What Natural Means to Us



It's November, and it's a month of sharing joy and giving thanks.  We're sharing why clean is so important in caring for our skin.


This month it's National Healthy Skin Month.


🌟 We're going to get glowing for our health and for the holidays. 🌟

  Always 100% Natural. Fresh. Cruelty-Free + Vegan. Safe.

Here are some of the celebrity treatments that are a part of this month's special.


Restoring Skin Suite: Restoring Cleansing OilRestoring Herbal ExfoliantRestoring Night SerumRestoring Toning WaterRestoring Day Serum



What does healthy skin mean to us at Qēt Botanicals?

It means using ingredients in our freshly-batched and proprietary formulas that...

👉  we can recognize,

👉  are high in nutrients,

👉  do not disrupt our hormones,

👉  are unaltered and sustainable,

👉  are proven and high performing,

👉  fully disclose each and every ingredient,

👉  support and encourage our skin's health,

👉 are whole-plant sourced directly from plants,

👉  and that the ingredients are organic, wildcrafted, authentic.

This is important to us. This is why we small-batch-from-scratch everything shortly before sharing with you, rather than buy anything pre-mixed or mass produced in a different facility.

It's a slow process, but for us, it's worth every minute. 

For our skin... it's worth every drop. 


This is what healthy skin should mean to you, too. 


Our Cleansing Oils ~ The First Step to Clean, Healthy Skin: Hydrating Cleansing Oil with LavenderRestoring Cleansing Oil with RoseBalancing Cleansing Oil with Thyme



🎁  🎁  🎁 

Taking care of your skin is more important than covering it up. Just a few minutes morning and night is much better than trying to play catch-up later. 


Happy National Healthy Skin Month! 


Our Ultra Garden Serum for Body is loved by both men and women alike. Like with all of our treatments, the smallest amount of product is needed to moisturize and hydrate the skin.



We couldn't have a National Healthy Skin Month without focusing on the skin on our body.

With an average of about 22 feet of our largest organ that we take care of on our body, our skin, every time we pat, massage, or rub on a moisturizer, we could potentially be adding dozens of synthetics directly into our blood stream. 

Rather than worry about that, just the smallest amount of our body serums will nourish, hydrate all day, and add moisture without adding anything harmful or disrupting to our hormones. 


Spot Serum for Acne, Rosacea Bumps, Minor Skin Upset 


Can we battle acne with a serum? We can with this one!

Turmeric, thyme, sea buckthorn berry, and flowers of sulphur are combined with a few other select oils to fight inflammation, calm redness, and stop bacteria from spreading in its tracks. 

We're including our Spot Serum in this National Healthy Skin Month special because benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, and even tea tree oil and witch hazel can be too harsh on skin. 

I've dealt with hormonal and cystic acne, Rosacea bumps, and other skin rashes on my skin, neck, and even behind my ears and on my jawline, like shown here. For years I used products that would dry out my complexion and create that hard, crusty surface on the skin. Just one drop of our Spot Serum applied to just those areas that are affected. The skin stays soft, the good ingredients are allowed to clean out the infected pores, and the pores are allowed to escort out the impurities and debris. 



Our Purely Squalane Serum Boost is a great way to retain moisture and add an invisible layer of protective antioxidants.


Holding onto Moisture ... An Important Step in Keeping our Skin Youthful

Our skin naturally contains this natural antioxidant called squalane. With each passing year, the amount of this antioxidant in our skin lessens.

Antioxidants are so important to keep our skin youthful and our collagen and cells strong. They're little warriors that go to battle every day for our skin fighting the elements outside, the lights and our screens inside, and even invisible pollutants and spores floating around in the air around us.  

If you choose to wear makeup, Our Purely Squalane Serum Boost is a wonderful natural silicone-free makeup primer under makeup and last after our toner and day serum.  

If you choose to keep a fresh face, this serum boost helps prevent TEWL, or transepidermal water loss. This is what happens when water slowly evaporates through the skin and into the air. 

Our Purely Squalane is light, non-pore clogging, and contains no color or aroma. 

It'a also available in a trial size with our two other Serum Boosts in our Purely Suite Discovery Kit 

Yes... we love our kits! We have them for many of our facehair, and body treatments.  

🎁 And... our kits make great stocking stuffers!  🎁 

"I've tried the entire suite of skincare for years and years. Probably 5 years. But wanted to share my order with you. The Balancing Cleansing Oil is a game changer; it has been an absolute game changer. It cleared up my skin and keeps it hydrated! For fine lines and wrinkles, Qēt just came out with multiple serum boosts and I went with the Purely Rosehip Serum Boost. It's a more natural anti-aging serum! It takes maybe 5 minutes tops to give your skin the wonderful nutrients it needs with this routine! You guys know this girl doesn't have time for a long skincare routine. :) Not an affiliate! just really believe in their products and want to spread how amazing they are! It literally changed the health of my skin and is a woman owned small business. The Getting Started Facial Kit is the great place to start if you've never used oil serums or cleansing oils. They have a sample of each and a guide on how to get the most out of them. This is where I started until I found the products I loved the most (which was all of them!).  :)
- Kari 



The Purely Suite of Vitamin Serum Boosts: Purely Cranberry Serum BoostPurely Rosehip Serum BoostPurely Squalane Serum Boost


"I want to thank you for these wonderful products. I notice many improvements in my skin and love that I feel much more comfortable and confident going out of the house these days wearing very little makeup."
- Ann   

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Always freshly handmade with safe ingredients, and something for every condition of skin.





Above: Our Affiliations and Awards || Leaping Bunny Cruelty Free,  EWG Verified, EWG Skin Deep, Beauty Shortlist Awards, Member of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, Healing Lifestyles Earth Day Clean Beauty Awards, USA Love List, Green America Certified Business, Think Dirty Award Recipient, CertClean Clean Beauty Award

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A Time for Thanks

Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving, or just Giving... it's a special time of the year. It's a celebration and a time to connect with family and friends, or reconnect with what's important.

To us, every day is healthy skin day, just like this month is healthy skin month. Good for you for reaching for clean and healthy treatments! You share your journey, you ask great questions, and we're honored to pour our hearts and care into all of our treatments one drop at a time.   

I've said it before, and thank you for being here. Our friends, family, and those that help us share the word about Qēt are all like family to us. And so are you. 💗 

Happy November, and Happy National Healthy Skin Month. 

There is much to be thankful for. We all have many blessings to count, and they're even more plentiful than the number of leaves on the ground.  


~ Lisa 





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