Sensitive? Oily, Acne Prone? Dry? Stressed skin? No worries ~ we got you!

Sensitive skin? No problem! 💫

Oily skin, breakouts, or a combination, congested complexion? We got you.👌

Dry, uneven, or dehydrated? No worries. 😊 


We have the perfect botanical mask for you and your skin.


    100% Natural. Fresh. Cruelty-Free. Safe.

Detoxifying | Hydrating | Smoothing | Refining


Need some nudges on which Qēt Botanicals mask is perfect for you?

Read on. 

Why should we add mask to our skincare routine regularly?

No matter which season we're in, our skin looks and feels great when it's dewy. Dewy skin, by the way, is very different than oily skin.

Dewy skin is skin that's retaining a comfortable and necessary balance of hydration (botanical toners) and moisture (day and night serums). When properly nourished and balanced, our skin looks smoother, it feels softer, and it's better able to protect itself in our day-to-day activities. 

As the air gets drier, skin begrudgingly often follows suit. Skin can be influenced radically by the change in seasons. Adding a variety of skin-loving phytonutrients and actives can help it make the transition into a new season smooth and beautifully. 

And this, my friend, makes for a healthy and youthful complexion... in every season. 😊


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With a little nudge of something extra, and with a variety of natural ingredients that can nourish and feed our skin differently than our daily routine or remedies, our skin can keep the healthy, summer glow through all of the seasonal changes.

Happy Autumn to you! It’s time to enrich the skin with botanical nutrients that keep the skin supple and glowing all through the seasons.


Meet our Honey Cream Mask with Active Manuka

Perfect for any complexion, and purifying and detoxifying for even the most sensitive, oily, or dry complexions.

Manuka honey is practically magical. We use it in its purest, raw form and marry it with performing skin-loving botanicals and minerals. What it gives our skin is a high level of antioxidants, antibacterial agents, anti-inflammatory benefits and Vitamins A, B, E, amino acids, and beneficial minerals.

It's the perfect balance of natural nutrients to maintain perfect skin or heal and refresh skin needing pampering and enrichment. It sweetly pulls out hidden impurities, balances, and improves uneven or already perfect skin.


Meet our Antioxidant Mask with Cranberry

Free radicals are those little scavengers lurking about everywhere that can effect our skin by causing it to age prematurely. The best free radical fighters are antioxidants, and luckily for us and our beautiful botanicals, there are loads of naturally occurring antioxidants in the plants that we use and love in our fresh treatments. Cranberry is just one of them. Cranberry a skin super-fruit; we love cranberry in our day serums and in our Purely Cranberry Serum Boost. In this mask, we love it in its organic and raw form.

When adding a little water, toner, or even your cleansing oil to this mask, it wakes up and is ready for action. It's nature's way of fighting free radicals in a mask. Brighten and feed the complexion. Rich in Vitamins A, C, E, K, and minerals, this mask is a multi-vitamin for vibrant, clear skin.


Meet our Green Tea Mask with Raw Cacao

Gentle enough for every complexion, and especially good for acne-prone or skin with an over-active oil production. Waiting for you to wake it up and enjoy it, just a small amount of water or toner added to it, and it becomes a smooth paste to brush or apply on the skin. 

Talk about an antioxidant overload ~ this mask has it. Organic matcha tea combined with organic and raw clean-processed cacao, feed, gently exfoliate, nourish, and smooth the skin so divinely it's almost like a decadent dessert for our skin! 

The cacao stimulates circulation and smooths the skin, the Matcha green tea is a natural detoxifier, and the clean clay drinks toxins and impurities from the skin. We use Matcha green tea in our face and body products because of the high level of naturally occurring antioxidants that do wonders at preventing skin damage that can creep in from the elements. Our cacao is organic, raw, fairly traded, and is taken directly from the whole bean, or nibs. Always naturally pure and rich in Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C and E, and it gives the skin extra power against fighting free radicals which can damage the skin cells which can cause premature aging. 


Meet our Lavish Serum Salve

It's a facial mask. It's a hand salve. It's a leave-on eye and upper lip treatment over your day or night serum. It's an over-night treatment. It's loved on hands, neck, décolletage, knees and feet. It's all of these things in a delectable, nourishing, and sumptuous soft salve with a botanically fresh aroma. It's a fan favorite, and it's mean to be used and loved lavishly. 

