New Year, New Products, New You(!), and a Whole Lot of Happiness

Qēt Botanicals New Year products

This has us thinking...

how do we spend our days?

According to this article, once you factor in your much needed hours of sleep (56 hours of it in one week, and who doesn't love sleep?) and the average amount of hours we work in a week (for most of us, this is 40 hours), that leaves us with 72 hours. That is a whopping total of 3 whole days in a week to do as we please.

What will you do with your 72?

When considered, these 72 hours of "free play" can be used up very quickly. Factor in family activities, household duties, and other ad hoc responsibilities, and your 72 hours can deplete rapidly. This is why we at Qet encourage you to take a new perspective in 2016... make time in that 72 for YOU! 

  • Focus on your passion project (or better yet, discover your passion project).
  • Submerge into a freshly drawn hot bath complimented with your favorite bath soak.
  • Dive your nose into a book you've always wanted to read.
  • Wrap up in a luxurious bathrobe and spoil your skin with an at home facial.
  • Get active either indoors or outdoors (even if that means taking a 15 minute walk).
  • Get facetime with friends and family you have been hoping to spend more downtime with.

We celebrate you ~ and we want to inspire you to do the same. 

3 - 2 - 1 ... Happy New Products!

Say ~ or sing ~ "Hello" to our Antioxidant Mask with Cranberry and our natural Botanical Body Powder.

Cranberries aren't just for the holidays anymore. In fact, they're already a big part of our enriched facial serum formulations. Fighting free radicals (which, by the way, aren't free at all... they're costly and cause premature aging), is a job that this skin super-fruit can handle with its eyes closed. This new mask compliments our Treat & Enhance suite beautifully.

As for our body powder... well, we're tired of seeing the harmful talc and bacteria-breeding starches in a product that has been used for centuries. Powders have been around for generations to touch faces, feet, our little one's bums, and hair. Think of those big wigs back in the day ~ Marie Antoinette had quite a large powder puff for her big wig! 

Skin Type, or Skin Condition?

On the note of celebrating you, we hope to give insight into a topic that has been filling the airwaves of our Skin Studio - sensitive skin. Most visitors are likely to say, "I have sensitive skin and need to be mindful of products in order to prevent flare ups." In these conversations, visitors discuss sensitive skin as a skin type, and this doesn't surprise us. The beauty industry has relentlessly portrayed the condition of sensitive skin as a skin type - painting a picture that you must use products that suit your sensitive skin, versus finding products that condition and relieve your sensitive skin condition.

This is where wholesome oils and botanicals come in! The naturally healing agents found in botanicals and essential oils work to penetrate into the skin. They calm and remedy your sensitivities instead of using chemicals that work around your sensitive skin to keep it from flaring up and, ultimately, do nothing to address the imbalances that are causing your sensitivities in the first place.

Do you have a skin sensitivity? There's not a "one size fits all" to skincare, and we are here to help you address any skin care hurdle you are working to overcome and offer advice for what natural options may help you find relief. Let's talk about it! Shoot us an email noting your skin concerns, and we can carry a virtual discussion to uncover some possible avenues that may bring you closer to the skin you desire. Connect with us at:

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Upcoming Event:

Well EXPO in Madison, WI - This will be year 3 for us at the Well EXPO on January 15-16 at the gorgeous Monona Terrace. Let's be Well together at this yearly event that promotes wellness and healthy living for women and the entire family. Because... hey!... we deserve it! Hope to see you there to discuss skin and body care, along with the natural power of botanicals.

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