Met our New Qēt Botanicals Skin Studio

💮 Something beautiful has been blooming, and it's time we share it with you. 



We're a happy and optimistic bunch at Qēt, and we're also open and honest with our ingredients, as well as with you.

Our Cross Plains, Wisconsin Skin Studio is the first Skin Studio we opened shortly after our launch in April of 2013. 

Our San Clemente, California Skin Studio followed behind, and we opened it nearly six years ago. 

If you've followed our newsletters or social media, you would've seen that we were quickly forced to closed our California Skin Studio in October of last year. Nearby construction had broken a main plumbing line and our facility was flooded with very unclean water. We're no longer able to formulate and share our treatments from this location. 

I'm a born and raised Wisconsin gal, and having moved to San Clemente in 1992 and starting our family there, we were happy to have both locations in Wisconsin where the brand was born, as well in San Clemente. We were heartbroken about this unplanned event, and we know many of you were as well. We kept looking ahead. 

On a lighter note, we just learned of our nomination as one of the best business in San Clemente... so thank you to those of you that nominated us! What crazy timing! 😁

We enjoy both our in-person and online connections, and are thankful that we can share with you both ways. Even though our California location is closed, we're currently working on other ideas and ways to keep Qēt in the community there.


We've been growing and blossoming because of your support near and far since April 1, 2013.

We're excited to share that we'll be opening a new primary Skin Studio in Spring of this year.

We're thrilled that we're able to move into a new and exciting space! We'll have an open and airy retail area that's large enough to have events and special gatherings. Our fulfillment and shipping areas are also open and inviting for our team. We're going to have a tea bar with organic teas available for sipping while visiting and experiencing Qēt. 

🌟 And finally, after being asked literally hundreds of times, for the first time we will be able to offer facial services in our new and inviting Skin Studio.

🌟 Our new location is not only going to be where we ship from near and far, it's in the heart of the Midwest and is a destination to come to and find your best, healthy self. 🌟 It'll be an open and comfortable studio to discover and learn about natural and healthy self care. 🌟 It'll be a place to test and discover the benefits of all of our 50+ proprietary face, body, and hair treatments. 🌟 I'll be where you can pick up what you need for you or your family. 🌟 It's where we can gather for health-related and special events. 🌟 It'll be the place to come to for an an organic and uplifting non-invasive facial experience with our proprietary and freshly made Qēt treatments. 💗


Our new Skin Studio will be based on Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin. "Fort" is a wonderful, welcoming community with beautiful architecture, independent and boutique businesses, lush parks, various walking and biking trails, and a meandering river walk along the Rock River.

It's a pretty and relaxing drive through the country from Madison and the surrounding areas, Milwaukee and its suburbs, Lake Geneva, and all of Southern and South Eastern Wisconsin. It's a peaceful and comforting destination to look forward to coming to that will feel just like our Skin Studios, but with more space for more enjoyment and experiences. 


Below: The front door of our new Skin Studio on S. Main Street in Fort Atkinson.

Below: Looking out at the river walk from inside the retail area.  


What does this mean for you, our online friends? 

Nothing will change for you, but as a team, we'll all be under one happy and inspiring roof. We will have more room to grow, fulfill and ship your care products from as well. 


What does this mean for you, our local friends near our Cross Plains Skin Studio?

 As we've grown, so have our needs. If we were a plant in a pot, you could say that we're "root-bound" and need to be replanted to continue to grow. 😉 We've outgrown our Cross Plains location, and are looking forward to blooming in a larger pot. 🌱🌱🌱  

We will be moving our team, our ingredients, our supplies, and all of our Qēt operations into our new space within the next 60 days. We'll start working in the new location in mid March and will celebrate our upcoming 10 year brandiversary in April in our new location with a grand opening and ribbon cutting. 

Stay tuned for these details ~ if you're in the area, you're invited to come! Watch for more in our newsletters and on social media as we get closer.


Below: New signs in the windows announcing our soon-to-be opening. 


Below: A close-up of the announcement signs in the windows:


👉 In our new location, we'll be hiring a new part-time team member or two, as well as an esthetician. Feel free to reach out if you, or a like-minded friend, is interested! 







~  ~  ~ 

We will still be offering free Priority shipping with all US orders over $35, and we'll still be pouring as much quality and care into each and every treatment that we share with you. 

I'm a born and raised Wisconsin gal, love nature, love my family, and love what we do and share with you. We're turning lemons into lemonade. 🍋  We're grateful to be blossoming where we have roots, family and friends, and where Qēt was first born.  💗 

We'll keep you updated as we prepare for this transition, and we'll keep the Qēt Botanicals doors open and care packages coming your way. 😊


With many heartfelt thanks, 


~ Lisa 




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