We Are All About Botanical Oils

Qēt Botanicals oilsQēt Botanicals oils

We're all about oils, and we're in love with our facial oils! We're not talking about the excess oil that your skin can create when it's out of balance or even when it's too dry. We're talking about our cold-pressed and prized oils that we use in our cleansing oils, day and night serums, our body serums, and our hair serums. The benefits that we get from our botanical oils is not made, it's grown.

When you want that deeper, penetrating hydration that still feels light and doesn't smother the skin, you're in serum territory. And... it's all we do! We formulate clean, non-comedogenic, healing, hydrating, and sumptuously nurturing serums, and we formulate them for various skin conditions. Our entire line is free of waxes, lotions, creams, and we use only our high-performing and proven plant and seed oil enriched serums to deliver the results and get the job done. 

We don't like the phrase "skin type" as our skin is a living, large organ that changes. Rather, we address the current "skin condition" and focus on the healing and nourishment that it needs. We weren't born with oily or dry skin, but it's our condition that changes, and it's oils that can bring it all back into alignment. Whether it's skin producing too much oil, is suffering from breakouts, is sensitive, combination, dry, has rough patches, is uneven, lackluster, suffers from adult acne, or tired and just needs a little pick-me-up... we have an oil for that! With our friendly oils like argan, avocado, calendula, carrot, cranberry, helichrysum, lavender, rosehip, raspberry, sea buckthorn berry, and thyme, who can have skin enemies?

Naturally containing a bevy of beneficial vitamins such as A, C, E, D, oils are also rich in essential fatty acids and replenish the skin's cells to help them function, as well as make them less vulnerable to damage from free radicals. The result? Hydrated, healthy, and supple skin. Our sustainable and unaltered proven, skin-loving oils also help fight inflammation, the healthy skin's nemesis and huge culprit of aging. Our plant and seed oils, which are carefully blended in each of our serums, are anti-inflammatory powerhouses and help defend the skin against free radicals and premature aging. Take that, beautiful skin!

Skin loves oils, but it's all about offering our skin the right kinds of oils. Skin feels dewy when hydrated properly, not oily. It looks radiant and plump. Oils that don't clog pores and share their essential fatty acids allow skin to take in their benefits and take a break from producing an overflow of oil. Pores are kept clear and clean, and our serums penetrate deeply for long-lasting, proper hydration. This is exactly what the skin loves to keep it radiant and glowing.

Our morning and night rituals should feel like a pampering experience, both for our mind and for our skin. Treating ourselves with the goodness that nature provides for us, in the cleanest possible form, shouldn't be the exception to the rule, it should be the only rule.