💝 Happy May & Mother's Day! How + why our clean beauty (and you!) make a difference.

Hello, May!

Spring has sprung, and we're so ready for it...

we're bursting with clean plant-powered skin and hair loving remedies! 


May is one of the busiest times to share love and meaningful, mindful niceties with those Moms in our lives that mean so much to us. 

We’re celebrating Moms, Sisters, Aunties, Maternal Bonds, Mothers of the Garden, Mothers of our Furry Friends, and yes, even Mother Earth.

This sale is for you, Mom, and for all the Moms in your life. 

Save $15 when you spend $100 on anything in our shop or on the site.

Code LoveMom

Pop in to see us, or shop online. We'll ship your gift to you, or to another, for free within the US on any order over $35.

Qet-Botanicals-Night-Serum-Botanical-Toner-Manuka-Mask-All-Natural A trifecta of May and Mother's Day Favorites... Restoring Night SerumRestoring Toning Water, and Honey Cream Mask with Active Manuka sitting among the sprinkled calendula and helichrysum flowers.

Her Beauty, Her Well-Being, and it's Fresh and right at Her Fingertips

Who doesn't love chocolates and flowers? We certainly love it all, and we won't say no to any of it. 😋 

On the other hand, the natural beauty trend continues to bloom... more are reading their ingredients and are reaching for cleaner and healthier treatments.

💝 For Mother's Day, that means the gift giving has had a slight shift. Clean care and beauty is coming to the forefront of it all. Perfect... we're here to help!  

Being gluten free, synthetic free, cruelty free, and calorie free (ha!), our care treatments are not only nourishing for our hair, skin, and body, but because they're filled with only authentic and true ingredients, they nourish our well-being as well

Each moment of self care can be truly transformative ~ we've felt it ourselves, and we've seen it in you. When we use ingredients that matter, it's beneficial both inside and out.


Natural aromatherapy and perfume ~ we love it. Featured here is our Lavender Botanical Nectar. We also have Jasmine and Rosewood Botanical Nectars. So lovely on the wrist, on an ear lobe, under the chin, and even in the hair. 

There's no time like the present... these presents. 

Spring is a time of renewal. It's never too early, and it's never too late, to make the smart switch to clean and healthy care.

There are additional gifts given when we choose clean and mindful purchases. Our natural remedies work with our systems, not against it, to keep our skin, hair, and mind healthy. There are no synthetics or toxins included that alter or upset our hormones. Lastly, shopping mindfully is a conscious choice that supports our sustainable and earth-friendly practices. Together we're doing so much!  

It's all the health without any of the harm.


 Our body is covered with a lot of skin (on average about 22 feet of it!). Here are some time-to-slow-down skin favorites... Lavender Flowers & Vanilla Bean Body Polish (we also have three other 'flavors'), Blooming Tea Bath ~ An Afternoon in Paris (named after a Parisian tea I sipped while in Paris), and Botanical Body Powder with Mint, Lavender & Neroli

 The Pause with a Purpose

When you look online, or if you've come into the store and have seen all of our treatments in person, we know it can be overwhelming at first.

We also know that if something takes more than a few minutes to do, it might not get done. 

We're here to help and offer tips and nudges of advice if you need it. We're also here to help you slow down and pause. 

 ⏳ The practice of stopping, slowing down, and simply bookending each day with moments of caring for ourselves truly does have positive effects on our overall health and well-being. 

A quiet moment in the shower or bath, a facial self-massage with a cleansing oil or serum, or a scalp massage or special hair treatment... these help stimulate the skin cells, the hair root, and the nerve endings under the skin.

🌟 The simple touch of our fingertips on our skin and scalp increases our circulation, our cellular turnover gets a boost, and in turn it promotes healthier, glowing skin. Most of all, it allows our mind and body to unwind a bit, recharge, and get ready to tackle whatever life throws our way next.  

Qet-Botanicals-Jasmine-Botanical-Nectar-Purely-Squalane-Antioxidant-MaskTake it with you, or take five with it... Jasmine Botanical Nectar (this reminds us of spring!), Purely Squalane Serum Boost (one of three serum boosts), and Antioxidant Mask with Cranberry (like a multi-vitamin for skin).

Certified Organic Ingredients and their Beautifying Side Effects

Beauty is more than skin deep. We soak up 60% or more of what we pat, slather, rub, or soak in. So we say... why not use ingredients that offer more than just beauty on the outside? 👏

Real ingredients = real results. The results don't only appear on the surface, they show up in our overall health. Real, organic, and clean ingredients have been proven to help our sleep, reduce our stress, improve our mood (even if we don't need it 😉) and boost productivity during the day. This makes for a healthier lifestyle, doesn't it! 👍

When we incorporate our Qēt remedies into our daily routine, we get to experience these smile-making, holistic benefits firsthand.

💗 After all, a smile is a person's best asset, and our skin is the only outfit we'll be wearing for the rest of our lives. 💗


And the eyes have it... Hydra-Rose Eye Serum. Just one well shaken drop is all it takes. 

Your May Special: shop and share our natural care... they're bursting with love! 

There are so many popular and favorite Qēt Botanicals' treats for Mom that are shared at this time of the year, we couldn't decide on just a few to celebrate. We're celebrating all of the Moms in our lives, and we're celebrating a special on all of our treatments.

Save on our body oils, natural deodorants, face serums and vitamin boosts, bath soaks and body polishes, hair oils and pomades, kits, hand spray, lip loves, natural deodorants, botanical masks... and more! There are more than 50 lovelies to shop and share, from $9 to $79 and everything in between. 

Shop in person in our Qēt Skin Studio, or shop online.

Save $15 when you spend $100. 

Use code LoveMom

 📦  Free U.S. shipping with any orders over $35. 📦


Sustainable. Smart. Sumptuous. 

In April we celebrated Earth Month. In case you didn't see the special announcement, the five ways we contribute to Mother Earth's care, and the new clean product awards we earned 🏆🏆🏆 ... click here.  👈

Shopping Small + Shopping Smart 

When we shop small, it helps our communities, our families, our surrounding businesses, and our country.  🇺🇸  When we choose sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly items, it helps our most important mother of all, Mother Earth. 🌎

Together we're making a conscious effort to reduce our carbon footprint, support ethical practices, and to keep our land, waters, and air better for the next Moms to be, and the next.  

It's guilt-free purchasing, and it's guilt-free enjoyment, too! Zero synthetics, cruelty free, and entirely plant-powered with all the health and none of the harm.  

Whatever you're a mother of ~ remember to do what you can to make healthy choices, and then go and Mother yourself. 😊

Thank you for caring, and thank you for being here. 💖

~ Lisa 

Lisa Brill, Founder & Owner, Wife, Sister, Mother of Two Humans and Two Dogs, Animal and Plant Lover, Rosacea and Sensitive Skin Warrior, and Fellow Clean Care Advocate


Qet-Botanicals-Founder-Lisa-Brill-Rosacea-Sensistive-Skin-Acne 😊  Yes... clean, 100% natural, and plant-powered self care can work. My skin on the left in my early 40s... hormonal and cystic acne, rosacea, autoimmune and thyroid issues, and very sensitive, swollen and inflamed skin. On the right, now at 57, after using only Qēt Botanicals. Zero synthetics, no lasers, peels, injections, or fillers, zero artificial ingredients, and no invasive treatments. Just Qēt and clean ingredients + habits, inside and out.  


Shop online for our fresh deliveries, follow along with us on socials, come see us in person if you're nearby, and share your thoughts by email or by phone.

Either way you choose, we're delighted to be on this clean path with you. 🌎

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