The Benefits of Rose for our Skin and Wellbeing

We're sharing the love and learning to love our skin again. Especially in February, millions of roses are shared this month between loved ones and friends. 

We're jumping on the rose bandwagon (or flower cart!) and we're sharing a special on all of our skincare that we pour our authentic Bulgarian rose oil into... as well as some extra bonus specials this month. 

Celebrity Spotlight: The Rose

Let's celebrate the rose, and let's love our skin while doing it. 

🌹  🌹  🌹 

Qet-Botanicals-Restoring-Night-SerumRestoring Night Serum

The rose isn't just another pretty face. 

What makes roses so special?

The secret is using rose oils and their petals that aren't altered with artificial fragrances or additives. We only use authentic rose oil from Bulgarian roses, and we don't keep secrets when it comes to our ingredients either. 

It's also no secret that we go to great lengths to get the best ingredients available to formulate our proprietary treatments. 

When something artificial is added to rose oil, some of their real benefits are reduced because the additives are getting in the way of the rose's performance. This goes for any ingredient. 

Rose petals share a very delicate oil; it takes almost 45 pounds of petals to produce just 0.3 ounces, or about 10 ml, of rose oil. It's a very premium and expensive oil, and this is why many formulas use a lesser quality or a synthetic oil. Even our rosehip seed oil comes from the fruit of the rose and is a premium quality like our rose oil.  

Within each drop, we're getting multiple constituents containing natural Vitamins A, B, C, E, and K, and lycopene. These antioxidants and vitamins can help to strengthen our skin, and protect it from both UV, blue light, and other nasties that rob our skin of its youthful health and glow. 

Here is a handful of proven benefits of the rose nutrients and actives on our skin:  

🌹 ~ helps to clear acne and acne-prone skin,

🌹 ~ strengthens and hydrates delicate skin,

🌹 ~ benefits the tone and texture of uneven skin,

🌹 ~ protects against blue light and UV rays,

🌹 ~ brightens and age-defies skin, and

🌹 ~ minimizes fine lines. 

So what do we see here? We see that rose oil blended in just the right amount with other plant actives and ingredients can not only can help with calming and clearing of acne and sensitive skin, but it can also help feed and nourish dry and dehydrated skin.

We love this! ... it's such a wide range of skin conditions. It's why we work with fewer ingredients that are premium and proven. Fewer ingredients means you can see clearly exactly what you're getting. It also allows each celebrity ingredient on the label to stand up and perform to the best of its ability. 

Good job, roses! 👏 👏 👏

Qet-Botanicals-Rose-Infused-Vegan-Care-for-SkinPurely Rosehip Serum Boost | Restoring Day Serum

"I think, as we all do, I was experimenting with other products through the summer/fall and when winter hit I knew where I needed to be with my skin care. Back to using Qēt. It seemed I just couldn't get enough moisture on my skin or my hands. Started using the Restoring Day Serum and my skin feels nourished & healthy." ~ Mary


Fact: During the last 12-18 months, we've had many customers tell us how much they love and feel that they needed our treatments. They've said not only because of their effectiveness, but we hear over and over again how much they enjoy the natural aromas from our treatments and how their skin looks after enjoying our products.

Our treatments with rose oil, in particular, have been more popular than usual lately.

❓ Maybe it's because of these positive mind and body side effects that come from using our quality and authentic ingredients? Often our body picks up on these benefits before we even realize they're helping us. 

Whichever it is, we're glad that we have access to these incredible and natural ingredients sourced directly from the earth, not made in a lab. It really does make all the difference in our skin. 

Qet-Botanicals-Restoring-Herbal-Exfoliant-Gentle-Natural-Safe Restoring Herbal Exfoliant with Tea & Roses

Skin Benefits + Benefits for our Wellbeing

The benefits of rose oil go beyond being helpful for our skin. 

Here are a few health concerns where rose essential oil has come into play as being a helpful botanical friend:




menstrual cramps

menopausal symptoms

headache and migraine relief

high blood pressure and rapid heart rates


👉 It's important to know that as with all essential oils, precaution must be taken and they shouldn't be ingested or used undiluted. We mix our essential oils in specific and accurate percentages with various complimentary and clean carrier oils. Our treatments are also formulated to be safe for pregnant and nursing moms. 

