot of questions! I have a 13 year old whose skin is changing - no more smooth, soft, perfect, cherubic little boy skin. We've entered the next phase - the phase when your skin shows no mercy when you do not take care of it. Rough cheeks, frequent break outs, angry clogged pores, and blackheads galore. I started this stubborn 13 year old on a nightly facial routine that includes your oil cleansing products and a side of exfoliation or a mask every now and then. Even he noticed the difference - the break outs were short lived, clogged pores and blackheads found relief and those sandpaper cheeks went from a coarse grit to a smooth grit ;) The best thing about my 13 year old using Qēt is clearer, healthier, happier skin. The next best thing is I can tell pretty darn quick if he is not following his (assigned) nightly facial routine (think CHORE and eye rolling and sighs), as the proof is all over his face! I have much admiration to you all and your products!!"
- Jennifer

“Hi there Qēt! Since finding your products at a nearby retailer, I have fallen in love! As a melanoma survivor, I am always looking to use healthy products on my skin and in my body. I even came to your store with a friend and we had an amazing time! I'm adding to my Qēt collection and have never had such joy in taking care of my skin! Thank you!"
- Kim

"I wandered into Qēt 6 months ago to see what it was all about and have found great products that leave my skin more hydrated and healthier! I had starting taking items with preservatives out of my diet and started eating more fresh ingredients due to some auto-immune health issues. I then thought what am I doing using products on my face that bleach my towels and pillow cases? I had been using a commercial acne product and prescription antibiotic gel that kept break outs down a little. I started with the Hydration sample kit and have since worked out a daily/weekly routine that has left me almost blemish free and my skin is so much healthier! I could not be happier with the Qēt products. I use the Hydration Skin Suite plus the Spot Serum when needed. I exfoliate 3 times a week and use the Honey Cream Mask weekly. People have remarked how much healthier my skin looks. The first week of changing my daily routine did result in a heavy blemish breakout but after that I have to say that I have had fewer breakouts and when it occurs they do not last as long! I quit using the commercial product and the antibiotic gel. My daughters are now using many of the Qēt products as well. Both are teenagers and use the Spot Serum, body polishes and body serums. The body serum really hydrates the swimmers skin that is dried out by hours and hours in the pool. The cost is not more than what we would all spend on the various and multiple products we previously used since a little of the oil based Qēt products go a long way. We all love Qēt products! Thank you Qēt and Lisa for introducing us to such wonderful, natural products!"
- Tonia

“I love the beautiful words that Lisa uses when she describes nature and life, it makes me smile and laugh. I love that I have found a skin product that I will be able to use for a long time. I love the cleansing oil, it feels awesome on my skin and the exfoliation is wonderful, it's not too grainy as I have found a lot are that I have tried. I love the Lavish Serum Salve, I want to use it all over my body. I love the day and night serums - I found them to moisturize unlike anything else I've tried. I love the body polishes, again, they are not to grainy and feel wonderful on my body, my skin is so soft and moisturized. There are products that I have not tried and am excited to try them. After having a liver transplant in October 1989 and having to take a drug to keep my immune system suppressed so I don't reject, on top of taking a chemo drug all these years and counting, I never thought my skin would get enough moisture. With Qēt products, I am finally getting the moisturizing I need. No more dry skin. I love that it's all natural!! Keep up the good works.”
- Robin

“I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how much I love your products! I ordered some Spot Serum for my teenager. She'd struggled with some acne on her chin, trying different products for months, nothing cleared it up. I thought we might as well try your spot serum. Literally 2 days after she started using it, the redness on her chin has gone down, and it looks like it's starting to clear up! I think we've found something amazing! I have also tried your deodorant, which I love!!! Here's to not putting nasty chemicals on my armpits anymore. And don't get me started on your Hydrating Night Serum! I'm hooked!!!! Can't wait to try more of your products! Thank you,”
- Rita

“I LOVE the Lavender Flowers & Vanilla Bean Body Polish for the shower and the Ultra Garden Serum for a moisturizer. My skin is so dry and bumpy, these two products have GREATLY improved my skin! And I love the fact that it is all natural and I'm supporting a local business that cares about its clientele. I'm so happy with my results! Thank you!”
- Whitney

“So far I love the Balancing Kit from Qēt Botanicals. I have sensitive/prone to break out skin and I have had great results so far. Granted it's only been a few days, but I have not had any negative effects from the plant derived products. Going forward I would like to purchase the oil cleanser and balancing toner. Mahalo”
- Valerie

“I first want to start off by saying that I love your products and your message! You are an amazing company with standards that I so look up to. My skin had a very bad allergic reaction to another organic brand that I was trying and your skincare came to the rescue. The Honey Cream Mask and the Lavish Serum Salve were my heroes. I can't say enough how much I am loving all that I am trying. Can't wait to order more soon.”
- Jill

“The Botanical Body Powder is great for staying dry in hot and humid south Florida. Great product!”
- Laura

“What I love most about Qēt is that it nourishes my skin - I can feel it happening!”
- Rita

“I recently was in southern Wisconsin for my family's 115th reunion. I stayed with my cousin and she had a Qēt starter kit for me as a 'local flavors' gift. Wow. She's so awesome. I came home and started using the product and in turn purchased more. My once angry skin likes me again. I think it had to go through a 'I'm freaking out' couple days, but now it's much better. Since I work in packaging, I did put a dropper on the cleansing oil, with my tremor I was afraid that I would spill the liquid gold. But love the products and how they make my skin feel. Thank you for a wonderful product!!!!”
- Bonny

“Just a note of thanks and appreciation to you for always being so kind and helpful; your customer service is truly amazing! Lisa, you are a wealth of knowledge and you have created products I cannot live without! Sarah, thank you for getting items for my daughter together - she cannot live without her Qēt either! Many blessings to you.”
- Niki

“I LOVE your products... LOVE!!! I'm 61 years old and started on your Restoring Suite, faithfully, about 6 months ago. I've had multiple compliments, from people I know and those I don't even know! Needless to say, your line has changed my face. I never spoke with you prior to purchasing the suite, but just want to make sure I'm using the right suite for me. It believe it is, but want to make sure. After all, if my skin can improve even more, I'm thrilled! Thank you for making amazing products, and I look forward to trying the newer products you've added.”
- Arline

“Wow! Thank you so much! I was in your studio last week and started with a “Getting Started Facial Kit." In just a few days I could already tell a huge difference in the health of my skin with the system. Actually the first night I used Qēt my face didn’t look so worn the next morning. Instead it was bright and happy. My husband loves the Nutri-Pomade & Mask with Shea & Coconut in his hair also and was asking about the body oil. My 10-year-old whom I spoke with you about also really likes the cleansing oil. I also had her try the lip gloss right away. Amazing! She battles very chapped lips. Mostly in the winter, but it has been an ongoing problem even now in the warmer temps. One application of the gloss and it was a like a magic eraser. I could go on and on...I am positive that you have already made us loyal customers. Thank you for putting such love and effort into a great product. Our family takes very careful care of our bodies, but I never could find just the right kind of skin care. This is definitely it. Thanks again!”
- Nancy