Green Beauty Winter Skin Tips: Acne, Dry Skin, Fine Lines, Sensitive Skin


Green Beauty Winter Skin Tips for Acne, Dry, Sensitive, and Combination and In-Between Skin


It's this time of year that we asked often about the best clean remedies to clear skin, and the safest, most effective way to ease dry skin and feed mature skin.


The wind, the temperature changes, the indoor heat ~ all of these things can cause all complexions to shriek and feel uncomfortable. Even the healthiest skin condition can have a radical change as the temperature shifts...  no matter what your zip code is. 


Chapped cheeks, dry lips and hands, even brittle hair ~ this festive season can take its toll on us. Throw in some extra treats and a change in our eating and sleeping patterns, and there goes our routine, and even our complexion.


Let's get the upper hand on these seasonal changes and sit back and enjoy the holidays, as we should.


Below: Spot Serum for Acne and Skin Upset


Acne, Breakouts, and Rough Winter Skin Natural Remedies


The heat is on inside, the cold air is hitting our skin outside, and our skin doesn't know how to react.


Keeping our skin hydrated and moisturized with the right blend of natural ingredients can help the oiliest of complexions to be calm and in balance. 


Our skin is so smart! When it's asking for protection, hydration, or extra care, those oil glands kick it up a notch to help save the surface. If not properly cared for, the pores can clog... and here comes a breakout or a rough patch. 


The answer? A thorough cleanse, yes... with a cleansing oil. Oil removes oil, and remember to remove it completely to remove the impurities and any extra oil. Exfoliate to remove dead cells and debris from the surface that may be clogging the pores. Hydrate and moisturize with botanical water and oils... yes, even for an oily complexion. 

Rather than having a lotion or cream filled with fluff, fragrances, waxes, and usually oil (or silicones, which can cause dryness or breakouts), we use a blend of botanical toner with just a couple of drops of a serum.  Ahhhh. 


THEN... add just one or two drops of Spot Serum on only the affected area after your day or night serum. Wait for it... a few days later the redness, inflammation, and bacteria is gone, and your soft skin begins to clear and get in balance once again. 


Want to throw in a weekly mask? Acne, dry skin, and sensitive skin are happy with these two clean masks... 


Below: Antioxidant Mask with CranberryGreen Tea Mask with Raw Cacao 


Dry and Sensitive Skin Savers


Let's start with something that we hear is often left out of regular facial care... exfoliating.


"The very first sign of aging is not a wrinkle; it's a lack of radiance," says dermatologist Dendy Engelman to SELF magazine. "When we're not exfoliating or removing those top surface cells as quickly, the light doesn't reflect off of the skin as nicely as it does when it's very clean and properly exfoliated. Even if your skin doesn't break out, it is going to look older, rougher, and less radiant."


When exfoliating properly, if at the start, or continuing as you already do, finding your happy number per week is up to you. Most do 1-3 times per week; I do it gently every single night.  After exfoliating, the serums with their beneficial vitamins and antioxidants can penetrate and feed the skin like they want to without being turned away. It's also a great way to open the gates and allow anything trapped under the surface, or in a clogged pore, to find its way out before it becomes inflamed and angry.

Then it's all about hydrating and moisturizing the skin. Hydration isn't the same as moisture. Skin that needs to be hydrated lacks water. Skin that needs moisturizing lacks oil. Hydrating the skin can make it soft, but it needs the oil to protect it from evaporating on the surface. Dry skin is often hydrated, but not moisturized. Dehydrated skin can feel tight and lack luster. Rough textured skin can flake and be dry. Confusing? Yes, we know. Happily our serums not only have moisturizing oils, but they have humectants and different properties to hydrate with our toners as well.


Because we use zero waxes, no fillers, no water, and no extracts, the pure, performing blend of oils will add moisture via the oil, and will hydrate the dermis by offering a shield to prevent the skin from drying out. 


 Can't use oils? We hear it ALL the time. Most creams and lotions already have oil in them, in very small amounts. We prefer to use just a few drops of a well-shaken, moisture-binding blend of lovely oils to do the trick. No filler. Nothing artificial. No synthetic clogging oils. 

Those oil-free moisturizers out there use synthetic silicones and polymers (fancy plastics!) to make skin feel slick and hydrated, while many times it can actually pull the skin's natural moisture from the top layer of skin and be potentially damaging to new cells and/or collagen. Bah-humbug!


Below: Restoring Night SerumHydrating Day Serum



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It's December... This Month's Beginning Brings the Year to a Close


Time keeps ticking quickly, and it seems to tick even faster with each passing year. 


Let's take a breath, take some time to reflect and embrace the moments, slow down, and breathe. 


While we look back at this last year, I can't help but thank you for not only taking care of yourself, but for being here with us. We're a small, family owned, woman run business, and it's the small businesses in each community that make it unique, that help the families that work there, and that keep the lights on in the neighborhood. 


Many family-owned businesses and natural brands don't have a physical location. For us, we're fortunate, and we love it. Our little studios not only gives us beautiful places to develop and share our treatments, but we all know that skin is sensitive, and skincare is a sensitive subject. We can connect with you via email, and for those that are near our studios, we can connect in person. 


Being able to connect face-to-face, literally!, with new and returning friends makes us smile and means so much to us. It also allows us to understand some of the skin mishaps and issues that come strolling through our doors in Wisconsin and California. We're gals that love clean products, and we have skin, too!  


So a big thank you for your support all through this year. You've helped us keep our doors open, our treatments fresh and organic, and our smiles smiling. 
Happy holidays from our Qēt family to yours. 💫


Peace and love, 


~ Lisa




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