Q&A: Three Top Summer Hair Care Questions + Tips


"Why should I use a hair serum or a finishing treatment when I use a conditioner? 

"My hair feels oily at the scalp but it's dry at the ends. Now what can I do?" 

"How to I make my hair feel healthy without silicones or synthetics?"



Green hair? Yes, please! 

We talk about it all of the time... and it's "Green Beauty." This means that the ingredients are real, there are no synthetics, and there is nothing harmful or toxic. At least that's what it means to us. Always check those labels on other brands ~ sometimes different brands sneak in fragrances, synthetics, and even silicones and still call them 'green' or 'clean' products. 

We're here to tell you that we'll have none of that! That goes for our face treatments, our natural deodorants, our aromatherapy, our body oils and polishes, and yes... even our hair treatments. 

So, let's dive in, get our feet wet, and answer these top three questions that we've been receiving about caring for our hair this summer. 

Above: Nutri-Pomade & Mask with Shea & Coconut for Hair | Award Winning & EWG Verified 

Below: Natural Shine Serum | Award Winning & EWG Verified


Question #1: "Why should I use a hair serum or a finishing treatment when I use a conditioner? 

This is a great question. Even though we may feel like we've handled our hair needs by using a conditioner after shampooing, we've only scratched the surface, so to speak. 

Applying a pomade or hair serum to wet hair after cleansing and conditioning is giving your hair extra strength and protection to face the day. Whether it be heat, wind, ocean or pool water, or just going out and about, hair is fragile, and it can use a helping hand and extra shield of protection.

Coating the strands gently with vitamins and nourishing proteins is no different than applying a day or night serum before heading out or staying in. Our face and skin need a little healthy shield, and so does our hair.

Dry hair has a surface that is rough rather than smooth. Adding a little Natural Hair Serum or Nutri-Pomade & Mask to the hair allows the oils and nutrients to penetrate and smooth the surface. It feels healthy, it actually IS healthy, and with time, it continues to be strong and nourished.


Question #2: "My hair feels oily at the scalp but it's dry at the ends. Now what can I do?"

Ah-ha! Split ends, an oily scalp, rough hair ~ it's a mixture of a few things. 

Many, many, many cosmetics and hair products contain silicones, dimethicone, and various other plastics that end in 'cone.' This makes hair feel smooth and sleek initially, but it can be drying causing hair to attract impurities while getting limp and lifeless with time.

Slow and steady wins the race. With natural and green skincare, we can have immediate results on the skin, and with time it continues to improve. It's the same with hair. Silicones are synthetically produced and are hydrophobic ~ silicones repel moisture which can make hair feel heavy and greasy at the end of the day. They also don't wash out easily. When hair feels heavy, many wash their hair often... sometimes too often. Over washing can lead to damage and the hair's condition worsens over time. 

Avoiding silicones can help to even out the difference between a greasy scalp and dry ends. Rather than giving the whole head a traditional shampoo, reach for a sprinkling of our Lavender Powder Dry Shampoo. Apply with fingertips, or our small eco brush, and massage until it disappears. Like everything, a little goes a long way. Then add a drop or two of the Natural Shine Serum or the Nutri-Pomade & Mask to the ends, and away you go! 

Above: Lavender Powder Dry Shampoo | Beauty Editor Favorite, EWG Verified


Question #3: "How to I make my hair feel healthy without silicones or synthetics?" 

This is probably the most common question we hear. 

Even though many times we're trying to avoid getting greasy strands, keeping the dead hair shaft healthy with the right oils is the answer. 

What are the right oils? Let's take a look at the ingredients that we love that we use instead of silicones.

Our Proven & Performing Hair-Loving Ingredients

Reducing our use of chemicals and synthetics is not only better for us, it's better for our environment. We include our natural oils, butters, and botanicals in our hair treatments to help an itchy scalp, prevent hair thinning and loss, and protect against oxidation and environmental or styling tool damage.  

Here are our favorite oils for hair: 

Broccoli Seed Oil: Nature's version of silicone, it provides a silky feel while adding vitamins and protection from oxidation. Vitamins C and B6 keep hair strong.

Coconut Oil / MCT Oil: A purely plant-based protein boost for strands to add protection and radiance. 

Raspberry Seed Oil: Protects against color fade and provide natural UVA/UVB protection.

Carrot Seed Oil: Offers additional UV benefits, as well as promotes overall hair and scalp health. Rich in Vitamins A, E and beta carotene. 

Rosemary Oil: Gently stimulates the scalp and promotes hair growth. Also used to help premature graying, dandruff, and may alleviate an itchy or dry scalp. 

Lavender Oil: A known anti-bacterial and anti-fungal oil to add in the scalp's health and hair growth stimulation. 

See? No silicones, fragrances, parabens, SLS, synthetics, or artificial ingredients needed. 

A healthy scalp is a healthy head of hair.


EWG Verified ~ For Your Health

Qēt Botanicals is a proud member of the EWG Verified program. What this means is that not only are our face, body, and hair ingredients scrutinized for safety, but percentages of actives are also looked at. Our manufacturing practices must meet high standards, and we regularly must ensure that our ingredients are tested to be free of heavy metals, carcinogens, hormone disruptors, and toxic matter.  

All of our hair care treatments, as well as many of our brand's face, body, deodorant, and aromatherapy products, are a part of the EWG Verified program.  

An Addicting Inquiry: I started following Environmental Working Group in 2004. If you haven't taken a look, we invite you to check the labels on products you have at home. Go to the EWG Skin Deep site, enter the brand, or the name of the ingredient, and be prepared to learn about its safety. Careful, it's informative, empowering, and addicting ~ all in a good way! 


Want to try our hair treatments? Start small.   

Just like with many of our face and body treatments, we have a Hair Care Suite kit, as well as a Hair Care Essential Set.

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Below: Nutri-Pomade & Mask with Shea & Coconut Italian Wooden Comb, Eco Brush | Award Winning, EWG Verified

Let's Let Our Hair Be Free

Our hair treatments are FREE of the following common ingredients found in many commercial hair products, like these: 



polyethylene glycol, aka PEGs





PVP/VA Copolymer

No animal products or animal testing 


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Zero silicones. Zero false fragrances. Zero alcohols. Zero harsh ingredients.

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Happy Summer!  

July is zipping by; let's remember to find enjoyment in these moments that we're in.

Even though these times are unusual, many are finally taking the time to think about what matters most to them.

Taking the time for your self-care ritual sets the tone and has the ability to shift our mood, our energy, and add a little spring in our step. Over time, adding healthy self-care to our everyday lives reduces the wear and tear of what may be happening in our surroundings or our environment. This, in turn, can help to reduce stress and slow the aging process. It's a win-win!

So, what's the bottom line? Every little bit matters. Take time for health. Take time for you. By doing this you can share something powerful and positive with the next person ~ you. 


~ Lisa 


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