It's the Get-Ready-For-Summer Body Treatment Sale

  Healthy summer skin is always in!
It's our June Getting-Ready-for-Summer Body Treatment sale.  
No more itching. 
No more flaking. 
No more dry legs. 
We're sharing helpful hints on how to address those dry and itchy arms, elbows, legs, knees, and even feet. 
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Let's talk about those itchy, dry legs.  

This time of year dry skin can be really annoying. When our skin is dehydrated it can itch so much it might actually feel good to itch it until it hurts! That's no good. 👎 

Bug bites, allergies, sun exposure, and even the added heat can all affect the skin on our bodies to become inflamed, itchy, and really uncomfortable.  

How do we remedy that?  

(1) We can improve our skin when we bathe or shower. Yes, it's true. How? By oil brushing with our Fresh Body Oil. Or, choose your favorite body polish. Our body polishes are dry and aren't the typical body polishes. Added softening ingredients make a big difference.  

(2) Add a small amount (you don't need much!) of the Lite or Ultra Garden Serum for Body oil after a shower or bath is a must and an additional benefit.  

(3) If you shave your legs, avoid using the foaming, alcohol, and fragrance added products. Try our Fresh Body Oil instead. This product was the result of a wonderful mistake! 😄 When initially developing face serums that weren't quite right... I took them into the shower to shave my legs. This has made such a wonderful difference in shaving, and in the texture of the skin!  

(4) Our body needs exfoliating, too. Exfoliating the skin to keep it soft so the moisture can penetrate is important. Our body polishes cleanse, gently exfoliate, and add moisture leaving the skin clean, soft, and moisturized. Using our body brush with the body serums in the shower is also beneficial for toxin removal and softening the skin.  

(5) Avoid the hot, hot water in the bath or shower. Cleansing in very hot water takes away the natural moisture barrier. Make sure to replenish the skin afterward with a Lite or Ultra Garden Serum for Body.

👉 TIP: When using our body serums, remember that just a tiny amount is all that's needed. A partial pump will go along, long way. One bottle will likely last you much longer than the entire summer.  

The same goes for the polishes. Just a small amount scooped out and massaged onto the skin with water is all it takes. 

Is it possible to actually improve our skin when we're in the shower? 
Yes, we know so!
A gentle cleanse, a gentle exfoliation, and a healthy dose of natural nutrients that soften and smooth while in the shower makes all the difference.
Those arms and legs won't know what hit them.
We like to say that we're "Qēting" when in the shower or bath. A small amount of body polish added to wet skin on those shoulders, arms, chest, elbows, torso, legs, knees, chest ~ then a clean rinse ~ and skin feels soft and moisturized. And remember to do the heels and feet ~ it feels great there, too!
Our microcirculation is increased, cellular renewal is nudged, and collagen production is boosted.
Here's a little natural care for the weekend warrior in you. 
Two favorites: The first favorite is our dry putty deodorants. They come in Freshened Vanilla and Forest Fresh. Happy underarm skin, happy toes, no more chafing, under running bras... so many ways to love this friendly + natural deodorant. 
👉 Warm Weather Tip: Our natural deodorants include organic premium grade shea butter. Over 85 degrees shea butter melts, and when it returns to room temperature, it can form little shea butter balls as the healthy lipids bind together. If your deodorant becomes runny from high temps, give it a stir with the back of a spoon and pop it in the refrigerator to cool. It'll come back to its creamy and smooth self again. 
It's the nature of being natural. 
The second weekend warrior favorite is our Re-Leaf for tension relief.It's a carefully curated ancient and proven plant-powered remedy to combat stressed and sore muscles, achy joints, and stiff limbs.
Fingers, toes, wrists, shoulders, necks ~ we've rolled Re-Leaf on all of these areas with ease and comfort. 
Here's another favorite product that may have skipped your radar.
Hello, Botanical Body Powder! Just a tiny amount of our body powder adds silkiness, a natural clean aroma from the botanicals, and it can cool and add freshness during those humid days or night sweats. 
Q ēt customer Jill was on vacation in Thailand during very humid months. She raved about our body powder and was thrilled that she had it along... it helped her stay fresh, cool, and comfortable while hiking, sleeping, and enjoying the sights.
We've also had friends tell us that with those odd rashes that can pop up during hot months, it was our Botanical Body Powder that melted the discomfort away.
Your June Special
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~ Kind Words from a Qēt Friend ~ 
“My skin is extremely sensitive, always has been. Contact dermatitis, eczema, dryness and flakiness, second degree sunburns, and some truly terrible, incessant acne that's left me with thousands of tiny scars over the past decade. It's been a lot of anxiety, stress, insecurity, and hassle over the years. I'm still learning to let some of it go. In the past two years, I've set my foot down when it comes to the quality of my diet, the products I use on my skin, hair, and clothes, adherence to my skincare routine, and the activities I use to fill my day. I'm not always as good as perhaps I should be, but the effort shows - I look better. More than that, I feel better, on several levels. Qēt has been a lifesaver in this. Never before have I found an entire line of products I wanted! Fresh and natural, powerfully effective, concentrated so that a little goes a long way, SO gentle, and did I mention how fantastic everything smells? Thank you so much for making these products available; they're worthy of all the love, care, and time that went into each." ~ Grace
~  ~  ~
June 21st is the first day of summer. It's been said "A life without love is like a year without summer."
Do something you love, and have a great time doing it! Kick off those shoes, lighten up the makeup, and let's treat our skin with the clean and loving ingredients it deserves.
At the beach, on a walk or bike ride, a drive to see new scenery, or just waking up early to listen to the birds welcoming the day...  love what you do, love one another, enjoy each day as it comes, and count those blessings before resting at night.
Happy start of summer to you! ☀️
~ Lisa 
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