Lifestyle Loves: Because you've asked... our Favorite Makeup, Sips, and Brands

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If you've followed us while you're on your clean journey,
then you already know that for us it's not just about our skincare, our hair treatments, or our lovely body products. 
We do love our Qēt, and we stand behind all of our products. We spend our time formulating, hand making, fulfilling and labeling our products, and then we can't wait to share them with you.
There are also other products out there that we reach for that we don't currently formulate. 



So... because you've asked... (many times, I might add!)... either in our Skin Studios or online, we're going to share a few products for you to think about discovering while on your clean journey. 
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Know that these are just personal recommendations. This is just as if the two of us are having a little chat about these products and what we like.


We aren't affiliated with any of these brands or products, and we don't receive any compensation by mentioning them. 


We just want to share a few products that you may be interested in... based on the questions that we get from you. 


~ Foundation Brands to Peek At ~  

RMS Beauty: The UnCoverup Concealer for lighter coverage, or the UnCoverup Cream Foundation for heavier coverage. Rose Marie Swift (RMS) is a clean makeup artist. She's not only conscientious about the tones and colors, but also the ingredients. I'm a fan of the UnCoverup Concealer and have been applying it as my main foundation for years without any skin upset. Just a dab on the tip of a brush and it blends in beautifully over our toners and day serums. You can also use our toners to set your makeup, or freshen up mid-day. 

Vapour: They have clean, easy, and fun blush sticks and multi-sticks. 

Erth Minerals: If you like a clean makeup or concealer in a powder form, their mineral powders are limited ingredients and contain no bismuth oxides. This ingredient is tucked into many mineral foundations, and it has a tendency to flare up and breakout sensitive skin, like mine. 

Makeup Tip: If you're a makeup wearer and are used to wearing a makeup primer, many primer-wearers have done the clean swap to our Purely Squalane Serum Boost. No silicones or alcohols ~ just clean skin love. 

Image: RMS Beauty


You may be wondering why we don't formulate clean makeup, since we're so serious about clean skincare and safe personal care treatments.  

Our lane right now is all about sharing safe and effective products that we use to care for ourselves and that sit on our skin and our body... day and night.  

To us, makeup is an option, and caring for our skin is not. We're happy to wear makeup. But, more importantly, we appreciate knowing that our skin can be healthy while looking and feeling great without adding makeup on top of it.



~ Here are a Couple of Clean Mascaras to Wink At ~ 

Thrive Causemetics


Image: Thrive Causemetics


We're speaking the tooth 😉 ~ so, what about a clean toothpaste?


We've seen and heard from customers who've developed dermatitis around their mouth, chin, or nose areas from toothpaste. I've been there as well. 

Because of my autoimmune issues, I've avoided fluoride for years, and my dentist knows this as well. 

Here are two toothpaste brands to check out that have a variety of options for sensitive teeth, whitening, and contain no fluoride. These have been recommended to me directly from my dental professional. 

Here are the links to check them out.

Dr. Brite



And how about dental floss? Many don't even think about reaching for a clean floss, but think again.

Cocofloss is a clean and a wonderfully different dental floss developed by a California Dentist wanting a cleaner option for herself and her patients. 



Image: Cocofloss



How about a superfood that's not in a capsule, with traceable, clean whole food nutrients in every scoop?


It's Your Super


Love that they offer huge variety of various micro and macronutrients from various fruits and veggies.


Our skin health and our gut health is very connected. Not only do they offer powders to support our energy levels, and even hair and skin, but also superfoods to support our gut and digestion. 


Check it out...

Your Super Detox

Your Super Digestive Health

Your Super Skin & Hair


I've sipped, cooked with, and have enjoyed just about all of their powders over the last few years.


After learning about my food sensitivities, thyroid swings, and skin and health upset, I've learned how important it is to get a variety of nutrients to support our overall health. In turn it can keep our organs, and our largest organ, functioning properly. 


So there you have it. A handful of clean and green brands for you to explore while on your clean journey. 


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At Qēt, you won't find anything being shuffled off of an automated assembly line or from far away. Nothing is fluffed with fillers, synthetics or artificial preservatives.


Like everything we make, all of our treatments are handcrafted in our private Skin Studios shortly before sharing with you. We use only clean, proven, organic and quality ingredients. Our skin and body knows the difference!


What you WILL find are unique and small batch treatments in safe and performing formulas. It's our mission, and it's also our passion.  


Thanks for being here. We hope these options are fun for you and they help you along on your clean journey, too. 💚

~ Lisa 


 We're proud of our accomplishments, ✨ we're committed to keeping ingredients fresh, safe, and effective, ✨ and we're honored to be a part of these affiliations and awards.