Madison Magazine Meets Qet Botanicals

Qēt Botanicals feature Madison MagazineQēt Botanicals feature Madison Magazine

Qēt Botanicals feature Madison MagazineThere we were, hand-blending ingredients together, mixing and filling vessels and labeling, gathering products to be shipped to our online customers, humming along to the music, and we were surprised and happy to welcome a new face and friend to our Skin Studio, Shayna Mace.

Shayna is a writer and regular contributor to Madison Magazine. She had heard about Qet Botanicals and right there, jimmy-on-the-spot, we sat down and discussed who we are, how we pronounce Qet and what it means, :), and what the botanical buzz is all about that we're getting. 

Here is the article in full, and we encourage you to pick it up or peek at it online. Madison Magazine is one of our premier magazines both online and in paper form. This edition is the summer issue noting some great road trips, good wine spots, and what we love about our lakes. 

Onward with the article...


"Fresh Face ~ A Quaint Skin and Body Care Shop Loves the Green Life

For a departure from a big-box or drugstore skin care shopping experience, step into Qet Botanicals located in the heart of downtown Cross Plains. The lovely, spotless shop (which smells fantastic) has a minimalist feel with dark wood floors and sleek white counters and shelving for an attractive, unintimidating shopping experience. Displays are stocked with owner and founder Lisa Brill's own formulations of all-natural organic face serums, cleansing oils, masks and exfoliants, as well as hair products and natural fragrances.

Brill, a Cross Plains resident, founded the brand in 2013 and opened the storefront in 2015 after perfecting 40 products to sell (they now have 50). Her company is so highly regarded in the natural skin care space that all of Qet's products are Environmental Working Group Verified - considered the gold standard for nontoxic and safe skin care products, household cleaners and more. Brill and her staff hand-craft each batch with pure botanical ingredients right in the Cross Plains shop - although she says that Qet (pronounced "keet") does more business online, shipping products worldwide.

Born out of a desire to clean up her own skin care routine, Brill has been ecstatic to help others with their skin problems, too. "I've had customers tell me they've never felt as radiant from the inside out as they do now," she says. It's all about people seeing results and feeling better about themselves, and being good to the environment. It's all good." 

Must Haves

Qēt Botanicals honey cream mask with active Manuka UMF16+

Magical Mask

Qet's Honey Cream Mask with Unique Active Manuka UMF 16+, a lovely pampering skin treatment, recently won a Beauty Shortlist Award, which honors natural beauty brands worldwide. $50.

Qēt Botanicals lavender flowers & vanilla bean body polish

Skin Saver

Smooth and soften skin with this divine-smelling body polish featuring lavender flowers and vanilla bean. $25.

Qēt Botanicals facial skin suite

Get Glowing

Lisa Brill encourages newbies to try the brand's Getting Started Facial Suite, which has five mini-size products to sample Qet's wares. $28."


And there you have it. The moral of this story? Be yourself, from the start of the day, to the day's end. Most importantly, do what you love and do it with passion.

You never know who's going to pop in to say hi.