Hair loves me. Hair loves me not. Hair loves me. Hair loves me not.

Qēt Botanicals natural hair treatmentQēt Botanicals natural hair treatment

Hair It Is

FACT: Most people spend more time on their hair than on anything else.

FACT: The no-fuss-natural-hair is the current look of the season. Whew.

FACT: Hair raves from wholesome, synthetic-free nourishment.

An Affair of the Hair

Just like we work on our body, our food choices, and reducing our stress, our hair benefits from being worked on as well ~ as long as we're doing it with the right tools. 

Hair likes to be told what do to, just like your personal trainer (or that nagging, inner voice) would tell you what to do. Sometimes we listen, sometimes not. Even though the strands are as thin as... well... a strand of hair, each strand can have unusual strength and resiliency.

Healthy hair can come from a great diet, exercise, and it can also come from nature. There are so many nutrient-dense elements already found in nature that synthetics try to imitate. Nature's proven, performing elements that love hair tend to pack the most punch ~ and we're all about benefiting from nature's bounty. Let's stay in love with our hair, and let's stay healthy while doing it.

We Have Ways and Waves

What's the best way to tend to our tendrils? Feed them regularly, find your routine, and just do it. Make one day a week your 'happy hair' day. How about Tuesdays? It blends right in the middle with the beginning of the week and hump day - without any special tag attached to it. Now Tuesday can have a fun purpose. Currently we've been sharing "Skin Tip Tuesday" on social media... but more on that below.

The hair cuticle, which is the outer layer, shows us when it's healthy, or not. When the cuticle is rough, dry, or damaged, it soaks up more water. The perfect time to feed it with vitamins, nourishment, and really good-for-your-hair proteins can be when it's dry. It makes perfect sense. When hair becomes damaged, it loses its bounce and any wave it wants to make. Nestled inside the cuticle is the cortex. Heat, a summer of lovin' in the water, tools, and even harsh shampoos (those foaming sulfates!), expose the center, the cortex, and the damage continues. "Hey, your cortex is showing!" Luckily, we have a remedy or two to allow your hair to make the waves it wants to. 

The Contenders

The Nutri-Pomade & Mask is not a sticky gel, but it likes to tell hair what to do - kind of like that personal trainer. It acts as a leave in conditioner, and the shea butter and coconut base help smooth the cuticle and add a natural vibrancy that will bring out your beautiful color. It's a daily fix on dry hair after styling, or before styling to protect the strands from heat tools. As a weekly mask, applied liberally to the scalp and hair, and allowed to rest before shampooing, it acts like a multi-vitamin for your hair and scalp. Protein, vitamins, and unrefined butters containing doses of Vitamins A, E, F, K, and iron, along with nutrients and rich fats, give your hair back its bounce and healthful sheen.

Our Natural Shine Serum is also a two-fold-option, (maybe a three-fold-option!) hair serum with different ways to enjoy and benefit from it. This is like a tall glass of coconut water before your workout. Used as a pre-shampoo conditioner, all it takes is a few drops worked through the strands. When the cuticle is dry, it soaks up everything we put on it. And... it likes to hold onto it. The protein from the coconut works its way into the shaft, and then... here comes the broccoli seed oil. It's nature's form of a synthetic silicone. Our cold-pressed oil from this special little vegetable lends sheen and natural hydration to your locks. We blend it with ingredients that can help reduce the hair's protein loss while adding Vitamins B6, C and natural sunscreen protection to help prevent color from fading. It's not only wonderful on skin and scalp, but on the hair strand it gives it smoothness and shine like no other. To use it as a finishing treatment, just a drop on the ends will add moisture and natural radiance. A flaky, irritated scalp can also benefit from this oil treatment before shampooing.

Are you an every-day-shampooer, or an every-other-day-or-so-shampooer? Hair, and the scalp, just like the skin, can actually produce more oil if it becomes dehydrated or dry. Limiting your shampoo days will help the natural oils condition, and prevent over-drying, or sometimes, a production of excess oil. Here's another trick... how about shampooing without conditioner? Treat your hair with what it needs after your shampoo - hair will be less weighed down, and you apply what you need where you need it - usually mid-shaft to the ends. Take a peek at Sami's No Conditioner Journey, from the Be Mindful, You're Creative blog. See what she's discovering, and see which Qēt products she's bringing along for the ride. Hold on... let your hair blow... and here we go!

Qēt Botanicals natural hair treatment

On those no-shampoo days, our Lavender Powder Dry Shampoo can soak up the excess oil when your hair and scalp start to feel limp, without adding anything synthetic or harmful. We've combined the natural, organic powder made from a dried plant with real ground French lavender flowers and have added a touch of lavender oil. Absorb any excess oil while naturally freshening and providing a clean, light feeling without anything extra - just you and your hair. Rosemary leaf oil is included as it is beneficial for the hair and scalp and provides a fresh, clean feeling as well.

