Hot Flashes? Chafing? Stay Cool, Dry, Fresh, and Oh-So-Silky with This Body Treatment

Happy Summer ~ The Heat is On! 
It's the season of outdoor concerts, food and music festivals, bike rides, sports activities, carnivals, hiking, taking a picnic here and there, and just getting outside.
We all know the benefits of moving about, getting exercise, and spending time outdoors... whether in nature or in the city.
But... let's face it... when we're hot, sticky and icky, sometimes we'd rather just stay indoors or out of the heat altogether. 
It's time to highlight a favorite treatment of ours that's tucked away on our site and in our shop. When it gets discovered, we often hear... 
❓  "Why didn't I know about this before?"  
🧡 We love it and its multiple uses, and we love the way it can make us feel cool, fresh, and silky... even in the stickiest weather conditions. 
What is this celebrity treatment that's become a summer staple? 
Some hints: 
✨  it's plant based and natural,
 ✨ it's absorbent,
✨  it helps fight odor,
✨  it reduces skin friction,
✨  and it helps to relieve skin chafing. 
Any guesses as to what product we're talking about? 🤔 If you didn't already peek, then you might be surprised. 
It's not new to us, but it may be new to you. 
Of course it's safe and does not include any talc or synthetic ingredient.
What it does include are plant based ingredients, zero bacteria breeding starches, and a clean clay naturally low in the not-so-skin-friendly heavy metals that clay can be known for. We know this as we've had our clay third party tested to be proven safe. 
Just a light dusting is all it takes... a very small amount is needed as it's pure and only contains what we need. Nothing synthetic, zero fillers.
Especially in these summer months, our botanical body powder has made many new friends ~ it gets hot out there! ☀️😎

Here's a tip from our very own Qēt team manager, Sarah ~ 
"It's my new favorite! I keep it on the counter so I remember to apply it in the morning before getting ready and heading out for the day. Just a small amount brushed on areas that get sticky during the hot summer days really makes a difference. My husband has been enjoying it in the mornings and notices a great difference as well!" ~ Sarah
Yes! We love to apply it with our little cruelty free powder brush around the torso, under bras or on the chest area, back of neck, arm creases, behind the knees, where there's chafing... and even on the underarms ... directly on the skin or a light dusting on top of our dry putty deodorant. Perfect. 
Let's stay cool ~ our body powder has become a favorite summer staple!
"I’m in love with this beautiful smelling Botanical Body Powder. It works very well with the underarms and also helped my daughters underarms with the rash she had and kept her from smelling until she could apply deodorant again. I apply it everywhere, keeps me dry under the bra area and between thighs. I feel like I could go on and on with this amazing body powder!!" ~ Sheri 
☀️  ☀️  ☀️
"The Botanical Body Powder is great for staying dry in hot and humid south Florida. Great product!" ~ Laura
With time outdoors in the heat comes sweat. Some call it glistening, and some just call it plain ol' sweating up a storm. 
Our botanical body powder is helpful whether we're heading out to face the day, going to an outdoor special event, or enjoying the weekend.
It also helps to end our day on a clean, fresh, and silky note. If night sweats happen to invade our sleep, this can help to keep us calm and dreamy right through it. 💤
Either way, when we're out there doing what we love to do, we want to feel comfortable, inside and out... and that also goes for under our clothing, too. 
Stay healthy. Stay fresh. And good job on reading your ingredients!
We always say that every drop matters. Well, every dusting matters, too.
Stay cool!
~ Lisa 
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