🌎 Celebrating Earth Day + 3 New Clean Awards + 5 Ways we Help 🌎

Happy Earth Day to Our Earth!

It's your earth ~ it's our earth. Together we're the stewards and caregivers of her. 

Think about it ~ everything comes from the ground under our feet, the trees above our heads, and the waters around us.

Our earth is a living, breathing, planet. We rely on her 100% to feed and nurture us, and she relies on us 100% to take care of her properly.

🌎  💗  🌎

Let's celebrate!

We're cheering because it's our 11th Year Brandiversary, and we're cheering for our Earth.

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OMG... We're thrilled! 😀

We've JUST learned that we've earned three new 2024 Earth Day Clean Beauty awards! This means our Qēt Botanicals' treatments have earned nearly 40 clean beauty awards in the last 11 years ~ we're so grateful! Scroll down to check out the latest award winning treatments. 👇

 🏆  🏆  🏆

Every step can make a difference. Here are just a few of the ways we’re making a difference today. 

🌎  Our Innovative Packaging 🌎

From day one, we've wanted to do what we can, because we can.

The development of our half-boxes to house our glass treatment bottles was one of the very first steps we took. Our half boxes that you’ll find on our serums not only reduce the amount of ink and paper used in packaging, they also cut down on unnecessary waste. Our tree-free labels are recyclable, and we use post-consumable paper.  

Small changes that we make together can make a big impact. Qet-Botanicals-Spot-Serum-for-Acne-Inflammation-and-Minor-Upset

 🌎  Our Freshness  🌎

Unlike many skincare and personal care companies, we don’t warehouse our products.

Instead, our treatments are made shortly before sharing them with you.

This not only ensures the highest quality and potency of our products, but it also reduces the need for long-term storage and additional transportation / shipping / handling. It also means there are no overages and treatments dumped or wasted.

Overall, this lessens the energy requirements and waste that’s associated with warehousing. Bam! 👊


 🌎  Clean Formulations  🌎

 When it comes to our skincare, and all of our personal care products, we believe that what you leave out is just as important as what you put in.

That's why you'll never find any silicones, alcohols, extracts, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, PEGs, fossil fuel derivatives, or literally hundreds (and counting!) of synthetics that are commonly used in other products, or even other 'clean' products. The nasties aren't hidden or included in any of our proprietary treatments. 

We're committed to providing you with clean, non-toxic formulations that are gentle on your skin, your hair, your hormones, and our environment.


 🌎  Pure, Natural Aromas and Ingredients  🌎 

WARNING: There's an "F" word that we're serious about.

It's fragrance

When this word is used in any product, it can literally mean hundreds of manufactured chemicals to give it a desired smell.

Fragrances are one of the top allergens and culprits for sensitive skin, hormonal changes, breakouts, itchy skin, and general skin upset. Fragrances have even been known to cause anxiety and heart palpitations. What?!?!? Yes.  

So we say "f-off" (! 😉) to artificial fragrances and chemical additives. Ha!   

Our treatments are also free from EDTAs, PEGs, SLS, gluten, talc, contaminant residues, and 200+ and counting questionable self care industry additives. Our clean ingredients allow you to experience only the purest, most natural aroma every time you indulge in our products and remedies.


 🌎  Plant Based Ingredients  🌎 

We individually source all of our ingredients and raw materials, and we purchase nothing premixed. Our unique formulas are completely our own.  

Everything is researched and obtained with availability and sustainability in mind, and we work with honest farmers, resources, and suppliers. 

Doing this ensures that we’re not depleting natural resources or harming delicate ecosystems with our selections. It also gives us peace of mind that each ingredient is of the highest quality and in it's purest form. 

Our formulas are free from residual chemicals that can harm our rivers, lakes, oceans, and reefs. It’s a two-fold safety concern… safe for us, and safe for our surroundings. 


 We're thrilled! We've literally JUST learned that we've earned three new Earth Day Clean Beauty Awards from Healing Lifestyles 

Take a look, and click on the image for more details about each of them.

Qet-Botanicals-Antioxidant-Mask-with-Cranberry-Earth-Day-Award  Qet-Botanicals-Hydrating-Toning-Water-Earth-Day-Clean-Beauty-Award


🌎 Our earth-friendly brand takes steps to keep us all on the clean path. Every purchase you make really makes a difference! 

💛 We love what nature offers us. We love how nature can naturally revitalize and care for our skin and body. When enjoying Qēt, this all happens without any manufactured synthetics getting in the way. 

💪 We work hard to offer the range of treatments that we have that include the finest certified organic and sustainably wild-harvested ingredients. Each ingredient, vessel, and label is also important to us.

😊 We’re proud of our efforts to lessen our environmental footprint while offering you our top-quality treatments. 

🤓 And here’s a fun fact… did you know that the founder of Earth Day, Gaylord Nelson, is also from Wisconsin. True!  

~  ~  ~

So on this Earth Day, and during every day, let’s remember that every choice we make... and every purchase we make, no matter how small... has the power to make a positive impact on our planet. 

At Qēt, we’re proud to lead by example!

As a family owned boutique brand, these eco-conscious practices go hand in hand with our authentic and effective care products... and we absolutely love that.

👉 In case you missed our April 1st brandiversary blog, and a personal note from me, click here. 👈


Thank you for being here

Join us in our mission to protect and preserve our planet for the next generation… and the next... and the next...

The self care and wellness industry has an estimated value in 2024 of over $1.3 trillion.

Yes, that's trillion with a "t."

Let's keep making these healthy choices. Together we can make a difference in this industry, and on our earth...  one happy and joyful self care treatment at a time. 💗

~ Lisa


🌎 Yes... clean, 100% natural, and earth-friendly ingredients can work. My skin on the left in my early 40s... hormonal and cystic acne, rosacea, autoimmune and thyroid issues, and very sensitive, swollen and inflamed skin. On the right, now at 57, after using only Qēt Botanicals. Zero synthetics, no lasers, peels, injections, or fillers, zero artificial ingredients, and no invasive treatments. Just Qēt and clean ingredients + habits, inside and out.


Shop online for our fresh deliveries, follow along with us on socials, come see us in person if you're nearby, and share your thoughts by email or by phone.

Either way you choose, we're delighted to be on this clean path with you. 🌎





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