🌸 Celebrating Mothers & Simple Ways to Self-Nurture at Home with Nature


"Let all the joys be as the month of May."

- Francis Quarles 

An Appreciative Heart ~ 

Whether we're a Mother to a child, a Mother to a loved one, to a pet, a garden, or even if it's Mother Nature... Mother needs to be deeply appreciated.

Even in the simplest ways, the smallest ways, showing that we care for that Mother, whomever she may be to each of us, or that Mother that lies within us in whatever form it takes... it is important. It's time to celebrate Mom.  

There is one underlying element that lies within all various kinds of Mothering... 

it's love ~ 💗

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May's Magic 

Mother Nature is very busy! The spell has been cast and the magic of May is in full bloom. The promise of springtime has been met, and it's a beautiful season to growth with!

With each day during this shift that we're in, many have turned the attention homeward and inward. We're not only getting more resourceful ~ in the kitchen, with homeschooling, in the garden, during the workout routine ~ but we may also be getting more simplistic and realize what is important to us. We're shedding what we no longer need, and we're lightening up! 💫 

Overall, we may be busy, but the pace may have slowed down. We may have set aside the fanciness to favor comfort, we may be reading more, and we may be getting more creative at being busy. Overall, we're continuing to weave a bit more simplicity and lightness into our daily routines. And that's ok! 👌 

What we see happening and developing even more during these times is the importance of taking the time for self-care.

In any season of change, there is much that we can't control. But... there is one thing that we can have complete control of ~ and that is the simple task of self-care. 

Self-Care in Six Simple Ways

Skin-care is personal... especially when our skin is upset.  

For some, self-care can be intimidating, and for others, they have no time for it.  

If we don't have the two minutes to dedicate to ourselves for some simple self-care, then that's exactly when we need it the most. Makes sense.  

Making a habit of putting the needs of others in place before our own needs can create a lack of 'me time.' This habit can strangely backfire and create even more stress which can get in the way of feeling good about even the simplest of things. 

Basic care of our skin and body can help so much physically and mentally. What has helped us, what we've heard from you, and what we love to do the most are meeting these basic needs:

  • A simple face wash: there are not only physical benefits to a cleanse, but mental health benefits as well. Placing the hands on the cheeks while cleansing has shown to increase the heart rate and send feel-good messages to the brain. 
  • A pick-me-up mist: invigorating, calming, or soothing ~ a mist over clean skin, or as a setting spray, or just because, our botanical toning waters are pure plant waters pulled from organic petals. Adding a mist adds light antioxidants to the skin, as well as a mental boost from the petal. Win! 
  • Let it go: letting go of what no longer serves us can be applied to not only editing the closet, cleaning out the pantry, extra pounds, the junk drawer, or yes... shedding those invisible layers of dead skin cells that make skin appear to be dull or uneven. Exfoliating gently and properly is one of the best ways to ensure skin stays soft and glowing. Apologies of you start singing "Let it Go" over, and over and over ~ 🎶 But hey, music is good for self-care, too! 
  • The grand finale: the final touch of a self-care routine is the care itself. The moisture barrier, the protection, and the hydration. Whether you're baring with us and aren't avoiding makeup, skincare is still a necessary step we all take. Our faces and hands are out there day-in and day-out. Our skin is our outer protective shell that keeps us free from many external impurities, and it also allows thing to be escorted out of the skin. The least we can do is show it love with good ingredients. 
  • Pick a minute: find a moment, even one or two minutes, to think about your breath. Feel the coolness enter the nose, and be aware of the warmth touching the top of your lip at the exhale. Do this a few times, coming back to the breath when the mind wanders, and allow yourself to go back to what you were doing. A mindful minute in the middle of a crazy day is a break well deserved. You may even want to take two! 
  • Rest in the nest: if you suddenly find yourself wanting to rest a bit more or need some extra sleep, that's ok. Going to bed a littler earlier is a new practice many are enjoying. Research shows that optimistic and successful people most often are early risers. Try it ~ set your schedule with the sun. The sun rises each morning... rise up with it!  


And... Those Benefits of Self-Care 

  • Mental and physical illness is decreased.
  • Productivity is increased.
  • Happy feelings are ignited
  • Stress amounts are reduced
  • Relationships and work tasks are enjoyed with more clarity

Like a beautifully blended song or family dinner, together these benefits allow the circle of positivity to keep building upon itself.


Top 10 Natural Gifts for Mom, for that Friend, for a Loved One... or You!


It's not a mug, it's not a bouquet of flowers (well, it sort of is! 🌸), and it's not a new cookbook ~ it's a proprietary blend of feel-good, skin-loving, eco-friendly natural self-care in every bodacious, botanical drop. 


