🌸 Hello, you beautiful flower ~ from one Mom to another...

Hello, you beautiful flower. 


You're a one-of-a-kind-wonder.
When you bloom, you uplift the other flowers around you, and together we blossom and grow together. 

 Motherhood is a sisterhood.

To our sisters, aunties, daughters, mothers of the garden, and mothers of our furry friends, we celebrate you no matter what kind of mother figure you are. 


There's no gift given or received that's harder, or more of a blessing, than motherhood. 


To our past, present and future mothers, we love and admire you. 


Even when it rains, your uniqueness and nurturing continues to be present. 


Your authentic beauty that's blossoming within shines like the sun on delicate petals.  

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Sustainable. Smart. Sumptuous. 

In case you didn't see our tips and some of our favorites for May, to see the full May blog click here.

 Being a Mom of any kind is truly a blessing... the fun, love, and laughter is real.

We're there to help pick up our family, and often they're there to pick us up as well. This was us yesterday ~ LOL!  😉 💗


From one Mom to another, and from the team of our Moms and Mother figures with Qēt... we hope you enjoyed your special Mother's Day.

🌸  Just remember, you are a beautiful flower. 🌸

 ~  Lisa


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