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Your Favorite Things

The Holiday season is upon us, and the idea of sharing something special with those that we care about is bubbling in our minds. We can show we care, we can make smart purchases, and we can be mindful about our spending, what we're using, and what we give to those we care about. 

Being mindful about what we're sharing and understanding the sources of where the items and ingredients are coming from means that every time we purchase something for ourselves, or for someone else, we're supporting those efforts, the sources, those ingredients, and that business practice. 

Every time you've experienced one of our treatments, your mind can be assured that there are no hidden synthetic chemicals, no animal parts or by-products, and that every single ingredient is sourced honestly and loved for what it does. No fillers here! :)

We always say that every drop matters. While we're personally crafting our formulas, reviewing our ingredients before formulating and sharing them, we've gone to the extra effort of making sure that each ingredient is a celebrity and is there for a reason... not just to fluff-up an ingredient list or act as a filler. 

The nature is in the details, and we whole-heartedly share all of those details with you. 

Be Good to our skin

A Closer Look at Your Favorites

Whether you're new to clean and green products, or you're already an expert, the truth is always in the details, the ingredients, and the final product. 

Our variety of products in Qēt Botanicals vary from lip balm, natural deodorants, and aromatherapy, to facial cleansers, hair products, treatment masks, body polishes, and performing, sumptuous serums. It's a wide variety, and the treatments are there for a specific condition and for a purpose. We all have different needs at different times, right?

You've made some of our treatments your favorites; following is a quick highlight on those products and their benefits. For all of the lovely details, a click on the link will take you to all of the details and ingredients. 

Oil Cleansing

Hydrating Oil Cleansing with Lavender

Our most popular oil cleanser, this cleanser is formulated for normal, combination, and skin with occasional breakouts. 

The first treatment we formulated back in 2010-2011, and the first national award we received, was for an oil cleanser. How about that?! 

Oil cleansing has become more popular over the years, and the benefit of oil cleansing is that oil removes oil without over stripping the skin, it doesn't negatively affect our skin's microbiome, and it doesn't damage our skin's protective acid mantle. 

Makeup remover wipes, or cleansing wipes, are also very popular out there. If you look at the ingredients, you'll see that they're not very clean. If the makeup is removed or the skin is cleansed, what's left on the skin are all of the ingredients from the formula (often false fragrances, silicones, synthetics, harmful chemicals). With our cleansing method, nothing artificial or synthetic is left on the skin, because you're using a wet washcloth, cotton round, or even wet paper toweling to remove it. 

Gently massaging wet or dry skin with the cleanser, directly over any makeup, sunscreen, grit or grime, helps to break down the impurities and get into the pore of the skin. 

The most important part of an oil cleanser? The removal of it. Either a warm, wet washcloth, or even a wet paper towel or large cotton pad will do the trick. Once you whisk away the cleanser, you're taking all the dirt and impurities with it. What's left is clean, healthy, skin that's not over stripped (which then causes the skin the pump more oil to the surface to protect itself ~ not good!). 

Once you've discovered cleansing with one of our cleansing oils, it's something you'll look forward to every evening before bed. No need to re-cleanse in the morning if skin is dry or very normal. However, for oily skin, it's best to do a quick cleanse in the morning as well. 

The Eyes Have It

Hydra-Rose Eye Serum

We blink about 15-20 times per minute. That's up to 1,200 times per hour and a whopping 28,800 times in a day. Add that with the skin around our eyes that naturally produces a very low amount of oils and lipids, and you have the likings of developing a wrinkle. 

Our muscles on our faces move, and when that happens, muscle memory can develop a wrinkle. Look at our fingers ~ our knuckles have necessary wrinkles so our fingers can bend and move for us. Without a little bit of give, and the presence of a wrinkle, our skin won't be flexible enough to move. 

We know... many would rather not have any wrinkles on the face, but think about how much we blink and smile. Our smile lines develop with time and with years of smiling (and they're much better than frown lines!) We earn those smile lines. ;) 

Just one, well-shaken drop of our Hydra-Rose Eye Serum on a freshly washed complexion added to the ocular bone and just below the eye is all that is needed. Even after applying a little concealer or makeup, just a tiny bit more (less than a drop!) of this concentrated oil feeds the delicate skin with antioxidants, vitamins, and known age-defying actives. It's like a gentle kiss from a rose on the gentle skin. 


Hydrating Herbal Exfoliant with Tea & Lavender

Don't even get us started on the importance of exfoliating! :) 

Dry skin, oily skin, normal skin, sensitive skin, active skin, dehydrated skin... all skin conditions can benefit from the right kind of exfoliant. 

