Skin Brushing: Dry Brushing + Oil Brushing: How Tos, Benefits & Loves


"My skin is dry."

"I feel a little bit sluggish now and then." 

"I'd love a little pick-me-up for the skin on my body, and I want it now."


If you've thought this, then it's time to tune into Skin Brushing.

Brushing the skin is not a new way to care for the skin. Before there were even body brushes, in ancient times they used sand, small rocks, and minerals as a common practice to exfoliate the skin. 

Happily for us, we no longer need to roll around in sand or gravel! 😊 


👉 Important Note: We do not use brushes on our complexion. The face, neck, and décolletage skin is more sensitive than that on the rest of our body. Our herbal and clay exfoliants, and select facial masks, are the perfect way to exfoliate the face.  


What are the benefits of brushing the skin? Read on: 

  • Skin brushing increases circulation, sweeps away dead skin cells, eliminate toxins, and promotes healthy cell renewal. 
  • A gentle brushing on the skin's surface boosts energy and stimulates the lymphatic system.
  • Circulation is stimulated which can help break down fatty deposits and the appearance of cellulite.


How does dry brushing do all this? 

When we gently and properly brush our skin, it helps to eliminate toxins by nudging our lymphatic system to do what it's designed to do.

🤔 Think of our lymphatic system as a line of garden hoses. Our body is constantly filtering healthy and not-so-healthy ingredients through our body. When the hoses get clogged or are slow to drain, the toxins and things our body wants to naturally eliminate get stuck. This can can make us feel sluggish and not our perky selves. 

Brushing the skin helps our lymph nodes to keep doing their job and eliminating what our system doesn't want to hold on to, like bacteria, damaged cells, and waste. 


We feel just as strongly about gently exfoliating all of our skin just as much as we do our complexions. By gently brushing the skin (remember, we don't use brushes on our faces, neck, or chest), the dead cells are brushed off the skin and new skin cells are encouraged to rise to the surface.


When we brush the skin on our body, our skin can become softer with regular brushing, similar to when we use our face exfoliants. When our skin is soft, the body oils and nutrients we want to feed it can nourish our skin to keep it healthy and vibrant. Excellent!  👏

Below: Lavender Flower & Vanilla Bean Body Polish... another shower favorite 


What's the best way to brush our skin?

There's no need to scrub, just a gentle brushing is all it takes. Do what feels best to you while working your brush strokes toward your heart. Circle the breasts and be extra careful of the delicate skin on the chest and neck area, or save this area for our facial exfoliants.

 Some also like to circle the gut and intestinal area to help stimulate digestion. 


~  ~  ~ 


After shower... a touch of one of our dry putty deodorants to keep on keeping clean. 



?   THIS... OR... THAT...  ?

Dry Brushing vs. Oil Brushing

I've personally been brushing my skin for years, but I have a confession to make.

I don't dry brush. 

I oil brush.  


The simple act of brushing our skin offers the benefits that are listed above. For me, personally, I prefer to be under warm water with a little oil on my skin rather than brush my dry skin outside of the shower or bath.

The nerve endings are still stimulated, the skin cells and lymphatic system are still boosted, and oil brushing feels more comfortable for me and my skin. 

You have options... brushing dry skin before showering, or brushing the skin while under water with oil on the skin are both beneficial. Do what feels best for you! 

Just like using a toothbrush... when your body brush starts to look a little tired, it's time to replace it, which is about every 3 months with regular use. 

The natural emollients in the grape, olive and sunflower oils, combined with anti-inflammatory soothing essential oils of mint, raspberry, rosemary and jasmine, make our Fresh Body Oil a multi-purpose, daily companion.


How to Oil Brush the Skin

💦 While under the warm, running water, apply a partial pump of Fresh Body Oil on the top half of the body, including the elbows. We say 'partial pump' because a full pump is way too much. All you need is a very small amount added to damp skin.

💦 Do the same on the lower body including the heels, knees, and backs of thighs. Then... gently circle your wet brush over the oil directly onto the skin.


The difference that can happen in skin texture and softness is amazing. We've been using our Fresh Body Oil for shaving, after dry brushing, and for massage. Because of its light and stimulating formula, it's the perfect way to oil brush the skin, too!

(1) Exercise. (2) Massage. (3) Gentle Exfoliation / Skin Brushing. Three ways to stimulate the blood flow to the skin. This helps to keep the skin cells healthy and our our skin vibrant.


SKIN BENEFIT: When we brush the skin, microcirculation is increased and blood delivers oxygen and nutrients to healthy cells, and this includes the skin. Blood flow also helps to detoxify the skin by carrying away free radicals and waste products from the cells. All good things!


We're firm believers of exfoliating the skin on a regular basis. Why should only our faces, décolletage, and necks have all the fun?!

Our bodies deserve it too, and not just for special occasions.

The skin on our backs is often neglected. Not any more.

Once you’ve experienced the way this fresh oil works with your skin to firm and hydrate naturally, and when you feel your razor gliding over your skin leaving it soft and soothed, you’ll wonder why you’ve ever used anything else.



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It's been said... “Beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle.” So true!

Take those few moments of self care with joy and confidence. 

In the shower, in the tub, or even under a waterfall, 😉 include healthy and natural ingredients while doing your mind and body a favor all at the same time. 


In good health!  

~ Lisa


Below: A springtime waterfall in Maui. So lush, so fresh!



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