It's Your Spa Day (for Days!) at Home | The Body Experience

The Sun is Out ~ and So is Our Skin 

Here's your summer skincare routine for your body...  and why you should do it.


Working from home, schooling from home, eating healthy, staying safe, staying sane... it's your time to take a moment to re-energize, de-stress, and add a little spa time to your routine. 

Having a spa day at home might not be your highest priority right now, but sometimes it's necessary to create some control with a quick and comforting self-care routine.

It's never too late to clean up the ingredients we slather on and rub in every day. Taking the time to relax is one thing, but making sure we're doing that with safe ingredients that are skin benefitting is important... otherwise, it can do more harm than good. My autoimmune, Rosacea, and sensitive skin yelled at me for years ~ I finally had to do something about it. Here's a blog with a personal video that I shared recently during this virus season that we're in.  

We're sharing why it's important to make every ingredient count, and how to combat dry, summer skin. Let's enjoy the health benefits of making time for that much needed at home spa day. You'll see for yourself... the side effects are beautiful.  

Below: Espresso Mint Body Polish


The Summertime Skin Routine  

The perfect sundress, board shorts, sunglasses, flip flops ~ both the guys and the gals find their favorites when the temperatures rise. The warmer it is, the more our shoulders, arms, legs, and skin comes out of hiding.

This summer skincare routine isn't just about how our skin looks in that perfect outfit, it's about the cellular health of our skin. It's also about feeding our skin only with those ingredients that keep us fresh and healthy ~ not foggy and tired. And let's face it, it's also about chasing that feel-good glow. 😊

The humidity is higher, the sun is stronger, and our skin is asking for help and different ingredients than in cooler, drier months. 

Here we go... tips to get that glow. 

Below: Raw Cacao & Oat Body Polish


The Summer Get-Up and Glow-Up ~ ☀️

Here are the top summer skincare tips for body, and the products to get you there. 

It's time to Go for All Over Moisture

Summer is about light makeup, flowing hair, and summer breezes. We don't want heavy formulas on our faces, and not on our body, either. We don't want to feel sticky and oily, but soft is dewy is great! We have options, and we have two ways to simply hydrate and moisture the body.

Option: 1: For those that have battles with rashes, eczema, and even psoriasis, our Lite Garden Serum for Body has been a relief for many. We combine various plant nutrients with our organic grape seed oil. This particular formula is high in our organic grape seed oil which is naturally very high in linoleic acid. Linoleic acid, or Vitamin F, adds moisture without weighing down the skin with a heavy feeling. Skin that suffers from upset can benefit by the omega-6 fatty acids found in this botanical oil as it's helps to fortify and strengthen the skin's barrier. 

Option 2: Our awarded Ultra Garden Serum for Body is a bit of a richer hydrating and moisturizing oil  that offers all day hydration, antioxidants, and botanicals to help reduce moisture loss and trap hydration within the skin. It still feels light, is loaded with a beautiful assortment of plant actives and vitamins, and it offers a different type of moisturizing for skin that is dehydrated or stressed due to the elements or sun. It will soften, not feel greasy, and will help protect it from losing moisture and hydration. 

All of our body serums are free of water, are very concentrated (using only a partial pump is all that is needed for the entire body), and they're favorites of men and women alike.

Below: Lite Garden Serum for Body, Ultra Garden Serum for Body, Body Brush


"We don't like surprises in our face, body or hair products. We believe in full transparency and disclose every single drop.

Just like the food we eat, we like our treatments to be as fresh and authentic as possible. We believe in keeping all of our treatments pure, free of synthetics (even the safe ones!), artificial fragrances, colors, or additives. It makes a difference... and every drop matters to us, our hormones, and our surroundings."

Lisa Brill ~ Founder, Mom, Plant Lover, Fellow Clean Product Enthusiast

Below: Fresh Body Oil


Dry Brushing vs. Oil Brushing the Skin ~ Why We Love Oil Brushing

You may have heard of dry brushing the skin. It's a spa favorite and a tradition that's been popular for centuries that started in India within the practice of Ayurveda. 

Essentially dry brushing is using a dry brush to create friction on the skin's surface. Starting from the feet and working towards the heart from every limb is what is recommended. There are a handful of benefits of dry brushing:

  1. It increases circulation.
  2. It's energizing.
  3. It stimulates the lymphatic system.
  4. It helps to eliminate toxins. It's exfoliating.
  5. It aids in body detoxification.
  6. It helps digestion.
  7. It improves cellulite.

But... dry brushing can also be irritating to sensitive skin. 

I've been brushing my skin for years, but I've found a way that makes me and my skin happier ~ we call it oil brushing. And... I can do it every day at my convenience for my own personal benefit. 

Our Fresh Body Oil is a lighter body serum that aids in the slide of razor on wet skin (yes, it can be enjoyable to shave our legs!), it's a wonderful massage oil, and it's a great formula to oil brush the skin. 

