The Complexion Connection: 5 Skincare Tips to stay Clear & Cool

Happy, clear days ahead! 


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High summer temps all day and into the night can disrupt sleep and make some feel a big groggy (or even cranky!). Our skin can become more oily, congested, or sensitive when the temps rise.


What can we do? 


Here are a few little tips to keep our skin happy through the hottest months of the year. 

(1) Instead of playing catch-up after having fun in the sun, remember to protect and nourish before heading out. 
Our serums are not just 'oils.' Yes, they include oils, and we love each and every drop of oil that we blend together.


Our proprietary serums are different than just applying an oil; each drop is like a well-rounded food source for your skin. They're naturally filled with humectants, UV fighting antioxidants, multiple vitamins, and moisture. When you mix your well shaken 2-3 drops of your day or night serum with a mist or two of toner, you have a pairing of hydration AND moisture. You control what you need. There's no need to feel greasy, but dewy is divine. 


It's what's inside that counts, and what's inside is a curated mixture of beneficial skin nutrients... from the first ingredient down to the very last drop. 



(2) Cleanse and Exfoliate Regularly ~ Especially at Night 🌙


We hear all the time how our cleansing oils and exfoliants are loved once they're experienced ~ for dry, comfortable, and even oily or combination skin. A cleansing oil is thorough in removing makeup, sweat, and dirt. Remember to remove it with a wet washcloth or cotton pad. Additionally, just a 30 second exfoliation on a regular basis can make the biggest difference when it comes to the clarity, smoothness, and youthfulness of our complexion. 


Always cleanse at night, don't skip it, and we feel it's best to exfoliate at night after cleansing. Our night serums are richer and don't contain any of the UV fighting oils that our day serums do. Applying a mist of botanical toner mixed with the night serum gives our skin the chance to replenish, calm, restore, and take-in the extra nutrients and vitamins while we sleep... without being interrupted with screen or sun rays, pollution, and impurities.


Together our cleansers and exfoliants whisk away dead cells, nudge our natural collagen production, and our skin is allowed to flourish. Always follow exfoliating with your toner and night serum to protect it. Then you and your skin are ready for a great night's sleep. 


In the morning, it's a quick cleanse, a toning mist and a shaken serum drop or three... and we're good to go.




(3) A Clean Sleep


When my Rosacea and mr hormonal / cystic acne was active and making me frustrated, there was one extra thing that I did to help me sleep better, help me improve my skin, and even help my hair. 


That was to give myself a fresh pillowcase. We're laundry do-ers in our household every Sunday. In warmer months, or if you're experiencing night sweats, it can be helpful to switch your pillowcase a couple of times a week. 


Sweating more in the summer, night sweats or hot flashes... all of that can happen on our pillowcases. Bacteria can easily breed on the pillowcase, and then when we roll around on it all night. It doesn't make for a very happy complexion in the morning.


A clean pillowcase every seven days is always recommended. Having an extra one or two on hand during the hotter months, or when needed, is beneficial to keep the bacteria at bay and our skin clear. 


The slip of a silky pillowcase also allows for less tugging on the skin and on the hair. Bonus! 




(4) A Fresh Face can be a Healthy Face


Summer is a great time to lighten-up the makeup and enjoy a fresh face with minimal makeup. 


Our body sweats to combat the heat, and it's our pores that help our body stay cool.


Too much makeup, or the wrong kind of makeup, can clog pores, cause breakouts, and affect how our body wants to naturally cool. 


A lighter application than usual, a little cover up, or a little dab of highlighter here and there can give the complexion a lift without feeling, or being, too heavy on the pores in the heat.  




(5) Have dinner sooner than later. 


Waiting a couple of hours before heading to bed is beneficial for our gut health, which has a direct connection to our skin's health. 


It's suggested that we wait three hours (yes, 3!) after eating before going to bed. Avoiding alcohol and caffeine during that time keep the zzzzs rolling, too. 


We know, sometimes it can help to have a little snack before bed to cut the cravings. Here's an Article from the Cleveland Clinic on tips to keep the circadian rhythm rocking happily which, in turn, helps our skin stay healthy. 




There you have it... some simple and quick tips to keep cool and stay glowing, in a good way, during these hot days. 


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