We’re Making a Splash this Summer!

Qēt Botanicals hydrating toning water

Why a toner? It has to do with pH, antioxidants, and purity. Sometimes our skin can react to our city or well water. Chlorine, heavy metals, even softened water can make upset skin more upset. Our 100% pure toners are distilled from fruit and flowers (that's it - no water added), are natural antioxidants, and are perfectly pH balanced. Used as a quick cleanse with a cotton-ball sweep, as a fresh mist over or under makeup, or to offer a cool splash of freshness on a hot summer day ~ they're perfect.  A mist added to your Day or Night Serum helps it apply evenly as well.

What the pH...?

What does the pH have to do with our skin?

Because we boy nothing premixed, and we hand select each and every single raw ingredient, botanical, clay, and plant oil, we can also control the pH of our products.

Simply put, the pH of something refers to the measurement of hydrogen in a liquid solution. For example, 7 is neutral, which is the normal pH of water. A lower number means the liquid is more acidic, the higher the number means that it is more alkaline.

What makes our skin happy and healthy? It sounds counterintuitive, but a slightly acidic surface on the skin helps to protect the outer layer, the acid mantle, of our skin. Our products are pH balanced to be at the healthy skin level of approximately 5.5. This also includes our natural deodorant. It's really apparent in the sensitive underarm are when the pH is off - itchy, irritated red bumps pop up out of now where.

When the pH balance is off on your facial products, skin can react with itching areas, acne, red spots, rashes, and even eczema. Youch.

Qēt Botanicals pH scale

What's my pH?

Here are eight quick questions, developed by Women's Health Magazine, to help you find your pH.

1. How does your skin feel after cleansing? a) Soft and smooth b) Tight and dry c) Still slightly oily or not thoroughly clean

2. How often do you moisturize your face? a) At least morning and evening b) Once a day c) Never

3. Has your skin become sensitive to products you regularly use, including makeup and moisturizers? a) No, it feels normal, like always. b) Once in a while c) Yes. It seems like it reacts to everything I put on it lately.

4. How often does your skin have dry, flaky, rough patches? a) Never b) Sometimes c) Usually

5. Do you notice that your skin looks duller and has more lines in the morning? a) No b) Yes, usually c) It's a very rare occurrence.

6. Is your skin excessively oily and prone to breakouts (whereas it wasn't in the past)? a) No b) Occasionally c) Yes

7. Does your skin often look red and feel irritated? a) No b) It stings only after applying products. c) Yes

8. Does your skin look plump, moist, and dewy? a) Almost always b) Rarely c) It's plump, but more greasy than dewy.

Here we go... if you answered mostly A ~ your skin's pH is great (and you may already be using Qet!)☺ Your skin has found its happy home and will be willing and able to help ward off premature aging. It takes effort, the right moisture (that's why all we do is pure serums!), and gentle exfoliants. Keep it up and you'll keep glowing.

If you're in the mostly B category ~ your skin's pH is too high and too alkaline. Too high of a pH means that your protective layer is being compromised which means the bad guys ~ UV rays, environmental pollutants, bacteria ~ have an easier way in to harm your skin. Take an easier approach, lighten up on the ingredients, and if you haven't already, start with one of our Getting Started Kits to get you going in the right direction to keep skin looking healthy and not older than it is.

Mostly C category ~ your pH is too low, too acidic, and your sensitive scale is tipping. Focus on using wholesome, plant based, antioxidant rich oils, (we can help you with this!) and don't overdo anything. We often mention that if you've properly cleansedbefore bed, and nourished with your night serum, then there's no need to cleanse in the morning. Many over cleanse and over strip their skin. Troubled skin may want to do a quick, light oil cleanse, but many times this step can be avoided when we wake. Splash your face in the morning, use your toning water to get your pH in check, and add your day serum and smile ~ you're on your way to a great day. 

You can pick up pH testing strips over the counter at your local pharmacy. The best way to get your internal reading is with your saliva. Follow the color-coded scale to find your number.

Speaking of Numbers

There are 24. Choose 1. Now, what will you do with it?