The benefits of oil brushing are the same as dry brushing, with less friction and pull on the surface of the skin. Similar to cleansing our faces with a cleansing oil, the skin and nerve endings are benefitted by the brush, and rinsing away the oil while in the shower leaves the skin smooth, invigorated, and the lymphatic system stimulated. Only a tiny amount is needed... read on. 👇

How to Oil Brush:

While under the warm, running water, apply a partial pump on the top half of the body, including the elbows. Do the same on the lower part including the heels, knees, and backs of thighs. Then... gently circle your 'wet' brush over the oil directly onto the skin.

Adding this to your shower routine once in a while, or as often as you'd like, makes an amazing difference in skin texture and softness, and well as stimulating our lymphatic system.

Why focus on nudging the lymphatic system? When we help our lymphatic system drain, this helps build our immunity, it helps to remove waste and toxins, and can even help with inflammation within the body. 

Here is the link to our Fresh Body Oil for more benefits.

~  ☀️  ~
P.S. It's never too late to start. 
Don't itch... moisturize.
Too much sun? Save our skin. 
Say "Buh-bye" to dry and "Hello" to moisturized shoulders, arms, and legs.
~  ☀️  ~


Below: Lavender Flowers & Vanilla Bean Body Polish


A Cleanser, An Exfoliator, and a Moisturizer all in One Lovely Step... Yes, Please

Q. Can you guess what is often the number one service requested in a spa by men and women alike? A. It's a body polish.

We don't need to wait to get in and safely book the appointment. Adding this to your shower or bathing routine steps up the cleansing experience while benefitting the skin to get that... you know... that healthy, smooth summer glow. 😎

We don't just want to mix sugar and oils together with some botanicals... we want to stimulate the nerve endings, detoxify the skin, increase microcirculation, cleanse and moisturize, and we also want to address any itchy or sensitive dry areas on the body.

Our high quality Dead Sea salts, natural glycolic acids, gluten free oats, organic coconut and olive oils, and botanical actives make each experience enjoyable and pampering. What are the benefits of using one of our proprietary body polishes? Here they are... 

  • it encourages healthy skin by promoting cell regeneration
  • it hydrates and moisturizes the skin 
  • it cleans and unclogs the pores
  • it removes dead skin cells 
  • it increases blood flow 


Their Body Polish vs. our Qēt Botanicals Body Polish 

A spa and esthetician popular body polish ingredient list vs. our Lavender Flowers & Vanilla Bean Body Polish. 

Our bodies are covered by a lot of skin ~ about 22 feet of it on average. I don't know about you, but if we're going to rub, slather, or apply anything onto our bodies, we prefer it to be clean, safe, real, and free of synthetics.

Here's a closer look at the label of a popular body polish formula used by estheticians: 

Theirs (parabens, synthetics, alcohols, extracts):

Glycerin, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, PEG-6, Polylactic Acid, Malic Acid, Lactic Acid, C20-40 Pareth-10, Silica, Citrus Grandis (Grapefruit) Peel Oil, Bambusa Arundinacea Stem Extract, Sea Salt, Phospholipids, CoffeaArabica (Coffee) Fruit Extract, Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice) Root Extract, Bixa Orellana Seed Oil, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Papain, Glycine Soja (Soybean) Sterols, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Flower Extract, Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil, Glycolipids, Helianthus Annuus(Sunflower) Seed Oil, Glycine Soja (Soybean) Oil, Water/Aqua/Eau, Olive Oil PEG-7 Esters, Maltodextrin, Xanthan Gum, Tocopherol, Limonene 

Qēt Botanicals (zero parabens, synthetics, alcohols, extracts):

Maris Sal (Dead Sea Salt), Sucrose (Cane Sugar)*, Avena Sativa (Gluten-Free Oat) Kernel Flour*, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil*, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil*, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Flowers*, Citric Acid (Crystallized Fruit Sugar), Vanilla Planifolia (Madagascar Vanilla) Bean*, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Flower Oil*, Vanilla Planifolia (Madagascar Vanilla) Bean Oil*. *Organic Ingredient

We don't want to eat synthetic foods and additives, why should we feed our skin synthetics and additives? 

Below: Matcha Green Tea Body Polish, Espresso Mint Body Polish, Raw Cacao & Oat Body Polish, Lavender Flowers & Vanilla Bean Body Polish


Four Skin "Flavors"  

No matter which 'flavor' is your favorite, all of our body polishes are formulated with a base that cleanses, detoxes, exfoliates, and moisturizes while softening the skin. Elbows, knees, shoulders, backs of legs, and especially backs love this treatment.

TIP: We add a bit of body polish to our body brush to get those hard-to-reach areas on the back. Just rinse your body brush when finished. 

Follow your nose, follow your intuition, and you can't go wrong with one of our polishes. While in the shower, scoop out a small amount, put it to your palm and add a bit of water. Apply onto wet skin in the shower or while soaking in the tub and it will start to dissolve and melt into the skin while going to work. No need to rub harshly ~ let the ingredients do the work for you. Our four flavors, Espresso Mint Body Polish, Lavender Flowers & Vanilla Bean Body Polish, Matcha Green Tea Body Polish, Raw Cacao & Oat Body Polish.