Our mind and body receives lovely messages from roses. The messages they send affect our senses... our sense of smell, and even our thought processes. These special little flowers may help to lower stress levels, reduce stress, stimulate circulation, benefit our immunity function, and even boost our mood. 💫

"At 46 yrs old, eye moisturizer is a necessity! Add on the year round sun in Hawaii and surfing, my skin is in deep need of TLC and extra moisturizing. I have very sensitive skin that will over react to anything. Qēt's eye serum is the perfect product for me. I have left and tried other products but I always return to Qēt." ~ Tammy

 Restoring Cleansing Oil | Restoring Night Serum | Purely Rosehip Serum Boost | Hydra-Rose Eye Serum

A Warning about Vitamins

Too much of a good thing can be too much. What do we mean by this?

Too much Vitamin A or C can be too harsh on our skin. In the example of synthetic Vitamin A or C serums that are so popular on the shelves out there, the side affects of too much of a synthetic vitamin serum can actually be harmful to our skin. That synthetic antioxidant can actually become a pro-oxidant, which means it can allow oxidation on the skin to happen, which is something we don't want. This, unfortunately, can increase cell damage causing skin sensitivity, peeling, and even cause bumps and tumors. We've seen so much of this, and we've heard customers having this problem in the past. 

Inflamed skin doesn't function properly, and in our treatments we avoid all synthetic forms of vitamins. Rose oil can aid in reducing inflammation. Redness on skin can be lessened, acne and skin mishaps can become calmed, and lines look diminished. Our complexions can show their glowy and healthy selves again.

There is such a natural high antioxidant count in pure rose oil that it assists our skin to escort out any toxins that might otherwise slow down our skin's natural healing process. The natural replenishment and regeneration of our skin is happily nudged to be more efficiently... naturally! 

Qet-Botanicals-Blooming-Tea-Bath-an-Afternoon-in-ParisBlooming Tea Bath ~ An Afternoon in Paris

Authentic and pure rose is proven to be a powerful skin and mind-benefitting botanical. Infused treatments with rose address a wide-array of skin conditions and can add to our happiness and a positive emotional wellbeing. Their antioxidants and vitamins can help to clear skin, strengthen skin and hydrate, and protect against blue light, UV rays, and they even offer age-defying help. 

When using any essential oils, remember that they are essential to us as our own bodies don't produce them, but they are to be used in safe and moderate amounts. We always take this into consideration and practice safe methods in our formulations.  

"I saw your products on the EWG website then ordered the Restoring Getting Started Facial Kit. I am amazed at the difference the oil cleanser makes over the hydrating cleansers I have always used. I only need a couple drops of the [day or night] serum and my skin feels wonderful. I am ordering the Balancing Getting Started Facial Kit for my daughter who struggles with acne. Thank you!"  ~ Joanne


"At Qēt Botanicals, our perspective has always been an authentic, organic, and wholesome approach. It's caring for our skin and body with real ingredients that cause no harm to us, our hormones, or our environment.

It's skin care.

It's body care. 

It's wellness care.

It's peace of mind care." 

Lisa Brill, Founder | Wife | Mom | Rosacea, Thyroid and Auto Immune Warrior | Sensitive Skin Gal | Fellow Clean Beauty Advocate  

Qet-Botanicals-Rosewood-Botanical-Nectar-Natural-Perfume-and-Aromatherapy Rosewood Botanical Nectar

It's Time to Wake Up and Smell the Roses

There's no better time than the present. 

... a little self-love, a little me-time, a little moment to care for our well being.

In those moments of self care, enjoy it, and take in the benefit of each ingredient. The next time to you see a rose in the garden or in a vase, think about what it gives us. It's important for us to realize that there are many safe and natural solutions for many health problems, skin or otherwise.

It's time to grasp these natural remedies and ingredients, learn about them, and understand them as a wholesome and holistic alternative to many synthetic pharmaceutical products. That's not to say we will never reach for a prescription again, but it IS to say that there may be a natural alternative without any harmful side effects or warnings on the label. 

So as they say, it is time to wake up and smell the roses. It's time to let the synthetics go and let nature in. 

With hugs and roses,  

xx 🌹🌹🌹xx

~ Lisa 



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