It’s an Important, Healthy Swap of 5 Common Products Found in the Bathroom Cabinet

Qēt Botanicals clean beauty swapsQēt Botanicals clean beauty swaps

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From That... to THIS!

It's never too late to clean up our daily routines... every drop matters! 

Our friends at EWG have tallied it up. In this survey of 2300 guys and gals, the average person uses 9 products on a daily basis, and 25% of those women use 15+. This means that there can be an average of 126 various ingredients introduced to the skin on a daily basis. 

Deodorants, moisturizers, cleansers, lip balms ~ it all adds up. Having just a few ingredients that are synthetic or harmful to us can add up quickly in no time at all. Even if we're very basic and simple when it comes to taking care of our health and skin, using a product that has questionable ingredients can wreak havoc over time. 

This month we're diving into the bathroom cabinet to peek at the common products that many of us use. We're going to highlight some of the most popular items found in the bathroom and give highlights about the importance of cleaning up our routine.

Ready? Let's go. 

Qēt Botanicals clean beauty swaps

Harmful to Us ~ Harmful to Them

If an ingredient isn't healthy to us, its unwanted side effects can eventually harm our environment ~ the plants, animals, and everything that surrounds us. 

Numerous studies have shown that the hormones of wildlife are altered by chemicals from personal care products that rinse down drains and into rivers. Seventy-one percent (71%!) of our earth is covered in water; much of our 'waste' finds its way to our oceans. 

Our coral beds around the globe are affected by runoff and chemicals that drain to the oceans. This recent NBC article states that even opioids have now been found in mussels in the ocean near Seattle because of the growing drug epidemic. "We found antibiotics, we found antidepressants, chemotherapy drugs, heart medications and also oxycodone." Horrible! 

Before we pick up that lotion, style our hair, or wash our faces, keep these clean treatments in mind. You'll find all of the Qēt Botanicals treatments earning the safest ranking in the EWG Skin Deep database, and we're also proud to be a part of the stringent EWG Verification program, which raises the 'clean beauty' bar to new heights for truly clean brands to comply to. There is more information on these EWG programs here. 

Image and magical moment of this humpback whale breaching captured by my husband at sunrise on the water near Maui. Obviously the whales are larger than the mussels being affected by opioids, but wouldn't it be devastating if even our largest mammals, animals, and wildlife become affected? 

Qēt Botanicals clean beauty swaps

5 Important Healthy Swaps on Common Products Found in the Bathroom Cabinet

Busy summer days and nights... summer is a fun time but it's no time to forget about a little self-care. All it takes is a regular routine of just a couple of minutes to happily bookend each day.

Many products contain ingredients that can be harmful or damaging to our bodies and our surroundings. Clean, healthy ingredients can boost our skin and our mood.

Here we've listed five products that can be found in the medicine cabinet, and five healthy ways to keep our routines clean and fit.

Healthy Swap No. 1 ~ Facial Cleanser

Over-cleansing is a real thing out there, and the face often suffers because of it. Foaming ingredients, false fragrances, and detergents can over-strip the skin. Breakouts can occur (yes, from over-cleansing), skin can become dry and parched, and the acid mantle of the skin, which keeps it happily balanced and protected, can be compromised. 

We've received 11 various shout-outs and awards for our products, and it was a cleansing oil that earned us our first national award (thanks, Healing Lifestyles!). Now cleansing oils as a whole are becoming very popular and we're delighted to see it... it's the only way we've cleansed our skin for years. As usual, read the labels to ensure that what you're using is clean and natural ~ as even many natural formulas out there are not always as 'clean' as they claim to be. 

Swap to This ~ Hydrating Cleansing Oil with Lavender ~ Our oil-based cleanser gently and thoroughly removes impurities, sweat, sunscreen, makeup, and cleans the pores without over-stripping the skin. We also have other oil cleansers formulated for oily skin and dry/dehydrated skin. Peek at them here. We're highlighting this cleanser as it's the most popular place to start for skin that is combination to normal.

Qēt Botanicals clean beauty swapsQēt Botanicals clean beauty swaps


Healthy Swap No. 2 ~ Facial Moisturizer

Lotions and creams are still very popular, but it's the serum that is making its way to the center stage.

Many of us are just too sensitive to the formulas containing waxes and thickeners, which are in abundance in many typical facial moisturizers out there. Lotions and creams already have an oil, or a synthetic form of it, to moisturize the complexion. We often hear... "I can't use oil on my face." Well, if you've ever used a cream or lotion, then you've been introduced to the oil that may be hidden in a wax or emulsifier. If it's oil-free, then it may be a silicone that is thrown into the mix. See our notes below on silicones and why we avoid them.

Rather than hide our oils in thickeners, we prefer to use just a small amount of a well-shaken serum which contains various elements of plant oils. It's pure, it's proven, and our curated formulas are loved for different skin conditions. Unlike many other serums, we use zero extracts (which can be harsh on sensitive skin), and of course we use no silicones. Let's not get started on silicones again. We highlighted them last month ~ look here if you missed it. It's titled "Silicones ~ Are they safe for us, our skin, and our hair?"

