NEW! Probiotics & Peptides! Sharing Sunshine and Something New for You and Your Skin ~


~ Sharing Sunshine and Something New for You and Your Skin ~



What's new? 

Natural skin-loving, softening, and protecting probiotics in our botanical toners… that’s what’s new! Without having to add another step, you're getting glowing benefits within each mist.  

It's all real. It's not a synthetic probiotic. It's not from an animal source. It's not only for upset or dehydrated skin ~ it is for every condition of skin. It comes directly from pomegranates ~ I know... fabulous, right?! It also boasts natural peptides with the healthy bacteria that helps support our skin by not allowing environmental impurities to affect it. 

Now... just to set the record straight, we haven't taken anything away from our botanical toners ~ they still contain exactly the same ingredients as before. We felt the need to add a natural and beneficial probiotic to our skincare, and our botanical toners are the perfect place for this friendly addition.  


What's the Difference from the Old Botanical Toners to the New?

You won’t see or smell the difference, but you’ll ‘feel’ the difference and enjoy the benefits.

We haven't removed anything from our beloved botanical toners ~ we loved them before, too. Now with the addition of probiotics, there is an extra level of antioxidant protection and our skin can feel the love in these ways:

  1. Our skin-specific probiotics can help to improve the overall environment of the skin, fight against any damaging elements, and they can help to age-defy while protecting against inflammation and the elements. Bam! The natural lactic acid found in our probiotic can help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. UV rays, pollution, and even everyday air (indoors or out) can also cause skin to be reactive and increase sings of aging. With a little help from the probiotics in the botanical toners, skin can become stronger and more resistant to these damaging effects and sun damaged is soothed.  
  2. Probiotics can help to clear and clarify a sensitive or upset complexion. It's about a healthy microbiome, on the skin and in the gut. Acne, eczema, rosacea, even psoriasis can be calmed and relieved. There is often an internal action which can make skin react. We're talking about the connection between skin and gut health. Keeping the microbiome balanced with the probiotics on the skin's surface helps to avoid these skin sensitivities from rearing their angry heads. More on this below.  
  3. Healthy probiotics can improve natural hydration. Even an overactive oily complexion needs hydration, and sometimes skin is oily because it isn't getting the right kind of hydration. The probiotics blended with our toners can help maintain the skin's natural moisture barrier by preventing water loss from the complexion. Keeping skin hydrated is an easy age-defying and healthy helper. 
  4. Probiotics used topically can reduce sensitivity and assist in cellular repair. Once skin has cleared and has become stronger, there may be leftover darkness or discoloration where there was skin upset before. Paired with our botanicals in our toners, as well as the phytonutrients and antioxidants in our day and night serums, this friendly addition of skin-specific probiotics can help to improve smoothness and an even complexion. 
  5. Probiotics can help reduce inflammation which can cause breakouts and congested skin. Those complexions with acne and sensitivities often have an increase in inflammation on the complexion. Regular use of a topical skin-loving probiotic can offer relief and skin clarity. Hello, botanical toners with probiotics! 😘

Looking below... you can almost feel the hydration that's happening in this image. 💦


What Exactly is a Probiotic? 

Think bacteria. Living, helpful bacteria. Now think superhero bacteria. A probiotic is a living, helpful bacteria. There are good bacteria and bad bacteria. 

For our skin to be healthy and strong, it's important that we don't destroy the healthy bacteria, that microbiome, that acts like a protective shield on the skin's surface. If this happens, bad bacteria can affect the skin's surface and premature aging, acne, bumps, rashes, and the like can take root and develop. 

Many commercial cleansers are big culprits of overdoing it and destroying that healthy bacteria. Our cleansing oils, pictured above with a toner, are completely makeup, pollution, and impurity removing without damaging that acid mantle and causing extra sensitivity to the skin. We always say it's good clean fun, and it really is!  

There are internal probiotics, and there are external probiotics. We do know that there is a definite correlation between healthy gut flora and healthy skin flora. 

The right probiotic internally can boost our personal immunity. The refrigerated probiotics are a wonderful choice as they're filled with friendly microorganisms that go to work for us internally by keeping the bad bacteria in balance ... then we can be healthy inside. 

Probiotics can also come from foods such as kefir, yogurt, kombucha and sauerkraut. Maybe it's my small town, homegrown roots, but I'm a sauerkraut gal and eat raw kraut on my salad nearly every day. 

Healthy probiotics on the outside, and healthy probiotics on the inside - happiness! 😍 A healthy inside and good gut flora will help you feel better. When we feel better, it's almost magical because we often look better. If we're off on the inside, it's more than likely to show itself on the outside... and often through our largest organ. 

My rosacea and sensitive skin still can rear its head, but it can be managed with the right eating and care habits. I haven't had to take any oral or topical medications for my thyroid imbalance or rosacea (before and after pics here) ~ and this is a really big step for me, as it would be for any of us that deal with these kinds of skin sensitivities. 

Here's a pic of a salad that I eat nearly every day (my husband happens to be an expert salad maker!) 😋. Organic whenever possible and it includes romaine, cucumbers, tomatoes, celery, kalamata olives, olive oil, red wine vinegar, dill, lemon pepper, Himalayan salt, walnuts, any cold veggies left in the fridge, and sauerkraut ... the more the merrier. 


