We’re Celebrating!

Qēt Botanicals new lab and retail locationQēt Botanicals new lab and retail location

April Showers us with Cheer

 It's been two years since our launch, and our new lab and retail space will be opening on April 15th! We have so much to cheer about this month!

It was early in 2011 that the need surfaced and the formulating began. Two years later, our skin suites were complete, our trademark was in place, and we were ready to share Qēt Botanicals with you. This month we celebrate two years since we launched our freshly unique care treatments. We've received awards for our skincare and for our sustainable packaging. Now as we enter into our third year, we're getting ready to open the doors to our commercial space which includes our manufacturing lab and a retail area. We'll be open for all of our retail customers, as well as our retail partners; stop in to see and enjoy the freshness of Qēt! Our Qēt friends, both customers and partners, have helped to make this growth possible - and we can't help but stand up and cheer about it! 

Revive your Radiance ~ Let's get Toned

Toned skin, that is. 

Lighter layers and exposed arms and legs ~ be ready from top to bottom with fresh, healthy skin. There are techniques that tone and firm the skin that feel great and work wonders. Here are three techniques to tone-up the skin for springtime weather:

1. Dry Brushing. Gentle brushing on the skin's surface boosts your energy and stimulates the lymphatic system. Some swear by it before putting on that swimsuit or shorts. "The brush increases circulation and promotes healthy cell renewal. As a result, it can help break down fatty deposits," according to Tammy Fender, Palm Beach based spa expert. A gentle massage on the skin with a natural fiber brush working towards your heart helps wake up a sluggish lymphatic system, which removes cellular waste. Do this before the shower, and then follow with our Fresh Body Oil

2. Exfoliating. There is true beauty in exfoliating. New, fresh cells are revealed after the outer layer of dead cells has been gently removed. This helps the cells regenerate faster. "Exfoliation increases circulation and stimulates collagen (the skin's supporting protein fibers), which ultimately helps tighten and firm the skin," says Fender. This is a practice that has been done for over a half a century in Ayurvedics. Applying a natural polish to the skin improves circulation, supports detoxification, and purifies the skin. Our body polishes are crafted with care; gentle softening exfoliators can do wonders for your entire body. For your face, our herbal and mineral exfoliants offer natural healing and softening benefits to help you get the spring glow all year. 

3. Applying Omega-3s. Our bodies don't naturally produce these fatty acids, but they're essential for our health and healthy skin. Our omega-rich serums use oils that naturally contain these antioxidants ~ argan, cranberry seed, broccoli seed, olive seed, avocado, sea buckthorn, and the list goes on. Tammy Fender mentions "Omegas keep the structure of cells intact so that they can retain more moisture, and look plumper. As a result, skin has an improved tightness to it." That's how they work. We love using our cold pressed, organic, and wild crafted botanical oils left in their unaltered form to share their wealth of benefits with us. 

Celebrity Ingredient of the Month

It's YOU, of course!

Yes, you're the celebrity! You've supported us, you've shared your stories with us, you've shared your love of Qēt with us, and for all of these reasons and more, we thank you. Not finding the right natural, healing, and good-for-your-skin routine was why Qēt was started, and we're blossoming because we're not the only ones out there looking for effective and safe treatments. We, and you!, have found that our unique formulations have healed and nourished so many. We're proud that Qēt not only benefits the circle of friends with skin conditions, but every complexion can enjoy the rewards from the wealth of antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins, and nutrients our plant-based skincare provides.The synthetic and chemically altered products out there just can't compete with nature's nontoxic, powerful, and pure botanical oils that we've fallen in love with and use in our handcrafted formulas. 

From the bottom of our botanical hearts... thank you!

Our New Information Effective April 15, 2015:

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