“America, the ‘Beautiful.’” The Best 50 Indie, Clean Beauty Brands from Each State

Qēt Botanicals clean beauty brands from USAQēt Botanicals clean beauty brands in USA

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America, the 'beautiful.' 

As fans and followers of Well + Good for the recipes they list, the goals they set, the stories they share, and the wellness tips they give... imagine our surprise when we discovered we made their list of the "50 Indie Brands from Every Single State That you Need to Know Now" list. How could we be anything but completely thrilled?! And that's right... we're completely thrilled! 

We're a grass-roots, Wisconsin grown and sprouting plant based woman-owned and run independent brand, and we couldn't be more thrilled to be included with such beautiful and natural company from all across our glorious country. Thank you to Erika Stalder for the article and for including Qet. 

Article by Erika Stalder for Well + Good:

"Buying locally sourced ingredients is usually a task that’s confined to the kitchen, stockpiling fruits and veggies from the farmer’s market or scanning the aisles at Whole Foods for *just* the right raw honey from hives on nearby rooftops. But what about your beauty products? With countless brands harnessing the power of natural ingredients and clean synthetics—wouldn’t you like to know when these prettifying powerhouses are plucked from your own backyard, or at least made nearby?

Well, it’s starting to happen. Not only are botanically-driven beauty brands doing just that all across the country, but ever since the farm-to-face awakening, you can now find these products everywhere from Urban Outfitters and Target to cold-pressed juice shops. And of course, online. Goat’s milk soap from humanely raised animals on a family-run Mississippi farm?  Of course. Glacial mud masks from Alaska? Indeed!  Here are the best clean beauty products and companies that your state—and the other 49—have to offer. And know this: Every state has plenty to offer by way of indie beauty, so happy hunting down your new fave.

Below, the ultimate guide to the best clean beauty brands in the U.S."

Take a look at the Qet Botanicals highlight, and click on the link below to see who else is included in this indie clean brand line-up. 


Qēt Botanicals clean beauty brands in USA

Here is the link for the full list of beauties ~ https://www.wellandgood.com/good-looks/natural-beauty-brands-made-in-the-united-states/

Side note: Our Getting Started Facial Kits are $35, rather than $28 that is indicated in the article.