Let's glow! Rather than use chemical exfoliants, we use the power of our raw plant materials to do the trick for us. Our Hydrating Herbal Exfoliant with Tea & Lavender is a favorite of many, and it's like a mini spa day when it's activated. 

We keep all of our clay and mineral exfoliants dry. They're like a time capsule of actives ready to be woken up when you add water to them. Just a small amount placed in the palm of your hand and mixed with a tiny amount of water is enough to wake up the treatment to get it ready to perform for you. 

Just like seeping a tea bag in warm water, it's the same kind of experience as it opens up before your eyes and senses. Exfoliating after cleansing and before applying your botanical water and night serum before bed is a lovely way to not only wash away the day, but it ensures that the serum can penetrate and rejuvenate while we sleep. 

Hydrate & Moisturize

Hydrating Toning Water with Lavender & Rose, Restoring Day Serum, Restoring Night Serum

It's a beautiful combination ~ it's the mix of our oils and water. 

Our toning waters are derived directly from the botanicals and contain no additional water, oils, or other fillers. They're perfectly pH balanced to comfort our skin, and they pair beautifully with our day and night serums. 

All of our serums contain zero water ~ not only to do the toning waters help our serums penetrate and be applied to the complexion, they offer hydration where the oils offer moisture. Regular water added to formulas tends to water down the formula, and water breeds bacteria. We prefer to add the water (hydrationg) where and when we need it ~ by way of our botanical toning waters. 

You may think that oils aren't beneficial for all conditions of skin... and that's partially true. Not all oils benefit all skin conditions, but all skin can benefit from certain oils. It's the entire reason that we have the various serums, blends, and Skin Suites that we do. 

Our skin benefits from two types of pampering... hydration and moisturizing. We offer hydration for our skin from the toning waters. Antioxidants and plant actives are very light in our botanical waters, but they're still in there.

Our skin gets the moisture it craves from the oils. The variety of oils and humectants that we use in our day and night serums feed the skin in a well-rounded manner. Very different than adding a singular oil to the skin, our facial serums are like a multi-vitamin for the skin.

Another benefit of our botanical toning waters and serums? You control the amount of hydration and moisture that your complexion is craving. The typical application is 3-4 drops of a well shaken day or night serum dropped in the palm of your hand, and then 1-2 mists of toning water is added to that. Blend and warm it together in your palms, and then massage it onto the face, neck, and chest. 

You can adjust the level of hydration and moisture according to your skin's needs. You can customize your routine depending on where you live. Whether its a humid, moist area, or very dry... you can adjust your waters and serums to handle it. 

Vitamin Serum Boost

Purely Cranberry Serum Boost

"Do you have any Vitamin A Serums, or Vitamin C serums? Do you have anything that contains Retinol, Retin-A, or retinoids?" 

Because of these questions that we've heard many times over the years, it led us to share our serum boosts in our Purely Skin Suite. 

Low and behold, our Purely Cranberry Serum Boost has become a favorite of many, and it won an Earth Day Beauty Award right out of the gate. 

Many of the typical serum boosts are formulated using partial or completely synthetic vitamin a or vitamin c powders. Once these powders are mixed with water, and any other ingredient, they begin to oxidize almost immediately. They've already lost most of their power. 

Because we don't use synthetic ingredients, we focused on our oils that are already full of these vitamins. Our organic cranberry oil is not only rich in vitamins, it's beneficial to help speed up the healing process of skin that has suffered from elemental damage, either long term or short term, skin that has gone through surgery or trauma, and skin that is sensitive with redness and upset areas. 

Our other Purely Skin Suite Boosts offer different benefits, and it's our Purely Cranberry Serum Boost that has become a favorite of many. Adding just a small amount after applying the toning water and day serum can help to protect against the elements and pollution because of its naturally occurring UVA and UVB benefits.

Of course, it's wonderful as a boost to the night serum as well, but some like to add our Purely Rosehip Serum Boost at night. It takes the place of the synthetic and toxic Retinol that has become so common in our country and is already banned in other countries. Our Purely Squalane Serum Boost replaces many synthetic makeup primers as is a light, matte, oil, and it's a veil of antioxidants that are light and beneficial on the skin. 

Side Effects from Synthetics?

There are not-so-favorable side effects that can happen on the skin's surface when using a synthetic Vitamin A, or retinyl palmitate. Vitamin A has been shown to slow the affects of free radical damage and aging on the skin. However, the synthetic versions, added at various percentages in facial treatments, can lead to toxic levels of the synthetic vitamin entering the skin and body.

A federal study was performed and it raised the possibility that the synthetic form of Vitamin A might speed the growth of cancerous tumors when used on skin exposed to the sunshine. What?! Scientists produced evidence that skin tumors were accelerated with daily exposure of the synthetic Vitamin A when it was exposed to just nine minutes of sunlight. Youch!

