The Hottest Natural Trends and Anti-Aging Ingredients in Skincare

Qēt Botanicals anti-aging skincare ingredientsQēt Botanicals anti-aging skincare ingredients

We're sizzling over here! This month it's all about the hottest natural skincare trends in beauty for 2018. Also trending...  having eco-friendly products and packaging. For Qēt Botanicals, that's no trend... it's already our passion! Auto-immune disease, thyroid issues, infertility, sensitivities... these issues continue to rise, and there are more and more links to the unhealthy synthetics found in many everyday care products. Blech! We refuse to compromise our health for beauty, and we ALL need to be mindful about packaging and waste when it comes to what we love and use.

It's really important to know that not all "natural" is created equally. More on this below in our "New to Natural?" segment. Thankfully, as we continue on our clean journey while developing and sharing our true-to-nature treatments with you, we refuse to compromise for lesser quality ingredients or those that appear to be natural, but really aren't. No way ~ we won't compromise our health for beauty!

The hottest and must-have ingredients and trends for 2018 are resurfacing over and over again. We are happy to see that they're some of our favorites as well.
Here are three most sought after natural ingredients trending today:

Dry skin, acneic skin, inflamed skin, mature skin... rose offers a relief and benefit to these various complexions and concerns. High in antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins, the age-defying, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties help calm and treat skin. Beware of synthetic rose, such as 'rose fragrance' ~ it's inexpensive and it's everywhere. The benefit lies in only the naturally derived rose oil. Rosehip seed oil contains proteins, high levels of Vitamins A and C, and is like nature's form of Retinol and Retin-A without the side effects. Rosehip seed oil can help combat the signs of aging and may offer natural skin brightening and balancing benefits.

Here is a list of Qēt Botanicals' skincare products that contain rose and rosehip seed oil.

Our Restoring Cleansing Oil with RoseRestoring Clay Exfoliant with Tea & RoseRestoring Herbal Exfoliant with Tea & RoseRestoring Day SerumRestoring Night SerumHydrating Toning Water with Lavender & RoseHydra-Rose Eye Serum, and Rosewood Botanical Nectar.

This little root is highly antibacterial all on its own. We use turmeric in our skincare and blend it with other antioxidant and healing elements to help fight acne, rashes, Rosacea bumps, bug bites, and other minor skin upset as these surprises pop up. Curcumin is an ingredient in turmeric and offers the antibacterial punch. Turmeric can also treat UV damage on the skin, and the antioxidants may also help lessen scarring and clear the complexion. Ask us... we know! :) 

The Qēt Botanicals Spot Serum is our favorite friend to keep on hand for those surprise and reoccurring skin upsets. The turmeric in our Spot Serum can help to heal and reveal clear skin once again.

Because some skin can benefit from caffeine, various forms of caffeine can be found in more skin and body care than before. Caffeine restricts the size of the blood vessels which helps to eliminate redness on the surface. Some also feel that because it temporarily can remove any excess water in the skin, because it causes a slight dehydration, it may help to reduce the appearance of cellulite. It's a secret of models before hitting the runway... a little caffeine body polish rubbed on the backs of the thighs may smooth any unwanted cellulite.

Many brands use extracts of caffeine ~ because we use no extracts, we prefer to use the bean, the whole bean, and nothing but the bean. :) Additionally, because it can remove excess water in the skin, we choose to use it only on the body rather than on the face. Think about this... we see caffeine popping up in various eye treatments. Yes, it may reduce puffiness, but it's only because it removes the natural hydration in the skin. Our eye areas have very little oil glands, so removing excess water in that area or on the face can cause dehydrated skin. 

Qēt's Espresso Mint Body Polish contains true and beneficial amounts of caffeine from the sustainably harvested organic coffee beans we use. It softens, cleanses, and exfoliates all in one exhilarating application.

Qēt Botanicals hydra-rose eye serum

New to Natural? 

