Taking Action, and Taking Part with Agreeable (& Co.)

Qēt Botanicals Agreeable (&Co.), Lisa Brill

Once in a while, coming up to the surface, we find a savvy, exciting way to discover a bevy of products and the brands that are making a difference out there. We think that the folks at Agreeable (& Co.) have 'it' going on, and we're delighted to share that we're part of their eco collection. 

Whether it be sunglasses, a good book, eco-friendly phone chargers, or even clothing and shoes... yes, shoes, and more... you can find a variety of consciously curated items with a click.

We've included a few of our treatments in this kit, and there's also a quick, informative reading-ready interview with founder, Lisa Brill. We touched on a variety of topics: the Qet Botanicals' mission, the social responsibility of bringing things to market, the future and how we'll grow with our environment, and we even chuckled over a little story about a cat licking freshly Qet-applied legs. No animal cruelty in our products, but a little lick from a pet here and there never hurt anyone. Hey, pet love is actually healthy! Please feel free to visit, vote, and share with friends. 

A bit more about their mission in their words...

"Conscious Consumption, made simple & social. We're changing the way you discover products & brands worth talking about & supporting. 

User-reviewed products.

Human-verified, conscious brands.

Hand-curated, lifestyle kits.

People-driven research."

What do they look for, and what criteria must be met? These points:

Socially Responsible


Design & Craftsmanship

Quality Materials / Ingredients


Made in America

We're happy to be included in this curation of authentic and sustainable goodness. 

Cheers to green, natural, authentic, healthy, sustainable, and all the rest of the goodness that makes up everything on this planet that we're proud of. Let's keep this beautiful ball rolling.

Qēt Botanicals Agreeable (&Co.), Lisa Brill