5 Skin + Mental Health Benefits of a Clean Beauty Routine

The Benefits of a Clean Skin Care Ritual


Taking a few moments to take care of ourselves is not only a self-care courtesy,


it's also a mental health boost.



Here's why... 


The Remedies of a Natural Routine

We wake up and start our day with a routine that works for us ~ it might be exercise, a cup of something warm with a bite, a clean-up and a tooth brushing, and on we go.

We end our day with a different routine that may help us unwind and get our body in relaxation mode ~ reading, quiet-time, music, or a fun movie or series. 

All of these big and little parts are truly a part of our self-care and they don't  necessarily have to do with our skin.

Or do they?! ❓🤔

(Hint... yes, they do!)


Those few minutes we take... they're both a skin AND a mind bonus. 

When we make the decision to follow a self-care routine that includes our regular routine, it makes a difference! It cares for our skin on the outside, and those few minutes that we take for our skin can positively affect us on the outside AND on the inside more than we know.

When our routine includes mindful me-time moments, like taking time to inhale the natural aromas while moisturizing (yes... we especially love this time with our Qēt!), and we pair them with self-care ingredients that are safe, it's a win-win for mind and body... and our skin! 👏👏👏

The ingredients that we include in our Qēt Botanicals treatments are safe, fresh, and are free of parabens, synthetic fragrances, phthalates, endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs), artificial fillers and literally thousands of manufactured ingredients that are regularly found on other products.


Hold on ~ it's Hormones! 

As a gal with hormones that sometimes have a mind of their own, (you might know exactly what I mean 🙄) it was a big learning curve for me years ago when I learned that there are often ingredients found in common products that can alter our own hormones. Cleansers, body and hair products, deodorants, makeup, and yes... all kinds of skincare can contain endocrine (hormone) disrupting chemicals, or EDCs, that can give us unwanted side effects. 

My thyroid levels and auto immune used to flare up by showing angry outbursts on my skin. Hormones have so much to do with our skin and health quality. The good news is there is so much more to learn about this subject now.  Here's a quick article on EDCs... how they're hidden in household and beauty products, and why to avoid them. 

Our Qēt, your Qēt, is free from EDCs and thousands of harmful synthetics often found in so many other skincare and care products out there. Without any of these harmful additives, our entire body can benefit in different ways. Not only does our skin benefit as the largest organ on our body, but that clean-ingredient routine give us structure while giving back to our psychological well-being in a positive and beneficial way.

👉 With a simple (but healthy!) routine, cortisol, which is our body's main stress hormone, can be balanced and decreased ~  blood pressure levels can go down ~ anxiety can decrease ~ our day can run smoother ~ our head can feel clearer ~ which can all help us to sleep better at night. It can all feed on itself in a positive and healthy way, which is a natural mood-booster and smile-maker. This is a great side effect we all deserve! 😀


💮  💮  💮




Our Skin is a Tattle-Teller

If you have little ones or friends that are back in school, you may be hearing about a 'tattle-teller' that causing a ruckus.

Or, it might be your skin that's doing the tattle-telling! When there's upset in our gut and our insides are feeling a bit strained, our skin health is usually a tell-tale sign that there is something wrong. 

Words from Dermatologist Erum Ilyas, MD, who is a board-certified dermatologist with Montgomery Dermatology in Pennsylvania,


“The reality is that our skin in so many ways is a ‘check engine light’ for our internal health. When skin looks and feels good, we tend to feel better about ourselves.”


True! Let's keep our skin calm and those check-engine lights off. There's enough to think about out there without having to worry about whether or not our 'me-time' is actually causing harm instead of good.


Throw the Anchor in the Water

Many self-help experts often relate those comfy routines we have as being similar to an anchor in our day. Our routines can give us something sturdy to tie-up to, and they can make us feel like we've accomplished something good. ⚓

Whether it's making a list of things to do, setting alarms on our phones for reminders, or even writing down a couple of things that we've already done... and then crossing them off  (yes, I've done it, and it feels great to do this, too!) ...

... having a routine provides us that feeling that we've achieved something. Then we're propped-up to move on to the next step. 💪


“I'm so thankful for the little things in life, and Qēt is one of those things for sure! I look forward to spending a few minutes of "Qēt time" each day, it's like therapy. My daughter and I use "Qēt" as a verb, I'm going to go "Qēt" now ;)" ~ Pammy



Remember the K-I-S-S principle and what it stands for ?

Keep ISimple Stupid

This is meant to be funny, and it's a reminder to avoid over-complicating things.  Keeping it simple usually guarantees the best outcome in a variety of scenarios. 


Well... we feel that this is appropriate in self-care as well!

We want to get from A to B simply and safely.

We want... 

  • good skin ... to great skin, or
  • upset skin ... to healthy skin, or
  • tired skin ... to youthful skin, and
  • healthy skin no matter what our age is, and we want it...
  • without too many loopholes or numerous synthetic additives


Let's help our skin get from A to B... we want to keep it simple, we want it to be safe, and we want it to work. No more loopholes. 👍

Image: Getty 

From our hearts and into your hands.

When it comes to our ingredients, we want nothing but the best. 

We hand select each individual ingredient, botanical, and drop for its safety, ability to perform, and natural sustainability. If you've walked into one of our Skin Studios, or if you've browsed around online, you'll see a variety of care products from deodorants, to cleansers, serums, hair products, and even natural perfumes.

We're different ~ and that's on purpose. At Qēt, we develop, use, and share our own proprietary products because we want to know that when we wash our faces, or treat or moisturize our hair or skin, we're not adding anything harmful to our skin or hormones. Many of us have had skin mishaps and health challenges, and we know that many of you have as well. 


We're fully transparent about all of our ingredients. We don't like secrets hiding in our food or in products we feed our skin and hair. I always say that every drop matters, and yes, it really does.

Because you're here, it means that you care, too. Thanks so much for helping us make a difference out there while we're all feeling and making a difference in "here" ~ 💗 ~.


Enjoy your healthy Qēt routine, and have a healthy day!


~ Lisa


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