It's no secret that the need for natural ingredients and clean care products are on the rise. It's imperative to know that not all "natural" is created equally. As an example, below we share a bit about a new program that a very large beauty brand (yes, you've heard of them!) is implementing nationwide in their stores. It's raising some eyebrows in the natural world as some ingredients are sneaking in that are not as wholesome as they could be. We'll divulge below.

Too many of us have experienced sensitivities and health concerns to not take notice of harmful additives and take matters in our own hands. We can say that it thrills us to no end that the top trending ingredients are natural and have been in our Qēt Botanicals products since the day we started sharing our treatments with you.

Qēt Botanicals spot serum

Other Trends Making Waves in Natural Brands this Year 

These two points bring us back to not only the basics, but are good rules of thumb when it comes to taking caring of ourselves and making purchasing decisions.

A growing trend ~ treat your body like your face.
We spend time cleansing, pampering, exfoliating, and hydrating our faces... but what about all of that other skin?! The average person carries about 22 feet of skin around daily, and of course most of this is not just the skin on our faces. Everything we touch can enter the blood stream within about 28 seconds. When slathering on that lotion all over the arms and legs this summer, know that our skin is taking it all in and is reading every ingredient, even if our eyes are not. We take the same amount of care for our body products as we do our face products... and yes, our body notices. :)

A necessary trend ~ environmentally friendly products and packaging.
From the very get-go when Qēt Botanicals was ready to be shared with you, it was important that we not only limit our ingredients and keep them healthy, but also limit the amount of packaging. The beauty industry is notorious for shedding massive amounts of waste. It's the reason we developed the half-box to house our serums and masks; less paper, less ink, less waste. We also use tree free labels, offset our carbon footprint with cleaner printing methods, and use glass and recycled materials wherever and whenever possible. We earned a Sustainability Award from Graphic Designers USA for these efforts. Rejoice! We focus on maintaining our efforts to be a zero waste and sustainable natural skincare and plant-based company... right down to the very last drop.

Qēt Botanicals Expresso mint body polish

Is 'Clean Beauty' Really Clean?

There can be a bit of green-washing when it comes to labels and added seals of approval for safe and clean products.

One such new seal of approval when it comes to clean beauty is the new program that Sephora (we knew you'd know who they are!) has implemented. While it does eliminate mineral oils, formaldehydes, phthalates, retinyl palmitate, hydroquinone, triclosan, and oxybenzone and a handful more, it does not ban PEGs or polyethylene glycols. These ingredients are still included in their 'natural' category. Even synthetic fragrances with a percentage of less than 1% in a formula are allowed. 

According to Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep database, PEGs are a moderate health hazard. Synthetic fragrances are one of the top culprits when it comes to being a reactive allergan. Even less than 1% of a 'fragrance' could literally contain dozens of synthetics making it up in the first place. Not very healthy, and all for the purpose of a synthetic smell. That does stink! 

Silicones ~ Are they safe for us, our skin, and our hair?

Now let's chat about silicones, which also happens to be approved as being a 'clean' ingredient in this 'clean' seal program mentioned above. Are silicones safe for our skin.. and what about hair? You decide. One such popular silicone is dimethecone. It is another moderately hazardous chemical, as noted on, that is added in many, many skincare and cosmetic products out there. The removal of it may change the way a product feels, which may be unfavorable to those that like the 'slip' and 'smoothness' of a cosmetic or product. Unfortunately, it may 'feel' good, but it is not good for us.

Dimethecone is one of the many synthetic silicones that adds slip and smoothness to a product. It's a topical ingredient that doesn't add any benefit to the skin or hair that it's being used on; rather, it is adding another moderately harmful ingredient into the mix. It's a polymer, or a variation of a plastic, and is a really cheap ingredient. These silicones can trap debris, bacteria, and dead skin cells in the pores. They are found in more conventional skincare lines than not, and they're another ingredient that Qēt Botanicals avoids. Here is a nuts and bolts article via Beauty Editor on seven reasons why we should avoid silicones; they can interfere with cell renewal, cause skin breakouts and damage, and more.