Swap to This ~ Hydrating Day Serum ~ Just a few drops of our plant-based serums feed skin with antioxidants and nutrients to help fight the elements and pamper skin while on the go. We have blends for various skin conditions and night serums for pampering as well. Because our serums offer moisturizing benefits to skin conditions, it's necessary to add the hydrating benefits when using serums. Hydrating and moisturizing are two different types of skin benefits. The skin needs both, and the skin knows the difference. Just a mist of your appropriate botanical toning water blended with 2-3 drops of your well-shaken day serum, and voilà - you're ready to face the day with confidence and a smile.


Qēt Botanicals clean beauty swaps

Healthy Swap No. 3 ~ Body Lotion

Summer skin gets dry, winter skin gets dry ~ let's face it, our skin can get dry! Just like our fussy faces, we formulate body serums to hydrate and moisturize for all day hydration. 

We have a lot of skin to cover, (22 feet on average!) and the smallest amount of body serum quenches a multitude of dryness. Body serums love to be applied to damp skin, so rather than use your facial botanical water, after showering, a small amount of body serum spread on damp skin does wonders. Before sun, after sun, it doesn't matter when ~ the skin is fed with pure and loving botanical oils.

Swap to This ~ Ultra Garden Serum for Body ~ Spending time in the garden or at the beach, this nutrient-dense body serum soothes and quenches dry and thirsty skin. Great after too much sun, loved by guys and gals alike! We're highlighting this one as it has earned an award for best body serum. Delight!

Qēt Botanicals clean beauty swaps

Healthy Swap No. 4 ~ Deodorant

Oh my, it's deodorant time. The rock, salt, spray, roll-ons, bars, waxes ~ you name it, I've tried it, and I've smelled and itched through much of it. The Qēt Botanicals natural, aluminum-free, healthy, and safe deodorant may have been the most difficult little product for us to formulate as underarms can be sensitive, reactive, itchy and red with the wrong formula. 

In comes our little dry deodorant putty. I loved the putty as soon as I put it together, and initially melted it in many different waxes to pour into an applicator. And... it didn't work as well. So back to the drawing board, many more fails, and then it was decided that the putty was going to remain. And remain it has! 

Under running bras, in between toes, where there is chafing, and of course the armpits... it likes to go anywhere. Keeping it under 85 degrees and out of direct sunlight is a good idea. The shea butter likes to liquefy over 85 and when coming back to room temperature, it forms little grains from the healthy fats and lipids in it. No worries, though! It's still ok. You'll just have to melt those little beads in your fingertips or on your skin. If you've found it to be melted, give a quick stir with the back of a spoon or something similar, and then pop it in the refrigerator for a quick set. This will stop the little lipids from forming little beads in your formula and it will be smooth once again. They're perfectly natural and are ok, so if this happens, no, your deodorant isn't ruined. :)

Another hint, if you've ever had that itching, red, bumpy skin in the underarm area, a little bit of organic apple cider vinegar mixed with water (50/50 blend), misted onto a cotton ball and dabbed onto the area will adjust the pH and start to eliminate the uncomfortable feeling. This mist will also help to reduce pain and redness from too much sun. No, you won't smell like a pickle.

Swap to This ~ Freshened Vanilla Dry Deodorant Putty ~ A blend of bacteria-fighting botanical elements and oils ~ no aluminum, no synthetics, no stink, no problem. We like to add a small amount after getting dressed - just a dab on the finger and melted onto the skin wherever you see fit. It disappears and causes no harm. 

Qēt Botanicals clean beauty swaps

Healthy Swap No. 5 ~ Hair Product

It's true, our hair is dead. But it shouldn't look and feel like it is! Vitamins, nourishment, conditioning agents, protein ~ the hair naturally benefits from all of these things, regularly or just when we think we need it. 

Our pomade is a popular treatment for men and women alike, for various reasons. It acts like a leave-in conditioner, helps to control frizz, flyaways, and feeds the follicle with healthy ingredients. No silicones here, please! Here we go again with silicones, just like we mentioned in the moisturizer blurb previously. Read a bit more about the unhealthy benefits of silicones here in our previous email, titled "Silicones ~ Are they safe for us, our skin, and our hair?"

As mentioned in the paragraph above about the shea butter, keeping your pomade in moderate temperature (below 80-85 degrees) will prevent it from melting. If you've found it to be a little runny, give it a stir if you can, and then put it in the refrigerator for a quick set. Then you'll be good to go once again. No need to refrigerate it on a regular basis. However, in warm shipping weather, sometimes by the time it gets to your doorstep, it may be a little soft. No problem! 

Swap to This ~ Nutri-Pomade & Mask ~ A pomade for hair, beards, mustaches, and scalps ~ yes, the scalp is skin, too. Adding vitamins, protein and nutrition helps the follicles and scalp stay happy and youthful. No silicones, no artificial fragrances, no alcohols, stiffening agents, or harmful preservatives.

Qēt Botanicals clean beauty swaps

It's a Bonus Healthy Swap No. 6 ~ Lip Balm

Yes, this is a sixth healthy product swap, but we wanted to include it. Lip balms are not only found in the medicine cabinet, but also in our gym bags, purses, backpacks, and front pocket ~ and for me, even occasionally in the washing machine. 

