Skin Tip: Serum Savviness

Qēt Botanicals serumQēt Botanicals serum

"I've never used oils as a moisturizer before..." said the new Qet customer.

The fact is, if you've ever used a cream or lotion before, you have!

Buried inside many whipped, colored, and scented lotions is a smidge of beneficial oil. Rather than use waxes or thickeners that can clog pores and feel heavy, we stick to using only drops, not gobs, of premium, proven plant oils to hydrate skin. You could call us a three-drop-shop!

Oily, combination, dry, and sensitive complexions can all benefit from our enriched serums. To use: simply shake, drop 3-5 drops in the palm of your hand, blend with your toning water, and massage into skin.

Remember that a proper exfoliated complexion allows the skin to take in all of the nourishment - or let go of what it doesn't need. But you probably remember that from last week's tip. Yes, these are real raspberries - we love their seed's oil which can be found in our day serums. All are EWG Verified.