All are gluten free, free of synthetics, artificial fragrances, colors, and harmful additives. Yes ~ we love to rub it all over our bodies. 

A Staycation to Soak In ~ or Enjoy in the Shower

Take a trip with me and meet our Blooming Tea Bath ~ An Afternoon in Paris. Inspired by an amazing afternoon in Paris, and the deliciousness of the moment. 

While chaperoning my daughter's French class about ten years ago, we were having lunch at Fauchon.  Deeeelight! It's a world famous gourmet food company and restaurant founded in 1886 ~ I highly recommend it if you get there. The tea I was sipping was filling me up with smiles and hugs. It was called "An Afternoon in Paris" and it was tea blended with roses, lavender, jasmine, vanilla, and hints of fresh citrus. I remember thinking that if I could just jump into that cup of tea and soak in it, I would! 

Fast forward a few years later and to the development of our treatments ~ I knew what I had to do! 😘We now have our one and only "Blooming Tea Bath, An Afternoon in Paris" ~ formulated to feel as special and sumptuous as having an incredible cup of tea on a beautiful day in Paris. Whether used in the tub, or in the shower as a scrub, it's absolutely divine and will transport you to your happy place. It certainly does that for me every time I enjoy it. 💫 

Below: Blooming Tea Bath, An Afternoon in Paris 


EWG Verified ~ For Your Health
Qēt Botanicals is a proud member of the EWG Verified program. What this means is that not only are our face, body, and hair ingredients scrutinized for safety, but percentages of actives are also looked at. Our manufacturing practices must meet high standards, and we regularly must ensure that our ingredients are tested to be free of heavy metals, carcinogens, hormone disruptors, and toxic matter. 
All of our body treatments, as well as many of our face, hair, our deodorants, and aromatherapy products, are a part of the EWG Verified program.
An Addicting Inquiry: I started following Environmental Working Group in 2004. If you haven't taken a look, we invite you to check the labels on products you have at home. Go to the EWG Skin Deep site, enter the brand, or the name of the ingredient, and be prepared to learn about its safety. Careful, it's informative, empowering, and addicting ~ all in a good way! 

Want to try our body treatments? Start small ~ we have kits ~ perfect for traveling and re-filling.    

Just like with many of our face and hair treatments, we have a sample sizes to experience at the start. They're fresh, concentrated, and just a little goes a long way.  

Body Polishing Suite Sample Kit ~ a sampling of our four body polishes. 

Body Softening Suite Kit ~ a sampling of our Fresh Body Oil, Lite Garden Serum for Body, Ultra Garden Serum for Body, and our Blooming Tea Bath (for bath or as a shower scrub)


Your August Special ~  

We're opening up our special to not only include our body serums and body polishes, we're also including the body brush (yes!) and our happy place favorite, our Blooming Tea Bath ~ An Afternoon in Paris.

Here's the list of our Qēt Botanicals proprietary treatments that are a part of this SPA DAY AT HOME special. Time to enjoy!!!! 

Lite Garden Serum for Body

Ultra Garden Serum for Body

Fresh Body Oil

Fresh Body Oil & Brush Set

Natural Body Brush

Espresso Mint Body Polish

Lavender Flower & Vanilla Bean Body Polish

Matcha Green Tea Body Polish

Raw Cacao & Oat Body Polish

Blooming Tea Bath ~ An Afternoon in Paris

It's all the love with ...

Zero silicones. Zero false fragrances. Zero alcohols. Zero extracts. Zero synthetics. Zero harsh ingredients.


Enjoy Summer & Love Your Skin

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Free sample with purchase, too!


It's a big picture and it's not just about our body care.

Check out our face and hair treatments... botanical masks, facial kits, aromatherapy, hair treatments, serums, and more.


We're all about sharing healthy care products while healing and revealing healthy skin ... rather than having to cover it up. 


Keep your skin healthy, protected and clean.

Make-up is an option. Skincare isn't. 


Natural, 100% cruelty-free, vegan, void of synthetics and toxins,

and handmade with love.

Lots and lots of it. 💗


Our ingredients aren't made... they're grown.


Self-Care for the Inside, Too

We talk about self-care for our bodies: our skin, our hair, our faces. But what's really important is the self-care that we dedicate to ourselves for our insides... for our mind, essentially for our peace of mind.  

It may seem little at first, but knowing that our treatments avoid anything that can affect our hormones, trigger anxiety, cause brain fog or block our mental clarity is not a little thing. Too many synthetics, alcohols and fragrances can have these exact side effects. The fact that you're here and are reading this is a big deal ~ you're on the right path. 

Taking those few minutes and setting aside a quiet time each day to go inward and connect with ourselves is self-care for the inside. 

Take a moment today... tonight... tomorrow morning... disconnect with the external and connect with your internal you. It's a wonderful habit to develop, and the side effects are comforting and beautiful.

Enjoy the day!


~ Lisa 


~  fresh  ~  authentic  ~  sumptuous  ~

~  non-toxic, organic ingredients, proven, and high-performing ~

~  effective, award-winning botanical treatments made without compromises ~