For Qēt Botanicals and for other clean beauty advocates and brands, including these types of ingredients and labeling them approved as 'clean' doesn't sit well with us. We have taken steps to remove all harmful and hazardous ingredients in our brand. Why give the natural nod to those that really haven't cleaned up their entire skincare palate?

The bottom line is that you, me, us... we all demand transparency. Having national chains step up to the plate and recognize the difference between clean and conventional products means a lot for the industry. We're hoping that things continue to improve as many shelves are loaded with commercial products that are far from safe. It's a great step in the right direction!

If you want to gripe about something, tell us a thing or two about your clean journey, or just say, "Hey, I get it..." send us quick note. We're happy to hear from you and we love to learn from you through your experiences.

Qēt Botanicals anti-aging skincare ingredients

Your July Special

Let's slide into the sizzling coupon code details. More than what's trending... we're all about safe, real, and healthy ingredients that work even if the trends change. When elements that we already use in our products are trending... we feel like saying, 'What were they waiting for?!" We're happy to say that this month those healthy ingredients out there that are trending are already a part of our brand, and they're part of this month's special.

Roseturmeric, and caffeine in skincare products ~ these are the hottest trending natural beauty ingredients that we've highlighted this month. Our Qēt Botanicals treatments that include these hottest trending natural ingredients and are on special this month are:

The coupon code SUMMERSIZZLE will save you 10% on these natural products in July. Enter the code in the 'Promo Code' box at checkout. 

A Summertime R.E.S.E.T.

Summer is in full swing. We're slipping into the sun-drenched days, we might be taking a little time off here and there, and we're chasing the perfect summer weekend. Then the new week starts and it's time to hop back on the clock again. We don't want to get burned out, and if we can't get away, then it's really important to know how to take smart breaks to stay productive and happy every darn day.

We sneak-in time away or a vacation to rejuvenate, regenerate, and sometimes to just get our groove back. It's really, really important to do this every day, at work, at home, or wherever we spend our days. Doing this keeps our productivity in high gear without suffering from fatigue and burnout. It's all about taking smart breaks. We can take a quick break during the day and then get back into being even more productive than before.

If you haven't dialed into Marie Forleo yet, then take a peek and watch some of her fun and inspiring/helpful/enlightening videos. We're highlighting one of her latest ~ Five Science-Backed Ways to Beat Burnout by Taking Smart Breaks. It's all about the R.E.S.E.T. to stay productive and happy.

Marie breaks it down into an easy acronym to remember. Here we go:

review the day ahead and plan breaks in advance, even the night before, if possible.
E ~ make breaks easy to remember. Set timers. Science shows us that we're the most productive in 90 minutes snaps, and taking a 5-10 minute little adjustment in between these breaks keeps us moving at full speed ahead.
S ~ step away from the screens. It's not only good for the muscles in your eyes, but for our creativity.
E ~ exersate... a clever combination of exercise and hydrate! Moving the muscles and taking a quick walk gives us those happy hormones. We sometimes break into a little dance, or make a snow angel, or a sand angel, on the floor (depending on which Skin Studio we're in).  And hydrate! The lack of hydration increases brain fog and can make us dull and not funny even when we think we are. :)
T ~ then it's time to tune back in after the break. Regroup, sit up straight, stand tall, and get ready for your R.E.S.E.T. Easy? Helpful? Proven? Yes.


Qēt Botanicals anti-aging skincare ingredients

The Journey is the Teacher

Whether it's cleaning up the routine at home, being aware of the ingredients we're eating, or being mindful of what we're using on our bodies and where it came from, the destination is sweet, but it's the journey along that way that teaches us.

Any of us that have been through hardships or struggles with health know that it can be a blessing because of the lessons we learn along the way. My Rosacea, thyroid disease, adult acne, and sensitive skin... these are some of my best teachers! :)

Until next time, keep chasing happiness, remember to R.E.S.E.T. yourself, and know the difference between 'clean' products that those that really aren't. Like a shark lurking in the water, the scary ingredients can sneak up on you. Yes, this is an actual photo I snapped at our local beach! 

Enjoy summer!


~ Lisa

Qēt Botanicals summer beach