A RawMaterials Wellness Event

Qēt Botanicals RawMaterials wellness eventQēt Botanicals RawMaterials wellness event

Qet Botanicals is proudly participating in this  BRAVA Magazine and RawMaterials Wellness exclusive event where fine art, natural beauty, and healing all happen in one creative space.

RawMaterials Wellness is hosting this evening where women in the community can come together, enjoy themselves, and benefit from the various avenues of well-being and health.

When: Wednesday, March 4th from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Where: RawMaterials Wellness & Learning Center, LLC / 408 E. Wilson Street / Madison, WI 53703 (Enter at 410)

Enjoy: Organic Wine and Local Chocolate Confections

Experience: A holistic approach to wellness through fine art and beauty with physical, emotional, and spiritual healing in this one creative space.

Meet: Health practitioners in mental health and art therapies, and learn how they weave their creative process into therapeutic healing.

Participate: Yoga and Pilates demonstrations will be given with certified instructors.

Sample Qet Botanicals: We're proud to offer our locally owned, sustainable, and plant-based skincare during this event.

Peruse: Visit the wellness gallery of fine art, showcasing organic influenced art by Twyla Gettert.  

BRAVA Reader Open House Special Promotion ~ Take 15% off any class registration or purchases on:

  • Qet Botanicals
  • Introduction to Yoga
  • Flow Yoga
  • Pilates Balances Yoga
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Art-Therapy Registration
  • Signed and number, limited edition, giclee prints by Twyla Gettert.

There will be a “Wellness Wish List” raffle with any purchase of a 10-class registration, session, or product purchase. Raffles include Qet Botanicals skincare travel kits, yoga and pilates 4-week class sessions, complimentary “Girls Group” art and therapy, and a signed and numbered, limited edition giclee print by Twyla Gettert.

RSVP by email to health@rawmaterialswellness.com. RSVP recommended, but not necessary.

It's the coming together of events like this in our community that make it a wonderful place to enjoy.