Madison’s Well Expo

Qēt Botanicals Madison's Well ExpoQēt Botanicals Madison's Well Expo

One's idea of being well can be far from another's strive to achieve their personal wellness. 

Qēt Botanicals Madison's Well Expo

According to the University of California, Riverside, there are Seven Dimensions of Wellness

1. Social Wellness

2. Emotional Wellness

3. Spiritual Wellness

4. Environmental Wellness (a dimension that we at Qet are proud to strive for)

5. Occupational Wellness

6. Intellectual Wellness

7. Physical Wellness

Pretty well-rounded, isn't it? We're guessing you thought that wellness was solely a definition of one's Physical Wellness… But, add in the other six dimensions, and you have yourself a pretty happy cocktail of well-being. 

Qēt Botanicals Madison's Well Expo

The Well EXPO is an annual event in Madison, the beautiful capital of Wisconsin, and is hosted at the Monona Terrace. It's the home of the renowned University of Wisconsin and Bucky Badger. And, it's just a skip away from our Skin Studio in Cross Plains, WI. The EXPO is fully devoted to showcasing local resources for weight loss, medical care, wellness programs, healthy foods, green living, exercise, beauty and so much more! From the Main Stage, to the Fitness Stage, to the booths lined up displaying the areas finest resources, it's all there to promote your mission for wellness. 

Qēt Botanicals Madison's Well Expo

At Qet, we celebrate the quality of life – from bringing you natural radiance on the outside, to promoting mindfulness and healthy consumption of the world around us. Try this exercise – grab a piece of paper or a journal and jot down the Seven Dimensions of Wellness. Next to each dimension, define to what degree you want to achieve this dimension of wellness. What does it mean to you? If you try this with a friend, family member or colleague… compare your answers afterwards. You may find that your notes are completely different. Or, you may find similarities between yourself and someone else. Celebrate similarities and differences between yours and other's goals. Work with those whom have similar definitions of one or multiple wellness dimensions that you'd like to work on. Learn from, and maybe even adopt, the wellness activities that others have shown to accomplish their wellness goals. 

This is an ever-evolving idea, and your wellness may change with the seasons, your age, your mission in life and your day-to-day mood. Embrace each new phase of your personal wellness! Now, go get ‘em, tiger!

Photos: Courtesy of Shanna Wolf