Not very good news, especially when many brands are including this synthetic vitamin in not only their serums and facial products, but also in sunscreen. 

See the article and the side effects on the skin from using a synthetic form of Vitamin A here. 

Rather than add a percentage or certain amount of a synthetic vitamin to a serum mixture or facial treatment, we prefer to work directly with those botanical actives and oils that naturally contain high levels of these vitamins. We're so glad we have Mother Nature as our guide! :)

Hair Pomade

Nutri-Pomade & Mask with Shea & Coconut

Hair we go ~ whether it be for beards, eyebrows, moustaches, long hair, short hair, dry hair, brittle hair, color treated hair, or hardly any hair (hello, happy scalp!), hair benefits from proteins, hydration, and true nourishment. 

Silicones are found in many, many hair products (skincare, too!), and it's a synthetic polymer, or plastic, that coats the strands and makes it feel healthy and happy. However, over time, it not only stops natural moisture from penetrating the hair shaft, but it also attracts dirt and can make hair brittle with time. 

Our Nutri-Pomade & Mask with Shea & Coconut is a two-fold hair product. It can be used every day as a finishing treatment on styled hair. Applied on the ends of dry hair, it helps to prevent flyaways and frizz without ruining the style. Applied on the ends of wet hair before any heat is applied, it adds a protective heat shield between the hair shaft and the heated hair curler or blow dryer. And (I guess this makes it a three-fold product), it can be used as a scalp mask on any dry, flaky, or sensitive scalp. 

Two New Products to Meet

Sometimes we just can't help it. Sometimes there are practical products that we love that just have to be included.

There are many synthetic versions out there of our two new products. However, as usual, we want to avoid synthetic and harmful chemical on the products that we use every day, and even on those that we use once in a while. 

Meet Re-Fresh for Clean Hands

Let's keep it healthy and let's keep it real. 

Flu and cold season is here! The last report from the CDC (Center for Disease Control) stated that there are 43 million cases of flu recorded... breaking all the records in the last 10 years.

Our hands are exposed, we pick up an invisible virus on a door handle or object, then we itch our eye, rub our nose, or even cough into that same hand. 

There we go... we may have just been exposed to a cold or virus that takes on a dreadful life of its own.

In our Skin Studios, we touch your hands, show you how to use a product, take your credit card, shake your hand, give you a hug, and we may be exchanging cold bugs in the process. We started putting together a formula in our Studios to help us wash our hands without having to rinse them, without drying them out, and without adding synthetics or alcohols to our delicate hands. 

Enter our Re-Fresh. It's a no-rinse hand cleanser, and oils of organic peppermint and lavender leaves help to kill bacteria, are microbial, and are completely natural in doing so. To help keep our hands soft during its use, and not dry or strip our hands of beneficial natural oils, we've added a skin-loving and softening healthy probiotic to the formula.

Hands love it! Some like to mist it in the air as a clean freshener. Some spray it on a hard surface and wipe it away for a quick clean. Keeping it in the car or in a handbag is helpful when grabbing a snack or popping in and out of public places where viruses and cold bugs can lurk. 

So let's raise our hands to clean, fresh hands without the alcohols, artificial ingredients, or anything toxic. 

Meet Re-Leaf to Help Relieve Tension and Stress

Massage away those aches and pains. 

We're in the business of plants and oils. Just like when we eat healthy foods, our body can benefit from it. We can't get everything our body needs from opening up a can of spaghetti, and we can't get our vital nutrients from synthetic ingredients, fake foods, and processed ingredients. 

To back it up a bit, decades ago I was sitting at a stop sign and was rear-ended by a drunk driver. My neck and upper shoulder areas were affected. We all know that much stress can be carried in these areas.

Enter the natural, anti-inflammatory, and tension relieving oils. Massaging tense, tight, or stressed muscles and ligaments with known ancient and innovative plant actives can add relief from not only our only muscle pressure, but from the natural constituents the botanicals bring to the table. 

Delightful to our senses, and beneficial to our muscles, our blend of peppermint, lavender, frankincense, turmeric, rosemary and thyme are like a relaxing cocktail of soothers and stress relievers to joints in the neck, shoulders, fingers, feet, knees, and even elbows. 

No questionable ingredients, and no questionable outcome. It's packaged in a roll-on to get you through your busy day or help you unwind at night. 

Your November Special

It's your favorite Qēt!

They’re some of your favorites, and they’re some of our best sellers… and they’re all on special during this month of Thanksgiving.

Thousands of friends have found our face, hair and body treatments over the years. We thank you and are grateful for your support. We’re on our clean journey, and we're happy to help you on your clean journey!

