The Body Treatments: Q&A ... Let's get summer-ready skin!

It's the Body Sale ~

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warmer weather is here!


No more itchy, dry arms and legs.

Let's get going and glowing the healthy way.


Always vegan, small-batch-from-scratch, and oh-so-fresh and moisturizing. 



Q. "How can I get clean without drying out my arms and legs?"

A. Oil removes oil without over-stripping the skin. Just like with our cleansing oils for our face, we can treat the 20+ square feet of skin on our body with the same gentle care.

And just like how the right exfoliation can benefit the texture and allow our serums and plant actives to do their magic, our arms and legs can benefit from the same care.

So... how do we do this?  

Below are just a few of our favorite ways to cleanse, gently exfoliate, and moisturize in every sumptuous scoop:

Lavender Flower Vanilla Bean Body PolishMatcha Tea Body PolishEspresso Mint Body PolishRaw Cacao & Oat Body Polish

And of course... they're free of gluten, artificial fragrances, and anything synthetic. 


Q. How do your body polishes differ from other scrubs out there?"

A. They're not the typical oil and sugar scrubs that are so common.

They're drier than you might expect. Scooping out a small amount (we include a scoop for you) and applying it on your wet skin, it'll soften and melt. After you've rinsed it away, you'll love your soft and moisturized arms and legs. 

They all cleanse with organic oils and natural glycolic acids, and we include mineral rich skin benefitting salts and gluten free colloidal oats. There are no 'oat extracts' or 'oat liquids' in our treatments... we use the real deal. Once you've incorporated a little of this into your showering routine, you'll feel the softness and moisture after you've rinsed. 

A tiny amount on arms and legs will do the trick. 

Which one to choose? You choose what your senses tell you.. lavender, matcha green tea, espresso and mint, or raw cacao. All are pure, gentle, and moisturizing. 

Below: Matcha Green Tea Body Polish

Q. "What's the best lotion that you have for my arms and legs."

A. The truth is, we don't have one. 

That's because we don't even formulate any creams or lotions. We're all about using proven beneficial plant oils. They're cleaner, and so much less is needed to get the job done. We want our skin to drink in only what's 100% natural, clean, and good for it. Ingredients that artificially thicken, color, add fragrance, or synthetically change the natural texture of a product have no place in truly natural and clean products. 

Our bodies, and our skin, eat what we feed it. 

Just like with a healthy lifestyle, with more healthy choices we make, the better our bodies can perform.

Our skin is no different. It is by far the largest organ we have, and it has no problem showing us if it's cranky or not happy with us. Psoriasis, eczema, Rosacea, keratosis pilaris... not only do these require gentle and synthetic-free care, they often are a tell-tale sign that there is a problem with our gut health.  

Our insides and outside are so integrated ~ the communicate with each other constantly.  

Our skin is the only thing we'll wear for the rest of our lives. Let's keep it fresh, keep it real, and let's keep reading our ingredients and feeding our skin what it deserves.  

Below: Lite Garden Serum for BodyUltra Garden Serum for BodyBody Brush, not shown... our Fresh Body Oil (which also comes as a set and goes great with our body brush, too!)

Q. "How can I choose which body moisturizer is best for my skin?"

A. We have three different formulas with three different ways of caring.

Before we go on, it's important to know that just A PARTIAL PUMP is all that is needed to care for your body. A full pump is too much. Water breeds bacteria, we avoid harsh preservatives, and we do not use water in our treatments. A little goes a long way. Applying our body serums on damp skin or with wet hands help the application and locks in moisture.  

Our Ultra Garden Serum for Body is our most popular body moisturizer. It provides all day hydration without leaving skin greasy or smothered feeling. Especially if you've exfoliated your skin with a body polish or our body brush, the moisturizer will soak right in and your skin will feel great. It has a wonderful, light earthy aroma. 

Our Lite Garden Serum for Body provides the same great benefits and contains organic grape seed oil which has a toning effect on the skin. It includes sunflower, rosemary and carrot, and it tones and hydrates all in this carefully crafted serum for the body. Skin is soft and hydrated with no greasy feel. It has a 'greener' natural aroma from the grapes, and is also very moisturizing with different plant actives and elements. 

Our Fresh Body Oil for Showering, Shaving, Massage, and Body Brushing... this formula was developed by making a wonderful mistake. In the beginning when developing various facial serums, if they weren't exactly right I would bring them into the shower to shave my legs rather than waste them. Whaaaat? This is a wonderful way to treat the skin before and after shaving. It is less moisturizing and offers more glide and soothing after shaving. We also LOVE to oil brush the skin while in the shower with our body brush. Talk about a spa treatment right at home. Divine!  


“My skin is extremely sensitive, always has been. Contact dermatitis, eczema, dryness and flakiness, second degree sunburns, and some truly terrible, incessant acne that's left me with thousands of tiny scars over the past decade. It's been a lot of anxiety, stress, insecurity, and hassle over the years. I'm still learning to let some of it go. In the past two years, I've set my foot down when it comes to the quality of my diet, the products I use on my skin, hair, and clothes, adherence to my skincare routine, and the activities I use to fill my day. I'm not always as good as perhaps I should be, but the effort shows - I look better. More than that, I feel better, on several levels. Qēt has been a lifesaver in this. Never before have I found an entire line of products I wanted! Fresh and natural, powerfully effective, concentrated so that a little goes a long way, SO gentle, and did I mention how fantastic everything smells? Thank you so much for making these products available; they're worthy of all the love, care, and time that went into each"
- Grace

Below: Blooming Tea Bath


Simplistic Pleasures

The month of May is almost magical. Spring has finally arrived, and we're seeing all the gifts of nature as it shows us its new sprouts, leaves, blooms, and grasses.

It's also often a time to turn our attention to spring cleaning our surroundings and our routines. 

Weaving simple pleasures in our lives and routines helps our spirit and mood blossom. With fresh eyes and an appreciative heart, we can enjoy all of the simple pleasures popping up all around us.

With each new day, and in this new season, let's learn to savor the everyday simplicities. Then, what we find, is something wonderfully special in the ordinary.

Thank you for being here... go and enjoy the day!

~ Lisa 


Below: An ordinary blooming ranunculus in a flower field is anything but ordinary.


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