We're Fragrance-Busting with EWG / Hidden and Harmful Toxic Ingredients in 'Fragrances'

We're Fragrance-Busting with EWG!
The "Clean Beauty" business is growing by leaps and bounds, and this Valentine's Day, there will be a LOT of roses, chocolate, and love notes shared. 
There will also be gifts of fragrances and perfumes cheerfully given. 
We've been advocates of EWG's stand on clean ingredients in our care products. We've been following them since the early days in 2004. When their EWG Verified program was launched, we were honored to meet their strict requirements and became one of the early brands to be included in this program.
EWG has just shared a really informative email on fragrances and their not-so-pretty effects they can have on us. 
We're proud to say that out of the many, MANY 'natural' perfumes and fragrances out there, they included Qēt Botanicals on their very short list as a true, clean find.
With this month's celebrity ingredient being the rose, we had to share so you know just what you're getting, and what you're not, when you discover and experience our treatments. 
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Here are some of the highlights of the EWG article. 
The term "Fragrance" is included on so many product labels, and it can filled with a secret mix of thousands (yes, thousands) of toxic chemicals. 
The first fragrances date back to the Egyptian era when scents were made from crushed plants and oils. Today it's an expensive avenue to take, but it's one that we'd rather take than roll or spray on a mix of numerous hidden chemicals in the single word "fragrance." 

Below, our Botanical Nectar Scent Suite Sample Set. $20 for a sampling of our three Botanical Nectar Natural Perfumes: Lavender Botanical NectarJasmine Botanical Nectar, and Rosewood Botanical Nectar
Here's a link to the full EWG article which includes links and more details on this stinky subject of artificial fragrances.
EWG: Valentine's Day Gift Giving Fragrance, Without Toxic Chemicals
If you're new to our aromas, feel free to try the sample scent suite set, or any of our kits for facebody, and hair.
If you missed our February blog about the special, you can find it here:
And yes, we work with only real rose oil, not a synthetic 'fragrance.' 
"At Qēt Botanicals, our perspective has always been an authentic, organic, and wholesome approach. It's caring for our skin and body with real ingredients that cause no harm to us, our hormones, or our environment.
It's skin care.
It's body care. 
It's wellness care.
It's peace of mind care." 
Lisa Brill, Founder | Wife | Mom | Rosacea, Thyroid and Auto Immune Warrior | Sensitive Skin Gal | Fellow Clean Beauty Advocate 
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