Feeling for the Holidays

Qēt Botanicals feeling for the holidaysQēt Botanicals feeling for the holidays

Along with the Holidays come songs, cheer, and time with loved ones. For me, what also comes is an overwhelming feeling of being grateful. 

Today is the day before Christmas. This is my last blog of the year; we spend the time between Christmas and New Year with our family. We deliberately take the time to disconnect so we can reconnect with those around us. Whether or not you celebrate it, the Holidays bring an extra sparkle into everyone's life. Tomorrow is about spending time with our family and loved ones, and we hope you can do the same. 

All around me, I've always received insight and thrills from the beauty of nature ~ the woods, the sky, grasses, the plants, trees, flowers, oceans, sands, mountains – it's almost palpable. Through Qet, we've learned that many of these elements offer a way to heal and nourish unlike anything else. I'm extremely grateful that these elements have become a part of my day-to-day life through our botanicals and raw materials that we work with.

My Circle of Influence ~

Bringing it in, I feel it necessary to take a moment to shed a little light on my personal inspirations. My husband and partner for the past 23 years, my one true love, David, who, even though he has his own business to run, always has time to lend an ear and offer wonderful support that goes beyond words. His wit, charm, and love fills and warms from within. Our children, Myles and Claire ~ who are officially adults, but will always be our children ~ have been patient as I switch gears and hats between the shop and our home. The love for my family runs so deep that the inspiration can't help but bubble out because of it! And for my two brothers and dear sister ~ our parents have long been gone, but keeping the family together and the traditions alive has been passed on to us. We're all different, but we're family and are somehow still the same.

We are not just a brand. We're people, and it's time you've met them.

Meet the People Behind the Pixels ~~~

Another moment cannot go by without these introductions.

Many people ask me who is involved in helping grow and develop Qet. Well, it's time you've met them.

They say it takes a village to raise a child. For me, I'm incredibly thankful for my team. Without such a great team, my passion, and how it's shared with you, may not be as well rounded as it is. 

Sarah ~ we met in the early stages of Qet; so many thanks are extended to you for your incredible go-to-it work ethic, authentic desire and passion about Qet, and for helping fulfill and package every little treatment we share. You're there in the lab and skin studio with me, and you're there for the events and expos. Like an extension of my own arms, thank you for being there. 

Kalyn ~ thank you for your words, your creativeness and for reaching out to new friends through your marketing expertise and business drive. It was Qet that brought us together as well, and I'm grateful for having you within our intimate circle. You keeping me enlightened and informed with our scope of work and where we're headed is so valuable.

Gage and Jennifer at Modern Species ~ our favorite branding firm. From the very start, with your insight, it has been a delight to massage and develop this brand into the true and beautiful personality that it has – on paper, on the website, on the label, and in our hearts. New products and new developments come to light with a breath of fresh air because of your creative talents. Thank you for letting me tap into your brilliant skillsets.

Alex at Two Six Code ~ always there to help with website tweaks, changes, updates, layout, and premium performance. We couldn't ask for a better website engineer to help us build the site, and then improve it and make lovely alterations as necessary. 

Rhonda ~ thank you for your clean eye and gentle touches. After I take the product photographs here in the shop or outside, before sharing them in our monthly email or on our website, you're there to brighten them up and add our words to help it sparkle and shine.

Until Next Year…

Enjoy this time, enjoy your holidays. Whether near or far, take a few moments to relish and feel all that the year has given you. 

The feedback and support we receive from you ~ our customers and friends ~ is something I could not have imagined. My cup is overflowing with goodness and joy. May yours do the same.

~ Lisa