Winter Skin Savers ... PLUS, it's our biggest event of the season ~

Save on everything that we formulate, love, and share with you... which is everything! :) 

Finding and Sharing Your Health & Joy

Don't know what to share this holiday? Cross the all natural beauty lovers off of your list ~ we got you! 

There are gifts, and then there are those thoughtful, unique gifts that share joy in using them ... and in giving them!

Looking back over the years, we can all remember opening that gift from a friend or family member that made us smile, say thank you, and then think how in the world we're going to use it, wear it, or who else might benefit from it. Ha! They meant well, but their gift to us might not be very useful, or practical, for us. Bah-hum-bug.

There is, however, something that all of us have in common ~ no matter where in the world we are, and no matter how old or how young we are. It's our skin. It's not only our largest organ, it's the way our tissues, muscles, and organs protect themselves, and it's a living and reactive part of us.

It also eats what we feed it ~ truly ~ within less than 45 seconds. We should feel good about what we use every day on our skin. It should bring us joy! When we don't have to wonder about hidden synthetics and toxins, it's great. It's skin bliss, and using clean and safe treatments makes us, and our skin, happy! So simple. 

Below: Our Antioxidant Mask with Cranberry, and our newly awarded Purely Cranberry Serum Boost. Two ways to feed and nourish and skin with skin-loving antioxidants and vitamins. 

For Millions of Us...

our skin is sensitive. Literally. Including mine. 

If you're new to Qēt Botanicals, you've stumbled on to something that isn't like the typical skincare brands out there.

Qēt was launched in April of 2013 ~ and it wasn't for the sake of bringing another care product or two to the market. It was because of bad skin, a change in health, auto immune issues, hormonal changes, and sensitive skin in general. I have Rosacea, and all of these things were happening at once. I needed treatments that wouldn't upset my skin, or my hormones, any further. 

It started in my kitchen in 2011, and from there it botanically blossomed. I was desperate for a change, for cleaner products, and I knew there must be something out there to help me... but I wasn't finding it online or in my local health stores.

I couldn't continue on the path of taking oral and topical medications, and after visiting my endocrinologist, allergist, dermatologist, and enzyme specialist, I had had enough.

Here is a before and after peek of my skin and a bit about my journey. When people see the photos, and see my skin in person, they can't believe it. "You have beautiful skin" is something that I hear all of the time, and then I show them my photos. They almost always do a double-take. Thank goodness for my skin and health hurdles... my entire routine is now safe, clean, and healthy. It's those struggles and challenges that can make us take a closer look, learn, and make changes for the better. 

My skin, my health, my Rosacea, my hormonal swings, my auto immune... these are the reasons why that, as a brand, we're so incredibly passionate about clean and healthy care products. Every single drop matters. 

We're raising the standards when it comes to caring for our skin. Whether we're a quick fix kind of guy or gal with our routine morning and night, or we're one who likes to revel in the sumptuous botanicals and their natural actives, we know that every moment counts.

Two minutes in the morning (or less!), and two minutes at night, that's it ~ and you're off to a great start.

If you're new to Qēt Botanicals, we'll direct you to experience small sizes at the start with our travel and trial sized kits, like our customer Darcie mentioned above. Yes, they do make great gifts, too. Hello, stocking stuffers! We have cleansing and pampering facial kits, facial mask kits, body kits, and kits containing our hair treatments, and they start at $25.

Everything is freshly made; everything is concentrated. Various skin and hair conditions are addressed and treated with our proprietary botanical treatments. Rest assured that each and every product contains nothing toxic, nothing synthetic, and nothing toxic to wreak havoc on our hormones.

Below: Our Getting Started Facial Kit ~ a 10-14+ day sampling of our Skin Suite in travel and refillable vials containing a cleanser, exfoliant, botanical toner, and a day and night serum. It's complete, and we have three different Skin Suites for various conditions of skin, too!

Simple Winter Skin (and Hair!) Savers

The heat is on. It's cold out there. Back and forth we go between the temperatures. Our skin and hair are feeling the fluctuations, and they may not like it. 

