Then and Now… from 5 to 50

There I was, a little whipper-snapper in my first store (thanks, Santa!). It came with a cardboard walls, a cash register, and a rotary phone. I was five years old, and I felt fabulous! 

Qēt Botanicals founder Lisa Brill from 5 to 50

Then there were the lemonade stands, cookies, and "crafts" (I thought they were beautiful!) - all for sale on our front lawn in a small town in Wisconsin. 

Then came a move to California, a husband and family, and a business that I owned for 11 years. It was merrily mingled with years of diving into natural and organic home and health remedies for the family and for me. It was here and during my 20s, 30s, and early 40s that I truly discovered the authentic healing qualities that come from what we gently borrow from nature. True ingredients just don't compare to the synthetics that try to copy what nature gives us.

Finally my sensitive skin and thyroid issues nudged me to develop and formulate our blooming, family owned business of Qet Botanicals. Every ingredient is derived from the earth, is kept in its most natural form, and is proven to help (never hinder!) our beautiful being and planet. 

I truly love this journey.

I love that my body doesn't tolerate synthetics or false ingredients.

I love that my skin and health directed me... and my heart and head listened.

I love that time, patience, and persistence helped us to share Qet with you. 

Qēt Botanicals founder Lisa Brill from 5 to 50

Now we're excited to continue sharing Qet from our Cross Plains, Wisconsin Skin Studio, and we're about to begin the start of our second Skin Studio in San Clemente, California. This just so happens to be where we raised our kids and where my first 'adult' business was. Yes, you could say that it's a full circle. 

We're also happy to add that our walls aren't cardboard, and our phones aren't rotary.

We couldn't be more grateful. 


~ It's not about the destination, it's about the journey.