It's our flagship treatment and it has multiple uses and loves. For skin with irritation and redness from eczema or psoriasis, for dry skin, tired skin, and skin that needs a pick-me-up, on the complexion over your serums or directly on the body where desired, just the smallest amount is all that's needed.  

Very special. Very unique. Very wonderful. It's a luxury bonus step that's used on top of your facial serum, or anywhere you need it, to add even more protection from the elements. Bursting with Vitamins A, D, E, F and Omegas 3, 6, 9 essential fatty acids, it provides ultra moisture and cellular restoration. Your new best friend ~ it's meant to be used lavishly. Your skin will love you for it. It is lavish, indeed.




There are Both Physical Benefits for our Skin, and Mental Benefits for our Mind, with each application of a Healthy Mask

Ten minutes is all it takes, and even five minutes is better than no minutes at all. Because we include no water, synthetics, artificial fillers or fragrances, our masks are active and are waiting for you to put them to good use.

Offering the skin a mask once or twice a week is the easiest and simplest way to add extra vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants to your daily skincare routine. Even though our Skin Suite treatments are already full of skin-loving elements, adding a variety of concentrated actives found in our organic masks can benefit the skin in a variety of ways. 

🧡 Fine lines and are fed with additional botanicals that aren't in our everyday routines.

🧡 Hydration is boosted while wearing a mask. Just like when we use our serums, the plant actives are allowed to penetrate into the skin epidermis; this can help to soften and enhance its elasticity. Skin looks more youthful. If makeup is applied, it glides on easier and looks fresher.  

🧡 Pores are cleaned and refined. A clogged pore appears larger because of impurities trapped in it. The right mask can help to clear the skin, refine those pores, and whisk away oily substances and waste that can clog the pores.

🧡 BONUS ~ it's a dedicated time to relax. Taking those 5-10 minutes to just relax, unwind, breathe, think (but not too hard!) helps to de-stress and calm nerves and anxiety. This alone can help us feel and look better! Knowing that not even one drop of anything synthetic or harmful is added into any of our masks or treatments is not only easy on the skin, it's easy on the mind. 

"I love your products so much and I cannot live without them. I am learning so much right now about healing from the inside out, gut health, hormone health, gut-brain axis, and it has opened up my eyes to a whole new way of life and has changed my path as a health coach!"
- Jesi, JesiFIT, LLC


"Hi there Qēt! Since finding your products, I have fallen in love! As a melanoma survivor, I am always looking to use healthy products on my skin and in my body. I'm adding to my Qēt collection and have never had such joy in taking care of my skin! Thank you!"

- Kim

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No matter your current skin condition, we can help you find the perfect mask.

For 5-10 extra minutes, just 1-2 times per week, including a purposeful and skin-loving mask can be the difference between decent skin, and divine skin.

Make it a mask day with a friend. Fun! 


It's Petite Qēt!

Sample Sizes and Starter Kits 

If you're new to our facial treatments, our Treat & Enhance Skin Suite offers a sampling of three of these masks, along with a generous sampling of our beloved Hydra-Rose Eye Serum and our Spot Serum for Acne and Skin Upset. It's one of our most popular kits.

P.S. If you forget how to pronounce "Qēt," remember that it rhymes with 'petite.'  😉


Below: Three popular trial-sized starter kits, Hair Care Suite, Treat & Enhance Facial SuiteGetting Started Facial Suite



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A Transitional Time  🍁  It's a season of reflection.

Each season brings a transition in our surroundings, and often in our thoughts.

In this change of season, I’ve been thinking about Qēt, this journey, you ~ our customers ~ and our collective effort to clean up this industry.

I’m ever grateful for your support and the progress we’ve made. 

 I encourage you to follow your passion and continue to fuel your body and mind with things that make you happy and whole.

Our journey continues, your journey continues, and together our efforts continue to blossom and grow. Good for you for making a difference, and thank you for being here to help us make a difference, too.


Healthy Autumn! 


~ Lisa