Here comes volume, movement, and va-va-voom! Natural Sea Spray to the rescue. On wet hair, mist the roots and twirl and tousle on the top of your head. Let a little time pass and free your wavy strands. On those mornings when bed-head gets the best of you, or those afternoons where your 'do looks a little lifeless, just a mist or two of our Natural Sea Spray and the volume is back, the movement is there, and all you need is a bikini and a beach to run along! Surf's up! Speaking of waves, look at this wave-inducing post from The Goofy Mermaid with our Natural Shine Serum. Tend to those fly-aways and give yourself a bit of natural volume with a clean, freshened herbal fragrance from the natural botanicals. Lavender, rosemary, carrot, and red raspberry oils will stop the elements from taking away what nature (or your stylist) gave you.

A Special, Special

The sporty, sexy, no-fuss attitude and style is the look of the season, but healthy, vibrant, and happy hair is always in style... no matter what day it is. Our finishing hair products are here to give you a good hair day, and the code HAIRLOVESME will SAVE 10% on any of our hair products, online or in our Skin Studio during the month of September. Shop, experience, and do it just for the hair of it. 

Growing with Our Environment

We don't like anything artificial.

In fact, we despise it. We're all about using true, pure actives, disclosing every ingredient, and exercising honest values.

In 2012, we researched and analyzed market studies, geographical trends, and we set our pricing structure. Rather than artificially (yes, that word again) inflate our prices, every product that we make and love (which is all of them, by the way) was priced accordingly at that time. Since then, every botanical bauble, oil, clay, dropper, bottle, printed material, and essentially everything that we curate by hand into our skin and hair treats has risen in price. For the first time since 2012, we will be implementing a price increase in October. 

We love how our ingredients are grown. As they grow, as their price increases, we reflect that in our products so we can remain a sustainable business as well. Would it be less expensive for us to out-source our labeling, fulfilling, and maybe even our shipping? Yes. However, for us, and for you, too, it's critically important that we inspect every ingredient prior to its introduction to the other ingredients. Maintaining this full control of every aspect - creating, testing, developing, fulfilling, packaging, labeling, sealing, packaging, and shipping to your doorstep - it's very hands-on, it's very time consuming, it's very heart-warming, and it's very important to us. It is also what makes a big difference and builds relationships and opportunities in our own community. We wouldn't have it any other way.

We buy in small batches, and we blend in small batches. This is different than even most of the natural brands out there. Because of this, you know that our products are not stale but are at their freshest and most effective state when you receive them. In doing this it also eliminates having to use synthetic and often harmful preservatives. We have no warehousing of cases and cases of products. Just like your favorite chocolate shoppe or bakery, things are made and done in their own time - every day, with love, pride, and even a song.

Words to Share 

"Lisa has changed my life. She showed me how unnecessary a lot of those other products are, and more importantly, how many of them weren't even that good for my skin! (Gasp!) The kicker? Lisa's products are all natural, affordable, and made-to-order. My skin looks a LOT better, in less time, using less money! Talk about a win-win-win! And that's not all... I saved the best for last: Qēt hair products are off the chain! I will never use anything else, ever again! My naturally curly hair has never looked better, whether I blow it out or go natural. Lisa Brill is one of the most knowledgeable and passionate women that I have ever spoken to about skincare. I am SO excited to have met her!"

- Sandy Joy Weston | Public Speaker, Owner, Weston Fitness

Of Note

First ~  If you've read this far, thank you! You know, I'm not a professional writer, (those prepositional phrases aren't always done properly - sorry English teachers!) but sometimes there is just so much to say.

Second ~ Agreeable (& Co.). Once in a while, coming up to the surface, we find a savvy, exciting way to discover a bevy of products and the brands that are making a difference out there. What type of products? Think smart chargers, home items, and (gasp!) even shoes. We think that the folks at Agreeable (& Co.) have 'it' going on, and we're delighted to share that we're part of their eco collection. For links to all of their collections, as well as a kit and a founder interview (we talk social resonsibility, brand difference, and even cat licking Qet-applied legs!), here you go

Third ~ Skin Tips: We've currently been sharing a little social media post called "Skin Tip Tuesday." So far we've covered cleansing for clear skin, exfoliating for soft skin, toning it up, serum savviness, and nestle-in with a night serum. It's a quick look and a reference if you have a question that needs a fast answer. Follow our social media, and get it on our blog.


"We are the mirror, as well as the reflection in it." ~ Rumi