Save 20%, Earn Rewards, and Smile!

At long last,
we're pleased to announce three ways that you can continue to save on your Qēt purchases. 
These are also three ways that we say "thank you!" to you!  


Meet our Three New(ish!) Ways to Save









Over the last couple of months, our stellar team behind the scenes has been testing and getting these programs set up.

We know that there's no time like right now to save. There's also no time like the present for us to say "Thank YOU" for letting us continue on your Qēt clean journey with you.   

Because we share our fresh and small-batched treatments from our Skin Studios directly your doorsteps, we cut out so many hands, people, and time.

This gives us more freedom and flexibility to help you save on all of our premium and high quality Qēt treatments.  

We feel strongly about freshness and purity. We believe (no... actually... we know!) that our skin and daily care products should be high quality and as fresh as that just-picked apple, and as pure as an organic basket of produce from the farmer's market. 

✨ It's why we go to the lengths that we do, and small-batching-from-scratch, every hair, body, and face product. It's why we're so passionate about each and every ingredient that we individually source.

 It all matters, and it's all for the benefit for us and our surroundings. 

Rather than being in every big box store, this is all just between us ~ from us to you. 📫  We're a very word-of-mouth brand, and your words matter to all of us that are on this clean journey to better health and better remedies.

So enjoy! These three ways are completely optional ways for you to help us spread the word and receive savings.


Questions on these three new programs? Here are some helpful hints: 

👉 Remember to login with your email so your rewards and savings can keep up with you. 

👉 Click on the little widget on the bottom right side of your screen to see and redeem your rewards and referral points.

👉 The monthly discount code that we share with you is different than the coupon that you receive through these programs. Enter the monthly discount codes in the Discount Code box in your cart. To use your earned coupon, click on the coupon buttons to redeem them. The code and coupons are different systems and can't be used within the same order.

👉 After you've received your Qēt purchase and have had time to discover and experience it, feel free to share your words. You'll get a 20% coupon if you choose to snap and share a quick photo of you and your Qēt. Photo or not, either way, it's appreciated! 

👉 Our Qēt monthly discount codes change every month... but the coupons you receive never expire. Relax, earn, and enjoy! 


⭐  ⭐  ⭐  ⭐  ⭐


💫 Thank you for choosing safe and clean treatments.

💫  Thank you for shopping local and shopping small.

💫  Thank you for supporting our independent business, which in turn supports our team, our community, and the farmers and suppliers of our organic and clean materials.  

💫  Thank you for sprinkling a little light in someone's life by helping us make a difference in how we care for ourselves and our surroundings. 


~ Lisa