Dry skin, itchy skin, brittle hair ~ it creeps up on us and before we know it, we're reaching for savers to pamper and give us our glow back. 

Here are a few simple tips to keep us looking cool and collected, not frozen and frazzled ~ even on those frigid days. 

Cleansing ~ cleansing the skin with soap, foaming cleansers, and even some 'milky' cleansers can throw off our face's pH balance, over-strip the skin, and compromise its natural protective barrier and microbiome (the good skin bacteria). Just a small amount of our cleansing oil massaged into the complexion will dissolve makeup, impurities, and dirt. Yes, even makeup. Removing it with a warm washcloth will remove it entirely, and your skin will remain soft and cleansed ~ it won't have that "my skin must be really clean because it's feels so tight" feeling. It's not necessary to go to that extreme for clean skin. 

Exfoliating ~ it's cold out there, but don't skip this step... just do it! Our skin cells have a 27 day life span, which slows with time. Giving those cells a nudge to whisk them away instead of dying and remaining on the surface makes a huge difference. The skin will not only LOOK more even and vibrant, it will FEEL smoother, and your day and night serums will better penetrate and do their job. Dry skin, sensitive skin, oily skin ~ every skin can benefit from our exfoliant formulas. Applying products over dead cells is almost pointless (what?!). It's true ~ and our skin cells die faster in dryer temperatures. At least exfoliating once or twice a week is highly recommended. Many of us exfoliate very gently on a nightly basis. Our exfoliants are botanical and natural, and the glycolic acids and benefits come from true sources rather than artificially manufactured chemicals. It's skin food, remember? :)

Hydrating & Moisturizing ~ these are different types of treatments for the skin, and luckily for all of us, our botanical toners mixed with our day and night serums address both of these pampering benefits. Serums penetrate deeply into the complexion, and adding a mist of our pH balanced, antioxidant toner to the serums aids in the application and penetration of the actives. We don't even have a cream or lotion for our faces ~ we love that all it takes is a few well-shaken drops of our serums to moisturize. We don't add water to our treatments, and by you adding the botanical toner to the serum, you control the amount of hydration and moisture you need. Perfecto.

No matter the climate ~ dry or moist, hot or cold ~ it's a bespoke skincare system that you can adjust according to your needs. Mix and match between our Skin Suites to address changing skin, hormonal changes, and yes, changes in weather. 

Hair Moisture ~ when it's cold outside, our scalp and hair needs just as must attention as our faces do. On wet hair, apply our hair serum before shampooing from the roots to the hair ends and let it sit for at least 10 minutes before washing. Apply just to the ends as a finishing moisture-rich serum on dry hair. Our hair pomade and mask is an alternative for dry locks as well. A small amount melted between fingertips and applied before adding any heat prevents hair stripping. As a leave-in conditioner on dry hair, on wet hair before any heat, or as a pre-shampoo mask on the hair and scalp ~ you have great options. Many mix and match on a weekly basis to feed the scalp and locks with a variety of beneficial hair and scalp botanicals. Our dry shampoo absorbs excess oil production at the scalp and helps to save your style for another day between shampoos. 

As always, our hair, face, and body treatments contain zero silicones (drying), zero synthetics (sensitizing), zero false fragrances (allergens), and only 100% authentic and pure ingredients with a purpose. 

Below: Our full sized Hydrating Skin Suite ~ our most popular facial treatments for normal and combination skin. 

No Crystal Ball Required

Always fully disclosed ingredients, always authentic, plant-based actives, and always cruelty free. 

Below: Our award-winning Hydra-Rose Eye Serum.

Kind Words from a Customer ~

The Development of Qēt Botanicals ~ in Video!

If you're new to Qēt Botanicals, or are already a fan, we've just finished a quick 2 minute brand video that shares about the development and eco-friendly sourcing of our ingredients. Fun!

We invite you to subscribe to our YouTube channel here. You'll be up-to-date with videos as we share them. 

