The Lupus & Sjogren’s Support Group

Qēt Botanicals UW healthQēt Botanicals UW health

Qet Botanicals is proud to be invited to share knowledge and insight about the dangers lurking on the ingredient labels and in our daily routines. We'll be sharing our treatments with the local Lupus & Sjogren's Support Group at the UW Health facility on Junction Road in Madison.

Here are the details to that event:

What:  Samples, Testers, and Discovery of Qet Botanicals

Where: UW Health West Clinic, 451 Junction Road, #1288, Madison, WI

When: Tuesday, April 21st 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Who: Anyone wanting to experience our safe and effective facial, hair, and body care. 

We understand that finding a personal care routine can be private and intimate. We don't want to compromise anyone's privacy if there is any health or skin challenge at hand. We have many Qet friends with a variety of skin conditions, are cancer survivors, and have various overall changes in health. We avoid using any alcohol extracts and keep our ingredients limited to only what is necessary and proven to be effective. Many that cannot bear to even wash their faces, let alone hydrate and protect their skin, have found that Qet does not aggravate their extremely sensitive skin or health condition. 

We share things that are vague enough to keep everyone's privacy at hand, and by sharing who it is helpful to also helps those with any changes in health feel like they're not alone... because they're not.

We all want to feel our best. Looking our best is an added bonus that can come from using wholesome and nutrient-dense authentic ingredients.