Choices. We all have them. If you're reading this, either you've chosen to stay on the natural wave of clean products to keep your skin healthy, (surf's up!) or you're looking for ways for a boost. You've heard us say it before, and we'll say it again... taking two minutes out of your morning and night for some self-care for your good-skin-ritual is rewarding, enjoyable, and it becomes absolutely blissful.

Now we're talking about 24. Twenty-four hours in our day. Choose 1 of them. What if in that 1 you could take just 30, or 45, or even 20 minutes out of it to do something that improves your skin, your awareness, and your mood? As a bonus, it exercises a very important muscle... the heart. 

There is a huge correlation between exercise and our state of mind ~ yes, it's proven and mentioned in this article from Harvard University that exercise reduces brain fog and can be as effective as taking a synthetic anti-depressant. The bonus? Regular exercise and moving has a direct affect on the condition of our skin... and it has a wonderful side affect... improvement!

Anything that increases circulation can help to improve skin. Get the blood pumping and those skin cells jump into high gear, get nourished, and they get moving helping to increase collagen and elasticity.

We've also talked about facial massage and how it benefits the complexion. It's a wonderful practice to do with the cleansing oil to boost circulation and improve collagen production. Here are three different at-home facial massages ~ pick your favorite and add this to your cleansing oil and day or night serum applications: 1) a face brightening massage; 2) a lifting and firming massage; or 3) a stress-busting massage. These are all at your very own fingertips. Good for you!

So many benefits to the body, mind, and skin from just moving - no matter how little.

Your June Special

It IS something to splash about! 

Acne-prone skin, combination skin, dry or over-sunned skin... we have a toning water for that!

In July, SAVE 10% on any of our three toning waters: Balancing Toning Water with Melissa, Cucumber & Rose Geranium, Hydrating Toning Water with Lavender & Rose, and Restoring Toning Water with Immortelle, Calendula & Lavender. Use this code QETSUMMERSPLASH for the savings while shopping in our e-boutique, or mention it in our Skin Studio. 

Our New Location

The permit process is started, we're getting ready to make some waves and improvements and 'Qet-ify' the new space, and we're bursting with excitement! 

Although we don't have a date on the calendar yet for our opening, you can bet your booty that we'll keep you updated. We'll share progress photos and specials along the way.

Qēt Botanicals retail store

Peeking out of the doors of the second location in San Clemente's Del Mar Shopping District.

Of Note

In this month when the US celebrates its Independence... 

we celebrate it as well.

Being independent is important, but we all need to rely on and help each other eventually. We're proud to be an indie beauty brand. We enjoy the attention we can give to our handmade products and to our customers. We also know that we need a team to get things done. 

Where am I going with this? You may know that I grew up in a small town in Wisconsin. I also spent 20 years in my 20-40s in California where I met my husband and where we started our family. Going back to Wisconsin allowed us to share what we felt and learned while being in CA - fresh is best, organic whenever possible, and keep it pure, simple, and of the highest quality. Period.

Coming back to California to open our new shop, after being gone for 8 years, has opened my eyes again. I love the ocean air, the buzz of the community, but there is something that cannot be overlooked and seems to grow with time ~ the amount of plastics and debris that are thrown, dropped, or overlooked. .

We're animal lovers; every day we walk our dogs. We've been walking them in our woods and on our own property in Wisconsin. Now we're enjoying our dog walking at the beach, in parks, and in public places. One very noticeable change at the beach? Beach glass used to be a thing to find on a regular basis ~ now beach plastic seems to be taking over. Ugh.

Qēt Botanicals hydrating cleansing oil with lavender

Some beach glass found over the years on nearby beaches, next to our cleanser... kind of ironic. 

Some of us pick up trash and recycle or toss it as we see it. Others don't even see it because we're just so used to walking over little pieces of trash that pop out here and there. Be a clean team player! Next time you see some trash, if it's possible take a moment to put it in its place. We're doing the same with our clean and green beauty! Paying attention to even the smallest things makes a difference as a whole. 

The ground we walk on. The body we live in.

Our earth is made up of 71% water. Our brain and heart are composed of 73% water, and our skin contains almost 65% water. See the correlation?

"Don't blow it... good planets are hard to find." Time Magazine

Qēt Botanicals Until next time ~ care for yourself, care for your planet. In turn, it will care for you.

xx Lisa