Here's the link to our newest brand video. Take a peek and see how and why we do what we do. It's about the ingredients, what we don't include, and it shares the passion that's behind the brand to keep things clean and healthy.. inside and out. 

An Overview of Qēt Botanicals in Video

Your December Special

It's our biggest event of the season, and it's marching on!

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday, Travel Tuesday ~ with all of the specials flying about, it's no wonder we're all spinning at the holidays! :) 

It's why we've decided to extend our biggest sale all through the Holidays and through the month of December.

Sometimes we need an extra moment to think things through and take our time. We understand that, and it's why we're continuing this special promotion all month long.


Free Domestic Shipping Over $100

Free Sample with Purchase

Use Code BEMERRY ~ offer expires 12/31/19

Always free of synthetics, always toxin free and cruelty free, and always 100% hair and skin-loving with plant-based actives and phytonutrients. 

Qēt Botanicals is proudly part of the EWG Verified® program.

Safe for you. Safe for our environment. Lovely to indulge in.

Here and There ~

From the West Coast, to the Midwest, and Back Again

We just finished our seventh annual Madison Women's Expo near our Wisconsin Skin Studio. It was a weekend filled with new and familiar faces and many like-minded gals traveling on the clean journey with us. Fun! Our Wisconsin Skin Studio community also finished its first annual Cross Plains Wine Walk. Three hundred tickets were sold out, glasses were raised, and the community came together to enjoy a scavenger hunt and visit our local businesses. 

We're also gearing up for this Saturday's 'Puttin' on the Glitz' in San Clemente where our California Skin Studio is. The entire two blocks of shopping where we're located is closed and filled with festivities, holiday singers, sips, snacks, and specials to kick off the shopping in the community. Santa is even said to make an appearance! 

Below: Sarah and I at our pop-up boutique at the Women's Expo. High Five! 

Vote for Us ~ It's Like a Vote for You

As a born and raised Wisconsin gal, I'm thrilled to be able to have our Skin Studio tucked away in a wonderful Wisconsin community. It's where the development started blooming and where we first launched nearly seven years ago. 

Just over two years ago, we were able to open our second Skin Studio in Southern California in a little beach community called San Clemente. This also happens to be the first place where my husband and I settled and started our family nearly 27 years ago. 

San Clemente has an annual "Best of San Clemente" award where people can vote for their favorite business or restaurant (in addition to their favorite margarita, food, and the like). We're fortunate that we've met many local and visiting friends who have become big fans of our safe and proprietary care products both online and in person. 

In both of our locations, we're completely unique to the area. We're a clean, safe brand, and we bring a special shopping experience in our Skin Studio to the communities that we're in. 

Even if you haven't been able to experience one of our Skin Studios in person, you've discovered our brand and may have felt the passion and love that we pour into every treatment. 

~ ~ ~ We would appreciate your time to take a quick moment and vote for us here in the Best Beauty Supply Store category. You can only vote once, and voting closes on December 8th. 

A vote for us is like a vote for you. We're here to help you navigate your clean journey, and we're happy to offer nudges and tips along the way. So thank YOU! 

Looking Back and Looking Ahead

As we close another year, we can't help but look back at the accomplishments that together we've made.

Because of your support, we're able to contribute to fund raising events in our local communities and abroad, join forces with others to help bring awareness about health and wellness, and provide safe alternatives to the many, MANY synthetic care products that flood the market. 

It's good to look back to see what we've done, but it's not where we focus. We're looking ahead because that's the direction we're going. 

New events on the horizon, new growth, new research and development ~ the future is bright (it's merry and bright!), and the journey endures. We're looking forward to continuing on the clean and safe meandering path with you. 

Let's keep bringing safe beauty into the beauty of our lives. 

With much appreciation and gratitude,


~ Lisa 

Below: Before the next snowfall, behind our Wisconsin Skin Studio at the edge of the meandering Black Earth Creek. 

Images: Lisa Brill and AnilineToxic Photography

~ fresh ~ authentic ~ sumptuous ~

~ non-toxic, organic, proven, and high-performing ~

~ effective, award-winning botanical treatments made without compromises ~