What about Peptides... How do they help skin?

It's never too late to clean up the routine. Peptides work with collagen and help to boost our skin's natural production of it. 

Peptides are smaller than collagen, and collagen is often synthetic... or it comes from animals. The natural and plant-loving peptides that are found in our probiotic do not come from animals and are natural and can penetrate the skin. The vitamins and actives in the peptides give a signal to the skin to boost our own skin's collagen peptides that are produced in our skin. We don't need to add collagen from an animal source. Pretty neat, isn't it?!  

Many collagen supplements and skin ingredients come from cows and chickens. We don't do animal testing and we don't use any animal by-products or parts. In addition to cows and chickens, parts or extracts from horses, sharks, sheep, pigs, and even snails are found in various skin products and cosmetics. We prefer to work with plant actives and their nutrients and are happy to share a cruelty-free way to care for ourselves. 🌱


Your June Special ~

Sharing Sunshine & Something New! ~

Our Balancing, Hydrating, and Restoring Toning Waters are made of only 100% plant ingredients with no water, no fragrances, no synthetics. We felt the need to add natural probiotics to help shield against external damage and offer an extra safe benefit for the skin.

With a mist of our toners added to 2-3 drops of our day or night serums… you’re ready to go!

Keep it simple. Keep it safe. Keep it natural. It’s time to let nature in and keep the chemicals out.  

Use code SafeSkincare to save 10% on all of our full-sized products and trial sized kits for

face, body, and hair that are natural, safe, authentic, and cruelty-free

~ which is everything. 😍 

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Free self-care product sample with purchase. 📦

We're all about healing and revealing healthy skin,
rather than having to cover it up. 
Keep your skin healthy, protected and clean.
Make-up is an option. Skincare isn't. 
Natural, 100% cruelty-free, void of synthetics and toxins,
and handmade with love.
Lots and lots of it. 💗


New ~ Gift Cards are Available Online 

We're happy to offer Gift Cards online! Until now, they've only been available through our Skin Studios.  

On the website, you'll see the Gift Card button at the top of the page. Choose your amount, the Gift Card is emailed to your friend, and the free sample will be included with their Qēt care package when the Gift Card is redeemed. It's like a little bonus gift on top of your giving. 💝


Thank You for Your Support, and Thank You to Those on the Front Lines 

None of us knew that this year was going to be filled with the challenges that we're facing. We've received kind words and testimonials from many of our friends and customers (which are the same to us 😊) and we were able to help those on the front lines in a small way. 

The firemen, the policemen, the food bank workers, the essential workers, and the healthcare workers in our communities ~ we're grateful for all of them. We shared a handful of Getting Started Facial Kits with some healthcare heroes in our area. One of them was nice enough to snap some photos of their goods. It makes us smile, and you can see their smiling eyes above the masks, too. 

We all are able to make a difference. We all are able to make a change. All it takes is a little effort and the authenticity behind it to do what's right. 


Happy frontline healthcare nurses in a Los Angeles hospital... with their healthy, happy facial kits!

Kind Words from Qēt Customers 

“You guys are THE BEST!!! There is a major lack of the types of companies in this industry that actually take the time to add such an amazing amount of quality, friendly customer service, and personal touch that Qēt does! Thank you so much for making an impact!" - Tiffany
"The Lavish Serum Salve from the Treat & Enhance Skin Suite has been amazing on my cracked knuckles! Also used on my sore nose from the N95 mask wearing!! Thank you again for all of the help!! - Nicole
"I met Lisa a couple years ago in San Clemente when I stopped in the store on a whim and was so thrilled ... I am so grateful. I have a unique relationship with my skin and kind of an intense personal story (I am a recovering skin picker of the highest order), but I mostly bring up to add to this preface of immense gratitude. The kindness that resonates throughout the shop and products is of equal significance to the products themselves. This world isn't exactly sympathetic to folks with severe skin troubles." - Shannon



We're Open!

We're happy to say that our Skin Studios in Wisconsin and California are open, and we're so happy to see you again! 

We're practicing safe distancing, sanitizing before and after every customer, and can have a contact-less connection with you. 

Our hours and days may still be modified. Peek at our Locations page for our current hours, and always feel free to call just to make sure we're there when you need us to be. San Clemente, CA is 949-218-1758, and Cross Plains, WI is 608-798-1738.

And of course, if you're more than a stone's throw away from our Skin Studios, our online store is always open. We have to say that most of our customers come from us online, from near and far away, but we do love to have a personal presence in our communities where we can. 



Thank You for Being Here 

... it means that you're not only taking time to brush-up on some self care or get a few nudges in the right direction on your clean journey, but it also means that you're taking time for you

Every day, even in the middle of chaos, it's important to set aside time for nurturing ourselves. Many of us care for others as well, as we can do a better job when we first address our needs. This isn't at all selfish, it's just planning ahead, and it's a true form of self-love. 

Once we love ourselves, sharing love with others becomes second nature. 💗


"Love is the flower you've got to let grow." 

John Lennon


With Healthy Hugs and Kindred Love, 

~ Lisa 



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