Here are 10 favorite Qēt Botanicals treatments that can add joy and brighten the day ~ for Mom, for a friend, for you... or just because:

  1. Getting Started Facial Kit
  2. Treat & Enhance Facial Kit
  3. Lavish Serum Salve
  4. Ultra Garden Serum for Body
  5. Botanical Nectar Scent Suite
  6. Hydra-Rose Eye Serum
  7. Blooming Tea Bath ~ An Afternoon in Paris
  8. Honey Cream Mask with Active Manuka
  9. Re-Leaf for Tension Relief
  10. Lip Balm with Green Tea & Vitamins

Prices range from $9 to $79, and everything in between. If you're sending a gift, feel free to include a special message ~ we'll add it in a handwritten note along with a free sample. 🎁


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Your May Special

Keeping it simple. Keeping it safe. Keeping it natural. The mind and body picks up on those things that are synthetically made, harmful, and hormone changing.

It's time to lighten up, let nature in, and send the chemicals out.

We're celebrating Mom and the self-nurturing we get from nature.


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 We're all about healing and revealing healthy skin,

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Keep your skin healthy, protected and clean.

Make-up is an option. Skincare isn't. 


Natural, 100% cruelty-free, void of synthetics and toxins,

and handmade with love.

Lots and lots of it. 💗

New ~ Gift Cards are Available Online 

We're happy to offer Gift Cards online! Until now, they've only been available through our Skin Studios.  

On the website, you'll see the Gift Card button at the top of the page. Choose your amount, the Gift Card is emailed to your friend, and the free sample will be included with their Qēt care package when the Gift Card is redeemed. It's like a little bonus gift on top of your giving. 💝


Thrilled and Honored ~ We Received Two Earth Day Beauty Awards in April  

In April we celebrated seven years since our launch~ so thank YOU! It's was fun to be able to share the celebrations and specials together.

This year marked the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Every year on April 22nd, it's a day that 193 countries around the world celebrate support for the environment and the care of it. Fun Fact: Senator Gaylord Nelson founded it, and is a Wisconsin native, too!

We also learned that two of our favorite treatments were awarded as being best in their category. Not only being effective, but also being environmentally safe with clean ingredients and with an overall nod to being organic and healthy. 

The awards are given by Healing Lifestyles and it was their 11th anniversary of them diving into loads of products in various categories from all over the globe. A panel of judges and industry experts select those that are celebrity performers to receive the recognition of an Earth Day Beauty Award. 

Our two winners are the Re-Fresh for Clean Hands, and our Natural Sea Spray for Hair. Take a peek at the links to read all about them. 

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Small... but Mighty 

Clean ingredients, safe standards, sustainability, eco-friendly, effective, and the joy and love in using them ~ these are just some of the criteria that are met with our treatments.  

We're a woman-owned, independent brand run by family and friends. It really doesn't get more grass-roots than this! 🌱 

Every single small ingredient is curated and scrutinized for effectiveness and authenticity. Our products are handmade by us to not only serve a purpose, but in doing do, cause no harm to us, our hormones, or our environment. 

Here is a snap of the awards we've won over the years. 

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Care Behind the Mask

We've received a good number of heart-felt queries about the new skin sensitivities that are arising behind the mask. They've come from those on the front lines working as health care professionals, to people that are taking precautions and wearing masks when out in public. Men and women alike, the skin suffers and shows stress in various ways. 

Here is a link to our Q&A video on an answer to how we can care for skin upset that has suddenly popped-ed up behind the mask. 

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Savor the Simplicity

With fresh eyes, and a fresh start, no matter what is happening or not happening out there, it's time to take a deep breath and refresh the nervous system.

Give yourself permission and the power to lead the day with energy and an open heart. 

Let's continue to enjoy and savor those large and small everyday situations. As we appreciate looking at all that is new in May, we might be surprised at how special the everyday ordinary things have become in and around the home. 

~  ~  ~ 

A Huge, Huge, HUGE "Thank You, Mahalo, Merci, Grazi, Domo Arigate, Gracias, Do Jeh Daw-Dyeh, Danke Sehr, Khop Khun Mak Kha!" to you, near and far, from the Qēt team and from me.


We appreciate your notes, your emails,

your photos, and your kind words of

caring and gratitude.  


Thank you for being here.

Thank you for reaching for clean and safe care products.

Stay healthy, stay positive, stay moving, and stay caring.  🦋


~ Lisa 


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~  fresh  ~  authentic  ~  sumptuous  ~

~  non-toxic, organic ingredients, proven, and high-performing ~

~  effective, award-winning botanical treatments made without compromises ~


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