Skin Tip: Toning it Up

Qēt Botanicals tonerQēt Botanicals toner

Toning? We LOVE, toning.

Toning our body, toning our muscles, and toning our skin! Why do we love to use our toning waters?

They're like the plant's exhale, and the skin loves them, too. They contain no water, but are the pure condensation which is gently coaxed from the petals. Just a mist married with three drops of your day or night serum and you're covered.

Spritz it over makeup to set it, or mist a cotton ball and sweep over your skin for a quick refresh. It's a light form of skin-benefitting antioxidants, a step to keep your skin in its proper pH balance, and a way to ensure an even, wonderful application of your day or night serum.

Maybe we can even count it as a form of toning exercise! (Kidding, unless you hold a plank while applying).