We women who wear lip products will consume about 7-8 pounds of it in our lifetime. What?! So, no heavy metals, no synthetic tastes or smells, and no sparkly parts from beetle wings (carmine ~ it's very popular in many lip and cheek products). Just pure plant-based ingredients meant to nourish and pamper our lips to keep them kissable. 

Our lip balm is also happy on cuticles and even on eyebrows. We've also been told that minor skin rashes that can happen around the knuckles and joints on the fingers benefit from it. We wash our hands often, and it's handy to keep nearby to add a swipe to any skin upset on the hands.

Swap to This ~ Lip Balm with Green Tea & Vitamins ~ It is a green little lip balm because we add organic match tea because of the benefits of the antioxidants on the lip area. Zero wax from bees or insects, and completely plant based, it's loaded with organic actives and vitamins for moisturizing without a waxy or heavy feel. Nothing sticky, nothing artificial, and nothing to fret over. 

Qēt Botanicals clean beauty swaps

We made their List! 

"America, the 'beautiful.'"

As fans and followers of Well + Good for the recipes they list, the goals they set, the stories they share, and the wellness tips they give... imagine our surprise when we discovered we made their list of the "50 Indie Brands from Every Single State That you Need to Know Now." How could we be anything but completely thrilled?! And that's right... we're completely thrilled!

We're a grass-roots, Wisconsin grown and sprouting plant based woman-owned and run independent brand, and we couldn't be happier or more honored to be included with such beautiful and natural company from all across our glorious country. Thank you to Erika Stalder for the article and for including Qēt.

Article by Erika Stalder for Well + Good:

"Buying locally sourced ingredients is usually a task that's confined to the kitchen, stockpiling fruits and veggies from the farmer's market or scanning the aisles at Whole Foods for *just* the right raw honey from hives on nearby rooftops. But what about your beauty products? With countless brands harnessing the power of natural ingredients and clean synthetics-wouldn't you like to know when these prettifying powerhouses are plucked from your own backyard, or at least made nearby?

Well, it's starting to happen. Not only are botanically-driven beauty brands doing just that all across the country, but ever since the farm-to-face awakening, you can now find these products everywhere from Urban Outfitters and Target to cold-pressed juice shops. And of course, online. Goat's milk soap from humanely raised animals on a family-run Mississippi farm?  Of course. Glacial mud masks from Alaska? Indeed!  Here are the best clean beauty products and companies that your state-and the other 49-have to offer. And know this: Every state has plenty to offer by way of indie beauty, so happy hunting down your new fave.

Below, the ultimate guide to the best clean beauty brands in the U.S."

Take a look at the Qēt Botanicals highlight, and click on the link to see who else is included in this indie clean brand line-up.

Qēt Botanicals clean beauty swaps

Your August Special

It's a healthy swap, from that... to THIS! 

This month, let's do the swap and SAVE 10% on these common care products:

  1. Hydrating Cleansing Oil with Lavender
  2. Hydrating Day Serum
  3. Ultra Garden Serum for Body
  4. Nutri-Pomade & Mask for Hair
  5. Freshened Vanilla Dry Putty Deodorant
  6. BonusLip Balm with Green Tea & Vitamins

Our treatments fit into the EWG Verified® program and have been whole-heartedly Verified.  Safe for you. Safe for our environment. Lovely to indulge in. Use this coupon code at checkout to save:  QETHEALTHYSWAP

Qēt Botanicals clean beauty swaps

It's Never Too Late 

"I am 80 years old and I WISH I would have known about this years ago! I LOVE it! My large pores and white bumps are gone! ~ Deborah" New friend of our Restoring Skin Suite and the Qēt Botanicals brand.

Deborah is a Qēt customer who was referred to us and shops in our Wisconsin Skin Studio. She's spunky and looks like she's 60 rather than 80!

It's never too late to make the swap. From some of our youngest friends and customers that can't even see over the counter, to those full of wisdom and whit in their years, every drop matters, no matter what your age number is. 

Name it, don't claim it! And don't be afraid to name it, either. 18... 32... 41... 56... 64... or 80 ~ I didn't even launch this brand until I was 46. Now at 51, I'm learning that age is irrelevant. Someone once said we're as young as our spine is flexible. 

I'm not a flexible person, and I can barely touch my toes, (seriously! ... because of a car accident years ago) but I do practice yoga almost every day. Practice doesn't make perfect, but for me it makes it possible. The strength, techniques, and tools that it gives... application in our everyday lives... on land and in the water, usable and valuable. Exercise, stretch, eat right, and know the ingredients of what goes on the fork and on the face. Every drop matters ~ to us, and our environment.   

Our daughter snapped the below pics of me while we were recently stand up paddle boarding. It was a 'Hurry up, quick take the photo, here comes another wave!" moment in the first image in my crow pose. Good thing I had the life vest under my nose... just in case! :)

Cheers to good health, and onward we go. 


~ Lisa

Qēt Botanicals clean beauty swapsQēt Botanicals clean beauty swaps