Skin Tip: Exfoliating for Soft Skin

Qēt Botanicals exfoliantQēt Botanicals exfoliant

Q: “Exfoliating can soften and even-out my complexion?” A: “Yes it can, in several ways.”

We like to add a dime sized amount to our palm and add it directly onto our faces while the cleansing oil is still on. It saves time, they work together, and when you take your warm, wet washcloth to remove it – guess what's soft and glowing underneath? Yes, your skin!

Our exfoliants are like a time-capsule of healing herbs, tea, ground flowers, natural glycolic action, and softeners that awake when moistened. It's a very important step which not only keeps skin clear and even, but it allows your serums to penetrate and nourish without having to fight their way through a dead skin wall of roughness. One to three times a week is great.

We have clay exfoliants for those that need the sponge-like action of removing gunk from pores, and our herbal exfoliants have fine powders for a smooth surface exfoliation. You can be gentle – let them do the work for you.

It's an aromatherapy and soft skin delight, and all six of our exfoliating options are EWG Verified.