This month, we’re offering a 10% savings on some of your favorite, full-sized treatments. They are:

Hydrating Cleansing Oil with Lavender

Hydrating Toning Water with Lavender & Rose

Hydrating Herbal Exfoliant with Tea & Lavender

Restoring Day Serum

Restoring NIght Serum

Hydra-Rose Eye Serum

Purely Cranberry Serum Boost

Nutri-Pomade & Mask with Shea & Coconut for hair

NEW Re-Leaf for muscle aches

NEW Re-Fresh no rinse hand cleaner

Our two new products that we’re introducing are very practical, clean, and are already popular in our Skin Studios. We're happy to be able to share them with you. 

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Free Shipping

Did you know that any domestic order over $100 qualifies for free shipping?

Our shipping department is not a profit center for us, and rather than inflate all of our prices, we'd rather offer a special incentive when purchasing from our e-boutique. 

Our prices range from $9 to $79, and everything in between. If you're gathering a few things on your wish list and you want to take advantage of the free shipping, our lower price points start at $9 for our Lip Balm with Green Tea & Vitamins, our Lip Gloss with Olive & Avocado, and our new Re-Fresh hand cleaner.

For $20 you can get a Purely Suite Discover Kit, $39 gets you a Getting Started Facial Kit for an entire organic and botanical facial experience at your fingertips. We have other trial and travel sized kits that make great add-ons, or gifts, too!

We're happy to help when we can, and we love the option of sharing our kits at the start and getting free shipping on qualifying orders. 

Beware of Unauthorized Resellers

If it doesn't say it's coming from Qēt or one of our very select retailers, please don't purchase it. 

There are many, many, MANY unauthorized resellers out there that purchase products and are marking them up for profit. They may purchase a singular product from us, and then turn around and sell it for a large profit, or worse... they may completely change the formula, try to duplicate it, or replace it with something completely different. It's fradulent and could be dangerous. 

This is most common in skincare,hair products and cosmetics, but it also happens in vitamin supplements, baby items, clothing, sports gear, and handbags.

We formulate, ship, and share all of our treatments directly from our facilities. If it doesn't say it's coming from Qēt Botanicals, or Qēt, LLC, or one of our select retailers, please don't purchase it. It will look just like our product with the same wording, images, and content, copied directly from our site. 

Below are some quick screen shots of unauthorized resellers and what they're marking up and selling.


Meaningful, Mindful, What Matters

It's been 50 years since the birth of the internet. Amazing! As I write these words on my Apple laptop, I'm thinking about how we can track our health on apps, shop at the press of a button, and just how far technology has come.

The following are powerful statements. Some believe this came directly from Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, before he died. Others say it's completely fake. Either way, these are good words to take notice of.

Steve Jobs died with $7 billion at the age of 56 from cancer. He's quoted as saying the following...

“In other eyes, my life is the essence of success, but aside from work, I have a little joy. And in the end, wealth is just a fact of life to which I am accustomed.

At this moment, lying on the bed, sick and remembering all my life, I realize that all my recognition and wealth that I have is meaningless in the face of imminent death. You can hire someone to drive a car for you, make money for you – but you cannot rent someone to carry the disease for you.

One can find material things, but there is one thing that cannot be found when it is lost – “LIFE”.

Treat yourself well, and cherish others. As we get older we are smarter, and we slowly realize that the watch is worth $30 or $300 – both of which show the same time. Whether we carry a purse worth $30 or $300 – the amount of money in the wallets are the same.

Whether we drive a car worth $150,000, or a car worth $30,000 – the road and distance are the same, we reach the same destination.

Your true inner happiness does not come from the material things of this world. Whether you’re flying first class, or economy class – if the plane crashes, you crash with it.”

Here is what matters:

  • Let's educate our children not to be rich, but to be happy. When our children grow up, they should know the value of things, not the price.
  • Eat your food as medicine. If we don't, we may be eating our medicine as food. (Yes, skincare plays into this as well!)
  • A person that loves us will never leave us, even if they have 100 reasons to give up. They will always find one reason to hold on. 
  • There is a big difference between being human, and a human being.
  • If you want to go fast, go alone. But... if you want to go far, go together. 

Being Thankful

As we near the end of this year, and we're in the month where there is more thanksgiving than in any other time of the year, it's at this moment where we say Thank You to our friends, our customers, our family, our assistants, and our Qēt team that helps with all of the little and big things that make up this brand.

Our hearts beat strong... we love what we do, we believe in what we share, and we know the power of healthy ingredients and a clear, clean mind.

Thank you for being a part of our Qēt family, and thank yourself for making a difference in your own life with the healthy choices you make.

With much love and thanks,

~ Lisa

Images: Lisa Brill and AnilineToxic Photography 

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