It’s time we showed you how much we love and appreciate all you have done for us.

We now have the Qēt Rewards program to reward you, our loyal customer*.

When you join you will have access to exclusive opportunities, information and discounts. And best of all, you can earn reward points for each purchase that can be redeemed for treatments and merchandise. It’s more botanical beauty for the buck!

This long awaited and anticipated program was designed to show love and appreciation to you, our loyal customer. We are so proud of our safe and clean products and because of you, the word is spreading fast about the benefits they have.

Each time you shop, your skin and body will “thank” you, and so will we, with reward points that can be redeemed for treatments and merchandise.

So let the bounty of beauty flow, and sign up today. It’s that easy!

*Qēt Rewards is for our loyal and valued customers only and cannot be used with any other promotional or discount codes. Qēt Rewards is not available to wholesalers or retailers.

  What You Get Non-member Free Rewards Membership
Earn 100 points just for signing up
Earn 100 points on your birthday
Earn 1 point for every $1 spent
Free shipping on orders over $35
EXTRAS Monthly specials
Informational product emails
Early product release information
Access to webinars and consultations for double points
A Member Spends Points Earned by Member Exchange Points for Qet Savings
$100 100 $5.00  Off
$150 150 $7.50  Off
$200 200 $10.00  Off
$250 250 $12.50  Off
$300 300 $15.00  Off
$350 350 $17.50  Off
$400 400 $20.00  Off
$450 450 $22.50  Off
$500 500 $25.00  Off
$550 550 $27.50  Off
$600 600 $30.00  Off
$650 650 $32.50  Off
$700 700 $35.00  Off
$750 750 $37.50  Off
$800 800 $40.00  Off
$850 850 $42.50  Off
$900 900 $45.00  Off
$950 950 $47.50  Off
$1,000 1,000 $50.00  Off
Qēt Skin Studio Rewards

For customers who purchase from one of our physical locations, you get to participate in the retail rewards program. Although your in-store purchases will not earn points like online orders, your purchases in store will earn a 5% discount; the same value as our online program. Talk to a Qēt Coach for more details when you visit our locations.


Qēt Referrals

Don’t you love sharing something great with friends?

We do, and it’s why we’re sharing this with you! Here’s your chance to share Qēt Botanicals and get rewarded! As a matter of fact, everybody can be rewarded.

When you refer a friend and they purchase anything from Qēt Botanicals, you receive 100 points in your Qēt Rewards account!* What do they get? They receive 20% off of their first purchase. Now that’s sharing the love!

To earn the points, you have to be a Qēt Rewards member. If you aren’t already a member, here's your chance to join for all of the great benefits.

Two ways to share:

  • Option A: Click on the “Rewards & Referral” icon in the lower right corner of the web page. At the bottom of the pop up window you will see a “Refer A Friend” section. You can copy that link and share it with your friend. After your friend makes a purchase, and after the 30 day waiting period, you'll see 100 points added to your account. Done!
  • Option B: After placing an order and being forwarded to the order confirmation page, you’ll see a referral pop up window on the screen. This is where you can copy the link provided and send it to a friend, or even two. You’ll only need one link to share with any of your like-minded, health conscious friends.

Use and enjoy all the points you earn, and you can feel good about sharing Qet Botanicals’ clean, safe, and sumptuous to use treatments.

There is no limit on referrals or on the rewards you can earn. Come on, let’s share the love!

*Points are added to the referrer account after the 30 day waiting period if the product(s) was not returned. Qēt Referrals are for our loyal and valued customers only and cannot be used with any other promotional or discount codes. Qēt Referrals are not available to wholesalers or retailers.