Skin Tip: Nestle In with a Night Serum

Qēt Botanicals night serumQēt Botanicals night serum

Beauty Sleep – it’s nature’s most powerful beauty treatment. Seven to ten hours will keep you glowing. Take the time to nestle in your comfortable bed, and take advantage of your skin’s natural healing process while catching the zzzzzs.

Each of our night serums is formulated for different skin conditions. They’re like getting a great night’s sleep in each drop! Different than our day serums, our heavier, vitamin-packed and collagen friendly night serums penetrate while sleeping without being disturbed (except for a pillow roll here and there). Skin cells regenerate while we snooze, collagen production takes place, muscles relax, and the skin is hungry for wholesome nourishment. When your muscles relax, your skin gets its deepest recovery.

To use: shake well, and apply 3-5 drops to your freshly-toned, damp complexion. Some like to mist their face with the toner and then apply; others mix the toner and serum together.  Then, massage directly on to the face. Do what YOU love.

Remember to include your neck and décolleté ~ it all counts. Anything left over, your hands will lovingly enjoy.