Ingredient Peek: Matcha. Why our skin loves it in our treatments.

Gotcha Matcha?
We do!
If you're already a fan of our treatments and Skin Suites, then you likely have your Matcha, too!
We're taking a quick peek at this one standout, celebrity ingredient that we use in many of our face and body treatments. It has HUGE benefits for skin! 💚 
And... we're including a yummy recipe below.


Let's go!

Below: Image and Matcha Tea from Rishi-Tea


Our Skin + Matcha

Matcha tea may just be one of the best superfoods out there. It's equally safe and wonderful for our skin and body. 

The organic Matcha tea that we use in our face, body and lip care comes from Japan. It's an organic leaf that's grown and harvested in the shade. The leaves are unaltered and are finely ground into a powder. 

When plants are grown in the shade, they naturally produce extra amounts of chlorophyl, which is that lovely 'green' color that offers so many natural vitamins and antioxidants that benefit our skin and body alike.  

Matcha is very high in antioxidants, and it's those antioxidants that help our skin fight off the free radicals that cause our skin to show signs of aging. 💪 It's also high in a handful of vitamins and minerals... like the skin loving Vitamin P. Vitamin P?? Yes, Vitamin P. We highlight the vitamins and benefits a little further down. 

Below: Lavish Serum Salve... it's the best of the best. It's a variety of our favorite ingredients that are included in our serums and are carefully blended with organic Matcha and organic shea butter. It's an award-winning salve, originally intended for the face and around the eyes, but it's so nice, our hands deserve nothing less! Add a tiny amount on hands, necks, chest, elbows, feet... anywhere. Yes, it's meant to be enjoyed and loved lavishly. 😘

 Qet-Botanicals-Lavish-Serum-Salve-Award-Winning-with-Matcha-TeaA Bonus Superfood in our Treatments ~  

Cacao is also an antioxidant rich superfood. We include a hearty amount of both Matcha and cacao in our Green Tea with Raw Cacao mask. It's favorite to mix with water as a weekly mask, or even with your cleansing oil as a daily boost. Fun! 

Below: Green Tea Mask with Raw Cacao ~ this mask is both richly decadent and skin smoothing. These two superpower antioxidants are blended to gently purify and detoxify the skin, leaving it silky and rejuvenated after rinsing.  Also shown our eco mask bowl and brush

Qet-Botanicals-Green-Tea-Mask-with-Raw-CacaoHands down, the Matcha wins. 😃

Other superfoods like pomegranates, blueberries, cranberries, kale, and spinach are also loaded with antioxidants, but they still don't compare to a high quality organic Matcha. 

Why? Not to get too science-y, but Matcha contains rare molecules found in the antioxidant called catechins. Within these catechins are polyphenols, another kind of antioxidant, as well as a super molecule called EGCg. You may have heard of EGCg if you're a tea drinker because the benefits are always touted. This EGCg benefits our skin topically, and when we drink it, it's been proven to promote a healthy heart and even brain function as well. 

 So it's true... not all heroes wear capes! 😉

Below: Matcha Greea Tea Body Polish. The answer to dull, itchy, dry, and sensitive skin. Just a tiny amount added to wet skin in the shower cleanses, softens, and exfoliates all at once. It goes on dry and melts into your skin while showering, leaving behind soft and moisturized skin without leaving anything feeling heavy or greasy behind. 


Let's look at five reasons why we love Matcha.

There are many more reasons, but these rise to the top of our love list: 

💚 1.  Matcha can reduce skin inflammation and redness. It's those catechins and polyphenols doing their job. Acne, rashes, dry and irritated skin, even Rosacea and psoriases have been shown to be calmed and soothed by adding Matcha to your skin care routine. 

💚 2.  The tannins found in Matcha can help calm an overactive oil production which, in turn, can promote our skin to remain calm and clear.  

💚 3.  With naturally high levels of antioxidants and that rich chlorophyll, skin has a better fight against photo-aging and UV damage from the sun and even our screens. 

💚 4.  It's like a mult-vitamin in each leaf! Here are the main vitamins found in Matcha:

  • VITAMIN A (Carotene): A natural antioxidant that helps skin to maintain healthy collagen levels. 
  • VITAMIN B1 (Thiamine): Calms red, acne-prone, and dry skin while softening fine lines.
  • VITAMIN B2 (Riboflavin): Assists the tone of our skin by balancing natural oils ~ helpful for both oily and dry skin. 
  • VITAMIN B3 (Niacin): Another antioxidant to help brighten and even-out the complexion while boosting collagen and elastin.
    VITAMIN C (Ascorbic acid): Helps to maintain healthy skin, can reduce hyperpigmentation, and assist in skin's natural ability to heal. 
  • VITAMIN E Benefits skin by promoting its natural healing, safely moisturizes, and helps to strengthen our microbiome.
  • VITAMIN F (Flourine): An inflammation fighter, it helps our microbiome to remain healthy, and can help with minor skin rashes and conditions. 
  • VITAMIN K Helps to boost blood circulation, which in turn may help reduce skin inflammation and dark under eye bags and puffiness. 
  • VITAMIN P (Flavonoids):  Bioflavonoids and flavonoids help protect our natural production of hyaluronic acid, which in turn keeps our skin soft and supple by keeping our collagen happy. 

💚 5.  Matcha can be a friend for all skin conditions. Oily, acne prone, sensitive, dry, dehydrated, Rosacea, rashes... an authentic and beneficial ingredient like Matcha offers something for various conditions. This powerhouse ingredient is a natural, healthy, and nourishing way to feed our body and our skin... and it's all connected! Matcha is gentle enough for young skin and robust enough for skin needing a little extra TLC to get it back to its healthiest state.  

💚  BONUS BENEFIT: Just like with all of our proprietary treatments, matcha, cacao, and our ingredients are made from food sources or plants. Our ingredients are sustainably grown and made from natural ingredients, not toxic or synthetic chemicals........

... and this is a best benefit of all. 😊



AT HOME RECIPE: A quick and delicious morning or afternoon smoothie... with Matcha!

At the beginning of every week, I throw some spinach, cucumber, fresh herbs, citrus, berries, nuts, plant proteins, and other goodies from the fridge into a Vitamix and mix it up. I add water, blend it, and pour into five glasses so every morning I have a fresh glass of greens to go.

I whipped this together recently and it's become another favorite of mine. It'll make two glasses. Feel free to add your own ideas and tastes to make it fun for you and your tastebuds. This is adapted from a recipe from Giada de Laurentiis.  

1 banana

1 c oat, nut, or milk of choice

2 c baby spinach

2 c ice

1/2 to 1 ripe avocado

1-2 dates to taste, for sweetness

dash of himalayan or sea salt

dash of vanilla powder or vanilla beans

1 T matcha

1 T cacao nibs 

Mix everything together, adding the avocado and cacao nibs last. If you're a coffee, mushroom mix, or other kind of tea drinker, you can substitute one tablespoon of your favorite and it'll still be a quick, fun, and great skin-loving smoothie. 

Cheers, Bottoms Up, and Happy Spring! 💚

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