When did cleansing become so dirty? Clean cleansing-oil-smarts using our clean cleansers.

So... when DID cleansing our skin get so dirty?!
We're addressing the most common wonders and curiosities we receive about washing our faces with our cleansing oils.
Above: Balancing Cleansing Oil with Thyme (for acne and oily complexions), Hydrating Cleansing Oil with Lavender (for combination and comfortable complexions), rose quartz gua sha facial massage tool
We're a few weeks into the new year, and it's still a fresh start.  We don't need such a big event as a 'new year' to have a fresh start, do we? No, we're given a fresh start every single day.
With every new day, and especially with every evening, getting the right kind of clean on our complexion is smart, healthy, and helpful in keeping our skin youthful and strong. 
👉 Don't take your day to bed with you. It's important to always, always cleanse the complexion before sleeping. However, if your skin is calm and comfortable, you may not need to re-cleanse in the morning. Splash your face with water and dry, then blend together a mist of your botanical toning water and 2-3 drops of your shaken day serum, and your skin is pH balanced, hydrated, moisturized and ready to go.
"I have been loving this oil cleanser and the balancing starter kit! This is the first face regime that I’ve stuck with, it feels like self care and I enjoy doing it every evening and morning. My skin already looks smoother and healthier in two months." ~ Kari   
Imagine using a skin cleanser that not only cleans the skin, but actually benefits it. It happens here!
If you're already a fan of our cleansing oils, then you know how fabulous they are.
But... if you're still not sure about cleansing with an oil, we're coming clean with you on the subject. 
☝ The first Qēt product formulated, also the first product to receive a clean-beauty award as the best cleanser for acne prone and upset skin. It's our Balancing Cleansing Oil with Thyme. No benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, tea tree oil, or alcohols... nothing to dry the complexion out, everything to cleanse, reduce inflammation, and remove impurities.     
Our cleansing oils have been really popular and loved for years with skin-happy results. Acne prone and oily skin, dry, mature, and sensitive skin, combination and comfortable skin... there's something for everyone. 
When we first shared our formulas, cleansing oils were hardly heard of. Today they're popping up everywhere. Unfortunately, many other formulas out there contain water, heavy preservatives, even alcohols and artificial additives. 
We stick to the plant-powered effectiveness of the true ingredients and actives. Our cleansers are not a leave-on product; they're meant to get on, clean up, and then get removed. 
Different than a cleanser that rinses off the skin with water, our cleansing oils need to be gently removed. They don't have drying agents, alcohols, or slippery artificial ingredients that rinse clean. They're oils, and oils remove excess oils and clean the skin. More importantly, when we remove them, the skin still feels soft instead of that dry, tight feeling. 
 When we remove our cleansers with a wet washcloth or cotton pad, we're removing everything that may cause our skin to breakout, clog our pores, or even age our skin faster.
Cleansing is an important step in our skin's health. Avoiding over-stripping our skin is just as important as making sure to remove any pollutants and impurities we've picked up. 
Oil cleansing goes back hundreds of years... years before artificial foaming agents and synthetic ingredients were even invented to 'cleanse' our skin. 
Somewhere along the line, cleansing our skin got pretty dirty. 
Rather than add a creamy filler, a foaming surfactant, an astringent that dries the skin, or harsh ingredients that dry out the complexion and actually strip too much off of the skin, we use kindness and 100% plant power to cleanse the skin. 
Makeup, sweat, sunscreen, pollution, excess oil and impurities, and all of that invisible 'gunk' that can clog our pores, cause it to age faster, or even affect our skin's own natural protective layer is removed gently and effectively. 
Here's a quick video to peek at that highlights our cleansing oils. 👇
"Best cleansing oil ever (Restoring Cleansing Oil with Rose)! It’s takes off all the makeup never leaving a greasy film and leaves my skin feeling clean and soft." ~ Elizabeth
If you missed our last blog, it shares the journey, the truths, the myths, the tips, and exactly why our cleansing oils were the very first treatment to be developed before all of the other 50+ treatments.
"I feel like my face is cleaner and hydrated when I cleanse with your oils." ~ Shelly
"This cleanser keeps my skin from drying out, also helps with redness". ~ Carrie
"Never have I experienced the softness and hydration of my face with this cleanser. AMAZING! Thank you!" ~ Sandra
"I ordered Qēt after seeing it on Instagram. I was looking for something natural that would heal my skin. After the first day of washing my face with the cleansing oil and using the the serums, my face felt so good. Within a week my skin was more even and my acne cleared up. I've been using this product [for months] and my face has healed so much." ~ Anna
"I am beyond pleased with Qēt. The cleanser is silky and hydrating and I love the way it makes my skin feel. I’ve been using Qēt for a couple of years now and absolutely love it. I stopped wearing makeup and I still get so many compliments on how young I look (I’m 40) and great my skin looks! I’ll be a lifetime customer." ~ Libby
💗 We love it when you share your Qēt discoveries with us ~ thank you for your reviews!  👏👏👏
Just like our body is fueled by what we feed it, our skin is cared for by what we put on it ~ it's literally in our own hands.
Those few minutes morning and night are great bookends to each day. Self-care isn't vain, selfish, or a luxury. Self-care is a necessity, and it's why using the cleanest and safely effective 100% plant-powered and natural ingredients matter so much to all of us.
Thanks so much for coming clean with us! 😊
~ Lisa
Below: Garden lavender peeking out from under a fresh blanket of snow. 
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